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Swoo May 2022
I took my shot and kissed her on her energizing lips.
She revived me and gave me a new break of dawn delight.
My reviver, my rejuvenater, my warmly come alive romancer.
Flow thru me and shine on me thru my coldest of days.
By your glimmering light I awake. All greatful for a new day. The rising sun. - Swoo
Flatfielder Feb 2021
Time wasting
Mind searching
For self
Who am I this morning
Cold drizzle meets a late dawn
Opens pores on bare skin
Feel free but awaiting
The Lights glance
Penetrating clouds
An hour of my truth
Absorbed into the rigors of a new day
When we were still farming
LLillis Aug 2020
The morning glory
Suffocates the cucumbers.
But we don’t trim them.
We tried some basic vegetables in our first ever backyard garden box. The cucumbers had promise until the morning glory quickly took over. The flowers are pretty so we let them, without much consideration towards the loss of potential food. Now, taking time to reflect on the loss I am thankful for the ability to make that choice. To prioritize esthetics over nutrition, frivolity over necessity is truly the mark of privilege and should be at very least noted; and at best worked at to equalize.
Cox Jul 2020
I go to sleep when the sun is just about to rise,
I wait up for him,
I just want to say “hi”.
See you at sunrise...
Amoy Mar 2019
Mystical cosmic brush strokes of sprinkles,
Pink marshmallows and blue cotton candy
Left streaks across the sky, so magnificent
Each puff of cloud glowed as if kissed by a unicorn
The sun simmers softly below the horizon
painting the sky pink
Madison Sep 2018
Oh, Morning Glory Girl, I  love you so.

Little sunrise flower, more innocent

Than she knows, trying to soak up  the light

Of those gone gray, my sweet Morning Glory

Girl, her bright petals start shrinking away.

Oh, Morning Glory Girl, I hate you so.

Vegan vultures feed on your innocence

You bask in the attention of corrupt

Beaks. They do not love you, Morning Glory

Girl, they just want a meal, but you're starving

For that kind of love, so you're happily

Used, every little bloom, chewed up, spat back out.

Oh, Morning Glory Girl, I miss you so.

As midnight settles in, you're all but gone

Every petal, wasted away, all for

Naught. The vultures crow over your frail frame

And hot rage boils within my grieving veins.

By the light of the moon, I mourn and mourn.

How could you do this, Morning Glory Girl?

Such lovely petals, all given away

Only to be torn! You're nothing but stem

Vegan vulture food, nothing left to see.

Who would guess that such a lovely flower

Would become a beast like me? I must go

May both of us carry on, grow something

Brand new. But remember, Morning Glory

I will never forget who I once was

Such an innocent flower, just like you.

I'll smile for you with bitter insides, love.

Sincerely, this jaded, grieving nightbloom.
Blank verse and flowers. Pretty sure it's a successful combination.

— The End —