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Linger Apr 2015
One day your name will be etched across my chest
Each letter imprinting itself on my beating heart
A murmur will float from one vein to the next
Urging my crimson blood to paint it like a piece of art.

It will spread through my body like a wildfire
And every cell will whisper of its sweet beauty
I will discover it's complexities and fulfill my desires
To know it in its purest form will be my only duty.

As it gradually makes its way into my soul I am compelled to smile
For I feel love blooming like a rose from the essence of my being.
And I've kept it in my thoughts for more than just a while,
Because having you in my life is the only thing worth guaranteeing
Can you guess what the name is? :P
Linger Mar 2015
I crawl into bed
And get under the lonely covers
My pillow cushions my head
These sheets have never known lovers

Yet I feel you next to me
For although I'm all alone,
Your smile speaks to me
As we Skype through the phone

We give up hours of sleep
As we talk into the night
I haven't counted sheep in awhile
And that's quite alright

We start to drift into our dreams  
But there's one last thing to do
We look at each other in our screens
Then I put to my phone to my lips and kiss you

Were so far apart
But these pixilated kisses ease the pain
I go to sleep with a happy heart
And thoughts of you fill my brain.
Being in a long distance relationship means we don't get to kiss like normal couples do, but our pixilated kisses hold me over until I see you. I love you so much Natalie.
Linger Mar 2015
I kissed you
And the took the plunge
Cold water rushed over my skin
As the breath was forced out of my lungs

Suddenly there was nothing else
Just your body under mine
Our movements were fluid
As our hearts beat intertwined

I felt so warm
Your passion melted me like a candle
I let my lips drip down onto you
My waxy kisses left the marks of a vandal

I didn't want to stop
Thoughts of you took over my head
I was so in love
And all I could see was red
I love you so much Natalie.
Linger Mar 2015
Only you quench my thirst
Like swimming into great waves  
And drowning in love
The oceans which lay before us, be it distance, school, or any other obstacle, will be easily crossed when we sail on the winds of love.
Linger Mar 2015
When I say
I love you
It seems so powerful
Yet incomplete

It's so beautifully simple
And it's meaning is
Yet what I feel for you is so much more.  

I want to show you what I mean
But I need more than words for that.
When we are together I can show you the feelings residing inside,
But in my absence these words
Are all I can provide.
Linger Mar 2015
Radiates from your diamond like
Oval eyes as they look upon the
World, giving it's many facets
New meaning with each glance.

Everyone that knows
Your eyes can feel the
Elation of being at peace with
Death now that they have looked into the gates of heaven.

Gazing into them causes deep
Introspection because seeing your own
Reflection through such a perfect orb
Leaves you wondering what you could have been.
You're my brown eyed girl and I love you so much :)
Linger Mar 2015
I can't find the words
No matter how hard I look
It's not that I'm lazy
I just don't know how to express it
Seeing that pain
Through my mind's eye

Because I wasn't there
I couldn't help
I still can't
One day I hope I can

All I did was sit here
With a bitter taste in my mouth
For I ate of a twisted fruit
Called knowledge

Knowledge of your pain
And suffering
And how it broke you

The shards of your soul
Were the little razors
That sliced my heart strings
To bits.

Luckily I have you and that hasn't changed
So I'll use your smile as the needle
And your warm love as the theard
And I'll sew my patchwork heart
Together again.
Love is an enigma that I can't seem to crack. While it gives you such euphoria that it seems you've transcended the bittersweet human condition, it also makes you feel the pangs of sadness in your loved one's heart and you experience sorrow that you couldn't know without it.
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