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 Feb 2018 Linger
Natalie Thompson
once in a while
i catch a mere glimpse of you
my heart starts to ache

why do i see you
why can i feel you near me
you abandoned me

every cold night
you occupy my blank thoughts
my heart won’t let go

you ruined all love
your empty presence kills me
how could you do this
 Dec 2016 Linger
Nat Lipstadt

~ for my knowing friends~

so simple the notion,
that healing's potent potions
are non-directional portents
coming at you
like a Bob Dylan, Avettt Brothers,
rhythm and rhyme,
tunes injected from the outside knowing,
from the first time
that they were residing inside,
all the time

in, on and under the skin

the conflicted battle rages between the
coursing forces of

I believe

and the low grade infection, incurable return of

faithless disbelief and irreconcilability

a parental entry knowing,
despite different routes of administration,
there is no pharmacology for a limb lost,
any prosthesis healing supplanted
from without,
never achieves
anything approaching next to normal

but from within,
the heart can heal itself,
trying a natural bypass,
doing its imperfect best
to correct the uncorrectable,
resigned to accept the unacceptable

the slight edge felt from
cutting a garden's new growth for replanting
an act of belief in the future,
witnessing a sunset's nightly color sky's return rebirthing,
knowing, admitting to oneself,
that miraculously better than all ever seen prior are

medicines that come from the outside,
and inward bound daily injections,
they are:

"healing, from the inside out...
just as it was meant to be!"
any message you send
can and will
be turned into a poem

"this healing, from the inside out...
just as it was meant to be!"
SE Reimer
 May 2015 Linger
Natalie Thompson
I want you to see
How important you are to me.
You are my soul, you are my heart,
You cheer me up when I fall apart.
The warmth of your smile carries me through,
The calm and wild of the deep ocean blue.
I am an enigma that's hard to define,
Not at the surface but rather inside.
Courageous you are to take on the person I am,
Normal I am not yet you lend me a hand.
When the depth of my mind starts to pull me away,
You remind me everything is going to be okay.
I am an enigma that's deceiving to most,
Though you look at me and somehow know.
The man over seas broke me to pieces,
And yet the love you have for me never ceases.
I know you understand, I just worry
 May 2015 Linger
Volcano Heart
 May 2015 Linger
Everything inside has been
Burning deeply
Just for today
And now finally,
It can erupt
Bringing springs into my steps,
Wider, real smiles,
A pleasant additude,
And everything sugar and spice.

But guess what?
I got rid of the chemical x and the spice,
so all I have is
The sweet, sweet, sugar!
Hope someone got that powerpuff girls reference, for once I'm actually really happy. Its an after effect from talking to the person who stole my heart ^^ merci beaucoup, monsiuer vrai, et je taime, noublies pas!

By pitbull
 May 2015 Linger
 May 2015 Linger
Don't you dare
Forget this smile.
This is the real me,
Flying through colors of ecstasy,
Like a little airplane
Floating through the air
Little packets of happiness down to the ground.
I hope someone opens these packages.
Idk I'm just so psyched and happy ^^ my family isn't fighting for once and I somewhat got all my **** together :)
I literally can't stop smiling and I can't write jackshit but I tried I guess lol

Don't stop me now
By queen
 May 2015 Linger
 May 2015 Linger
Its hard for a butterfly to fly
With only one wing
Flapping so hard,
The other half broken
And flapping just barely.

It'll only go so far.
I've been thinking a lot lately.
The rules have changed.
Things are changing.

Born to die
By lana del rey
 May 2015 Linger
 May 2015 Linger
It's hard to leave
The things you hold dear to your heart,
Its hard to leave your home,
The things you hold oh so close to you...
But sometimes the wild
It beckons
And sends you a crooked finger
Motioning for you to come closer...
By nick jonas
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