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  Feb 2016 Morgan Floyd
see me sitting
on the floor
see the cracks
inside the flaws
feel my anger
live my pain
I'll never be
the same again
while I exist
inside life's twister
my anchor will be
*My Sister
I love my Sisters... being one of 5 girls, I'm lucky to have them all in my life, no one knows anybody else quite like a sister knows a sister :)
Morgan Floyd Feb 2016
Im uninterested in writing cliche love poems
Though I struggle to find the right words.  
Nothing is ever good enough
His love is so perfect
I could write forever about him,
Perhaps I did
It may give an idea of how he makes me feel
There isn't a thing that could explain this.
This insanely overwhelming sensation
That suffocates my heart and soul
Just by the very thought of him
It's an emotion known as love.
Love however is commonly misused
So it's power has weakened
Even at its fullest
I don't believe it would be powerful enough.
His love is so much more than love.
Morgan Floyd Jan 2016
I can't take this anymore . People recently don't know about my past ... This is a new place for me . They see old photos and say "wow you used to be skinny" all I could think about is what I did to look that way. They don't understand how trigger just a little comment like that can be. I miss being thin. I miss starving. I miss purging. I miss the feeling of being empty, frail, small. I miss the pain in my gut after days of no food. I miss the ache in my head before I finally fall . I want to go back
Not a poem ... Just a rant
Morgan Floyd Oct 2015
It's been 2 years
Thinking about it now,  I can hardly believe it was real
I was drowning inside with pain: while on the outside I was drowning in tears.
My emotions were eating me alive... all i knew was I no longer wanted to feel.
After another family argument I rushed up stairs to the bedrooms
quickly I grabbed the first orange bottle of pills I could find in my aunts room.
Hiding beside my bed with my sister in the room unaware
Desperate for death I force all the pills down my throat.
Once the deed is done , my aunt calls us down to talk
during her lecture, I start to wobble
she asks if I took something but I insist I didn't and that I was just tired.
After a while she realizes what I have done..
though unlike most she found it funny and recorded it on her phone
Finally once I stop responding to things she calls the police...
only one officer showed up
realizing the situation wasn't a joke he gets back-up and medics
I am rushed to the local hospital.. then moved to a more advanced one
As the  doctors and nurses try to save me
I continuously rip out my IV's refusing to live

They are able to put me down.
I wake up 3 days later with dry blood on me and cry because all I wanted was to die .. and I failed.
  Oct 2015 Morgan Floyd
Cody Haag
Have you ever felt so stressed, that the tears fell down your face,
And you didn't even realize they existed?

Have you ever needed love so much, that you cut your skin,
Just to spread numbness through your entire body?

Has it ever happened to you, terrible anxiety seizing your body,
And all you can think about is how sweet poison would taste?

Have you ever swallowed pills,
Just to spit them up as your loved one cries for you to stay with them?

They call it self-harm, and self-destruction, what we do to our bodies,
Yet it's brought on by the environments we're forced into.

The "self-harm" has never been my fault; not really.
It's brought on by this world.
I've only attempted to ease the pain caused by others.
Sorry for all of the dark material, guys. TRIGGER WARNING.
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