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  Oct 2015 Morgan Floyd
Kristie Aragon
I saw him walk away
Before my very eyes

And i stood there
Wanting to pull him back.

But i knew
He wouldn't want that.

So i let him walk away.
He never looked back
Not even once.

I knew he was broken
But he did not want
To be fixed.

He said men are not
Supposed to be broken.

So i watched him walk away
Wanting to tell him
That it's okay to be broken
It's not wrong to be hurt
Because pain is what makes us human.
  Oct 2015 Morgan Floyd
Kay Wright
Did you notice I didn't talk?
Did you notice I didn't smile?
Did you notice my dull eyes?
Did you notice my distant stares?
Did you notice my silent cries?
Did you notice my earphones always there?
Did you notice my work degrade?
Did you notice I started to fade away?
Did you notice I needed you?
Did you even care?
I was depressed and you didn't notice.
  Oct 2015 Morgan Floyd
its gotten to the point where ive been hurt so many times

i can say

im used to it

but out of all the people

who could have beaten me down

                                    ripped me apart

                                            made me feel less than worthy

why did it have to be
  Oct 2015 Morgan Floyd
Kristie Aragon
You pierced my heart
With every smile at her
With every glance looked her way
With every brush of your hands
With every hushed whisper to her ear
With every sign of longing in your eyes.

I knew, of course
No matter how much
You denied it
I watched you look at her
And I knew
You used to
Look at me that way.
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