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Eniola Aug 2020
Her pain is like that of a mother losing her child.
She watches in pain, for she can not even smooth the pain,
then she wonders what use a mother, that can not help her child.
She only can protect the outside and not the inside.

Her eye that was filled with hope nowhere to be seen.
For thou knows that her whispers of pleas for mercy,
were falling on deaf ears and that alone filled her with dread.

Her always hopeful smile,
now covered with a cloak for protection.
Her sun-like eyes are now covered with the cloud of despair,
and pouring tears of pain.
Her once perfect creation,
now mocked for being a creation and now crumbling away.

She wonders as she being wrong birthing such beauty,
for thinks all she gives to her child in pain.
And that she thinks of it,
all she wanted was her fantasy to become a reality.
Eniola Aug 2020
What is that playing in your head,
that clip suffering that has captured your reality,
and plays them like a broken track record.
If its' not that then it's your fantasy,
that's trying to break free and become reality.

But fear of judgment from the world,
retracts us back to this cruel shell of a mindset
that has been made known by our ancestors.
All those hopes, wild imaginations, and our fantasy,
that is being rejected by those same ancestors,
who vowed to guide us,
but now from their hands do they destroy us.

We who are present history should learn to break free,
to carve and crave our hopes, dreams, and fantasy,
that has been bottled and then turn it to passion.
dreams are our future and present because the more dreams you bottle up the more pain you feel, so, therefore, learn to express them the right time because at that right is the only time you will feel alive.
Eniola May 2020
A new dawn is upon us all,
as we look up as the sky breaks softly.
This new dawn always comes to us,
either at the end of a storm.
This new dawn is the remedy that we all need.
For if we look forward to a new dawn,
we will always have hope for the betterment of all.
For new dawn is upon us all use it wisely and bountifully
and hope it last long before the storm approaches us once more.
The new dawn is always the new beginning, that we all want or need.
Eniola May 2020
She who once belonged,
is now detached.
She who once smiled with her heart,
but now with her mouth.
She who once believed,
is now an atheistic.
For thou knows that to belong once again,
is to be longed for.
flowing feelings like the river
Eniola May 2020
The overflowing sadness,
that courses through thy vein.
Thy heavy mask,
that thou places upon thy face,
for thous never-ending show.
But thou always ask is it worth it?
for is it really worth it?.
this always is the million-dollar question.

— The End —