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Eniola May 2020
She who once belonged,
is now detached.
She who once smiled with her heart,
but now with her mouth.
She who once believed,
is now an atheistic.
For thou knows that to belong once again,
is to be longed for.
flowing feelings like the river
Brooke Olthouse Feb 2018
                              No emotions
       In between worlds
             Only emotions
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
            Never had a place like this before. I
         don't ever remember feeling so quit at
         home. Thank you to my loved ones
          whom have done so much for me.
You were like a breath of fresh air
Fluttering through my clothes
But you´d disappear
When I needed you the most
Suddenly so close touching my skin
But my heart would get so cold
When I let you in

You were like a breath of fresh air
Fluttering through my veins
But you´d disappear
and nothing good remains
Wandering through the street
Without you I couldn't breathe
I´d search for you stumbling uphill
But the world remained still

You were like a breath of fresh air
So powerful and strong
With you rippling through my hair
I felt like I belonged
You left me fragile and bare
When you faded and died down
You were a breath of despair
When I think about it now
There was a lot of wind outside today.. it made me think, and I wrote this.
Copyright @ Johanna Magdalena
D Mar 2015
You entered. You sat
I felt my pulse rise.
Our eyes met.
I left my hands shake.
You smiled.
I left warm.
You enquired how was I.
I felt belonged.
You tapped your feet.
I felt my heart sway to your beat.
We sat there in time. Just on our seats

— The End —