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 Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
Megan H
She said,
I want to die
Just let me die.

And I felt her words
Throughout the entirety of my soul
Because I knew
I knew.

We sat there stroking her back
He and I.
As she kept saying
I want to die
I looked up at him
And I saw it in his eyes
And he saw it in mine
Because he knew.
He knew.

Three broken people
Sitting at a party together.
Her sober thoughts coming out
As drunk words.
I heard it in her voice,
He saw it in my eyes,
I saw it in his eyes,
And for one second,
None of us were alone
Together we shared the pain.
Because we knew.
We knew.
Breathe in
Breathe out

I'm drowning
I can't think
I'm all alone

Breathe in
Breathe out

It's all darkness
The light fled
I'm blind and lost

Breathe in
Breathe out

I can't move
I'm so tired
Everything is too fast

Breathe in
Breathe out

I can't go on
I don't want to live
I want it to stop

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in....

Breathe out
This is more of a rant than a poem sorry
My hair is crazy

It is frizzy, tangled, wild

My hair cannot be tamed
You cannot confine it

It is not glossy and smooth
Gently curled
Flowing and sweet

My hair is crazy
My hair is free

My hair is not beautiful
My hair is not calm
My hair does not fit in

My hair is crazy
And perhaps that's okay
Definitely a 1st draft, just a quick distraction from an essay I've been working on :)
Shadows in her eyes
Darkness deep inside her soul
The girl of shadows
Been awhile since I wrote a haiku
 Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
silent tears resemble a woeful creature
silent tears carries the loudest pain
silent tears brings pursuit of happiness.
#art #life #poetry
#depression #sad #tears
 Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
I surrender to the God of liberty
who makes me lie down in eternal love,
and the malice-infested swamps
dive in my peace
trying to impurify the
esteem of my being.
Here stands a society ready
to annihilate me
their guns point with rage
trying to contradict my black skin
into the depths of sin
I am not a badge of shame.
I always kept myself locked in
became a fiend of my own mind
suppressed in the name
of slavery and injustice
my roots were planted in a dry harvest.
My heart is worn out,
dogged up is my throat
when my speech is unable
to cultivate the capacity of my ethnicity.
Where is the pride?
Where is the peace?
Stay woke, my people.
We need to develop
inherent worth and dignity
resist conformity of the regime
revive our immortal spirits
and begin to breathe in the cosmic of superiority and solidarity.
Black people, we are magic.
'The Beginning' is an introductory piece to a poetry project collective by Elijah which focuses on black consciousness and pride. Inspired by the Black Panther Party movement in 1966, this collective is set to bring awareness to society that black people are human too and we deserve respect. Titled BLACKACY: Black Legacy, Black Excellency , this collective will bring the sense of unity and love within the black community and we shall rise above anything because we are untouched.

#art #black #blackpower #life #love #poetry #respect #soul #unity #worldpeace
Highs never take me
Gradually down.

I drastically drown.

Falling to
The pit of the ground.

Falling upside

So this smile's a

And vice versa.

Can't compete with
But somehow, getting high just
Throws me into a

The cycle never ends,
It's never-ending.

I keep forgetting,
That this **** is
A curse and
With frigid fevers felt in this
Frivolous fairy-tale,

One could only hope they're drowned in
Swamps or dragged to Hell.

Too many times, false prophets have
tried to trick me with their light.

And too many times, the serpent and
Its venom proved me right.

The poison runs freely, and coincides with
Your veins.

The good within your heart
Begs you keep the beast slain.

But what good could that do,
When all despair has breathed you life.

Heard angels won't agree nor
Put up with this strife.

With a long kiss goodnight,
Their complaints run dry.

Watch them slam the gates of Heaven,
Put a lock in the sky.

Try to banish all us fools,
Whom are forbidden by fate.

At this rate, the flames of Hell
Are slowly creeping towards the gate.

White-cloaked demons using
Purity to ****.

Manipulation of the mind
As a rememdy to heal.

Pastors and preachers.
Prejudice militants.

Good and bad seems to relate,
With such diligence.

Attractive ignorance. It's all
Corruption of the soul.

They market you the flames, and
Even deliver you the coal.

But at night when you weep and you
Sob out your sockets,

They rest with sweet dreams.
Your tears, feeding all their pockets.

They try to guide you towards a light
They say can save your spirit.

But like the dark, there's only impact
If you really seem to fear it.

So the fearless are ****** in the
Eyes of the holy.

But in the same breath, please
Notice they are lonely.

The fearless can't stand by the sides
Of the goods and the greats,

But the fearless don't wanna join
The side of the hate.

The hate and the evil nor the good,
So they're doomed.

And yet, it's the good and the evil
Who praise empty tombs.
You been on my mind heavy, but
I gotta let you go.
You're a ghost now.
Stop appearing in my dreams, doing
I'm not very entertained. I am
Actually afraid. And if I knew where
It was at, I think I'd come right to
Your grave,
And ask you to knock it off,
Since you never said goodbye.
You don't got the right to pop up in
My head by surprise. And
You don't pay enough rent in the
Depths of my mind
To think that that's where your final
Legacy should reside.
I have now fallen in love with a woman
Who breathes air.
She's got blood in her veins and
Doesn't cause me despair.
She's more than just a picture of the
Capture of a stare.
But why tell you this? You'd just say
You do not care.
But this is vital information, that you
Really need to hear.
I don't wanna close my eyes, fall
Asleep, and you appear.
I loved you in the past and I'll always
Love you, dear.
But the wrath of your absence can't be
Something that I fear.
Of course, I'd like to close this off with
Something great.
But I'll have to end it abruptly.
Something much like your fate.
And I hope that in death, you resist
To give hate.
And I hope that you can leave me
Alone with a clean slate.
I don't cry a lot, or at all for that matter.
I've fooled myself into thinking strength, isn't comforted by weakness.
Truth is, weakness is the builder of strength.

I find that so contradictory, because what breaks me, tears me up and what strengthens me, builds my character up.

No one decides, which is which.
We have feminists arguing on behalf of the woman, dictating and reasoning for emotional expressions, but society judges being make and falling.

Being a man, is a matter of endurance through hardships, breaking sweats, but never breaking a tear, because water works shouldn't work on male species, because feeling, isn't in our nature, says society.

So, we aimlessly tear through the jungle, hunting for what we don't know, looking for a next meal, never being content, because, contentment is not part of our nature, says society.

With private parts being made public, we move through the next with being hesitant, by the time she realizes, she's already been ******.

Break hearts, play hearts and acting like we have hearts. That's society's perception of the male species.

Society never talks about, the clean up crew.
Society, never speaks about me.

Society never speaks about my ****** hands with cuts of your broken heart, and with missing body parts try to bring aid to your heart.

Society never speaks about trying to make you understand how I'm different, and with countless bouquets, it's never okay to let me in because you let him in, and from the *******, he left like you were nothing, and now that you have something, you won't let me in.

He penetrated your skin, and I'm not fascinated by it, I was see your soul unmasked to mine, so I explore your soul before your body, and these steps I take on hot coal, because he didn't care so much so that the cuts burn.

Your soul is almost like a morgue, I swear it's like your heart has been cremated, with an invite to your funeral, I hope you spread your ashes on my heart, so once again you can feel something whole, again.
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