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  Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
Megan H
She said,
I want to die
Just let me die.

And I felt her words
Throughout the entirety of my soul
Because I knew
I knew.

We sat there stroking her back
He and I.
As she kept saying
I want to die
I looked up at him
And I saw it in his eyes
And he saw it in mine
Because he knew.
He knew.

Three broken people
Sitting at a party together.
Her sober thoughts coming out
As drunk words.
I heard it in her voice,
He saw it in my eyes,
I saw it in his eyes,
And for one second,
None of us were alone
Together we shared the pain.
Because we knew.
We knew.
  Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
Nicole Dawn
Breathe in
Breathe out

I'm drowning
I can't think
I'm all alone

Breathe in
Breathe out

It's all darkness
The light fled
I'm blind and lost

Breathe in
Breathe out

I can't move
I'm so tired
Everything is too fast

Breathe in
Breathe out

I can't go on
I don't want to live
I want it to stop

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in....

Breathe out
This is more of a rant than a poem sorry
  Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
Nicole Dawn
Shadows in her eyes
Darkness deep inside her soul
The girl of shadows
Been awhile since I wrote a haiku
  Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
silent tears resemble a woeful creature
silent tears carries the loudest pain
silent tears brings pursuit of happiness.
#art #life #poetry
#depression #sad #tears
In my dreams, I always hide and I shut
Them doors tight
Because it feels like I might die in the
Next fortnight.

These apocalyptic thoughts don't
Strike me as a trend.
I feel grief during rest, contemplating
How it ends.

Not complex as the monsters or the
Boogeyman in closets.
But as simple as rusty water dripping
From the faucet.

It's the everyday things that seem to
Cause the most pain.
It's a concept: You can slaughter or
You can be slain.

Danger drifts through the air as
Polluted molecules.
So fear clings to my flesh, rooted in
My follicles.

See, the deadline on life has no real
So every street, every pavement feels
Like my final destination.
  Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
Ntsika H
This poem is for broken hearts, shattered dreams and answered questions of "why?".

For the broken hearts that were once whole, held in the palms of perfection just to get rejection and now your reflection looks imperfect, constantly seeking correction for your physical impression.

Maybe your outer appearance doesn't appear as your inside appearance, but I swear on your broken heart, that your beauty is unquestionable, and outspoken, so much so that you were too much good, for mediocre, and mediocre broke down and broke you down trying to keep up.

Maybe your significant other was never enough for you, so you were insignificant to the insignificant person, and now... you're unfathomable and your depth is profoundly misunderstood, under circumstances of a lack of maturity to understand that love is always giving and never selfish, and people who break hearts haven't mastered the art of loving and giving, without expecting because ...

Because, you've been taken for granted for so long that you don't remember that worth means value, and valued souls never get thrown out...

Broken dreams from broken hearts, now your blurred vision has broken your future endeavors, because you believed in a forever that actually meant never...

Your dreams of happily ever after, become dreams of I wished I'd always had her..

And why was I so ignorant to myself?
Why did I sell myself short?
Why was I never enough?
Why did I lose you?

I am always the first person I blame when something goes wrong. I'm the first perpetrator, and never a victim. Even when I get shot, I take mug shots of myself.
  Jan 2018 Poetic Thoughts
Release the thoughts
and daunting images,
from the prison of this mind.

Allow peace,
trust and faith,
to remedy these exhausted breaths.

Knead sincerity,
wisdom and positivity,
into this growing passion.

Efface the insecurities
and depressed inner voices
from this feeble self.

Fuel this heart
with goodness, patience,
strength and kind selfless love.

To keep going and living,
one day at a time

*as the earth takes another trip around the sun.
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