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Jul 2017
With frigid fevers felt in this
Frivolous fairy-tale,

One could only hope they're drowned in
Swamps or dragged to Hell.

Too many times, false prophets have
tried to trick me with their light.

And too many times, the serpent and
Its venom proved me right.

The poison runs freely, and coincides with
Your veins.

The good within your heart
Begs you keep the beast slain.

But what good could that do,
When all despair has breathed you life.

Heard angels won't agree nor
Put up with this strife.

With a long kiss goodnight,
Their complaints run dry.

Watch them slam the gates of Heaven,
Put a lock in the sky.

Try to banish all us fools,
Whom are forbidden by fate.

At this rate, the flames of Hell
Are slowly creeping towards the gate.

White-cloaked demons using
Purity to ****.

Manipulation of the mind
As a rememdy to heal.

Pastors and preachers.
Prejudice militants.

Good and bad seems to relate,
With such diligence.

Attractive ignorance. It's all
Corruption of the soul.

They market you the flames, and
Even deliver you the coal.

But at night when you weep and you
Sob out your sockets,

They rest with sweet dreams.
Your tears, feeding all their pockets.

They try to guide you towards a light
They say can save your spirit.

But like the dark, there's only impact
If you really seem to fear it.

So the fearless are ****** in the
Eyes of the holy.

But in the same breath, please
Notice they are lonely.

The fearless can't stand by the sides
Of the goods and the greats,

But the fearless don't wanna join
The side of the hate.

The hate and the evil nor the good,
So they're doomed.

And yet, it's the good and the evil
Who praise empty tombs.
Misty Meadows
Written by
Misty Meadows  21/F/Pennsylvania
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