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Jul 28 · 296
Damaris Jul 28
I want you out of my head.
I want you out of my bed.
I want your stupid toxic words out of my life.
I want you out of my life.
Out hurt
Jul 28 · 22
Damaris Jul 28
I’m the nicest rude person you’ve ever met.
I don’t care about anything but at the same time I care about a lot.
I hate people... but I love people easily.

I’m a hypocrite.
Jul 16 · 133
Damaris Jul 16
Everyday I find myself lost in my own mind full of pink clouds, tangerine birds, and a light blue  sky where everything is so perfect... expect for one missing piece... my wings.
Jul 16 · 53
Damaris Jul 16
The worst type of pain is not the physical pain but rather the mental one cause by our own hypotheses.
These hypotheses of unreal realities where we imagine the unimaginable.
These hypotheses of untrue truths where we inflict self doubt.
These horrid hypotheses full of illusions that just cause ourselves to fall into a state of insanity.
Jul 16 · 38
Damaris Jul 16
I’m just an angel... falling down to reality.
A reality that isn’t even real.
Jul 16 · 25
Damaris Jul 16
A world of harm...
Who in the right mind set would even come up with a tale to convince these horrid crooks that they can save themselves from the harm they’ve inflicted on others?
Dec 2018 · 79
Have you ever?
Damaris Dec 2018
Have you ever ****** up so bad that feel that you are stuck in life?

Stuck in one spot while the rest of the world turns.

I know I can push forward and break this wall...

I just can't right now.
Nov 2018 · 78
Never Fully Know
Damaris Nov 2018
Not once.
Not twice.
But three times...

Gave my heart up three times

Every time was more cracked

Every time, fewer tears came out

Every time, I felt stupid

Was it love?

All this was ... was a state of comfort after "knowing" them.

You never finish knowing a person, no matter how long...
Nov 2018 · 101
Damaris Nov 2018
Am I dreaming?

These emotions.

So strong.

Not love.
Not lust.
Not a fascination.
Not a fantasy.

What is this I am feeling?
Just a little something after months of not writing. A little rusty.
Nov 2017 · 271
Dear love,
Damaris Nov 2017
Dear love,

please don't shoot me with your Cupid's bow.
Nov 2017 · 368
Golden Goddess
Damaris Nov 2017
He was wandering through the woods, when he saw her.

She had long golden locks like gilt thread, it shimmered and its ribbons gently moved in the wind.

She wore an exquisite gold lace dress, which barely touched the green grass of the ground beneath her.

She gave a quick glance at the gloomy man gazing at her.

The beauty astonished him; it approached him with steady small steps.

She was like the goddess Aphrodite, but rarer.

She was the meaning of beauty, the warm air, the longer days, the bright sun, and the worry free smile.

The definition of beauty is easy; it's what leads you to desperation.

As the beauty advanced, her gold lace dress became a fade orange and the beauty in the previous goddess figure faded.

Every moment and every second of this illusion to his eyes appeared as a dream to reality, the reality of the fickleness in beauty over time.

His desperate gloomy figure slowly turned into white happiness. There was no more darkness; all that was left of him was white icy flakes.

The golden locks became white, and the fairness of her face became filled with wrinkles.

She lost her figure, her beauty, her gold.

She often looked into the mirror wondering where that gold light went.

The light was still within their cheeks, but the gold figure vanished.

In his eyes she was becoming something more beautiful than a storm.
The small tale of a love story that lasted a life time.
Nov 2017 · 143
Perceived Illusion
Damaris Nov 2017
You say you are smart but I think that's a cover up for your stupidity and mistakes.

You cannot accept another failure so you put yourself so high, making me believe that you are some kind of god and the genius of the sky.
This is dedicated to a 'special' someone
Nov 2017 · 206
Damaris Nov 2017
I'm an angel trapped in a bubble, who is remarkably naïve.

What will happen to this angel when the bubble bleeds?

Will I fall into the depths of this horrid world or will I stand tall above the trees?


I think I will fall into the depths of my own naiveness, blind to what I see.
Something I wrote at 4 am

— The End —