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Damaris Jul 28
I want you out of my head.
I want you out of my bed.
I want your stupid toxic words out of my life.
I want you out of my life.
Out hurt
Damaris Jul 28
I’m the nicest rude person you’ve ever met.
I don’t care about anything but at the same time I care about a lot.
I hate people... but I love people easily.

I’m a hypocrite.
Damaris Jul 16
Everyday I find myself lost in my own mind full of pink clouds, tangerine birds, and a light blue  sky where everything is so perfect... expect for one missing piece... my wings.
Damaris Jul 16
The worst type of pain is not the physical pain but rather the mental one cause by our own hypotheses.
These hypotheses of unreal realities where we imagine the unimaginable.
These hypotheses of untrue truths where we inflict self doubt.
These horrid hypotheses full of illusions that just cause ourselves to fall into a state of insanity.
Damaris Jul 16
I’m just an angel... falling down to reality.
A reality that isn’t even real.
Damaris Jul 16
A world of harm...
Who in the right mind set would even come up with a tale to convince these horrid crooks that they can save themselves from the harm they’ve inflicted on others?
Damaris Dec 2018
Have you ever ****** up so bad that feel that you are stuck in life?

Stuck in one spot while the rest of the world turns.

I know I can push forward and break this wall...

I just can't right now.
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