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Nov 2019 · 104
Char Blackmon Nov 2019
I love myself so dear
That’s why I caress you my dear
I feel trapped inside
One silent cry
Joy comes always in life
******* myself
Much harder both times you left
I love me so much
Your eyes and soul felt how much
I love you too
The purest form
Of me and you
Blocked by our past venues
I love me so much through pain
I know time can only change
I love you and all that makes up you
Unconditional love
So why do my reflection of me runs
Chasing an image in 5D
No understanding of it all in 3D
Most importantly
I will always love you
I will always love me too
Sep 2019 · 212
Blindly Seen:
Char Blackmon Sep 2019
Minutes til I get to u
Spiral my visions into inspirations
I don’t get it
Why ppl keep telling me
Love is sweet and KIND
But doesn’t grow
Always in sunshine
Through the storm
I’ve groomed and grown
The whole time
I was not alone
Never will I be
A QUEEN helped me see
Tough love
An empty home
No voices
No children
No kisses til the crack of dawn
Just the sound of me
On my own
I’ve trained and prepared
To be everything
You see
You showed me
The greatest version of me
Tears and all
You cried
I cried
We felt our love
For each other
In our hearts
When I hear about
Our time apart
Not a word to speak
You described me
To the T
Trying to avoid the thoughts
Smiling at your voice
The softness of your touch
Even as I think
I feel your body
Against me
How can this be?
This **** chemistry
****, this **** FREQUENCY
I love you
Not to the moon and back
That I can’t say
My love for you
That we create our own GALAXY
I don’t care
What anyone says
I’m here
Step by step
Day by day
Prayer by prayer
I mediate with FULL FAITH
Our love continue to grow
Fine with age
Sep 2019 · 135
Love Religion
Char Blackmon Sep 2019
Don’t worry I got me
I got ice all in my veins
I promise I wouldn’t change
Ur hussle is not the same
got HUSTLE branded in my name
I’m eating from the grave

Before anyone ever knew my name
I was destined for great
As the black crows sing
Let’s my pharaohs free
For justice
What’s the cost for your peace
Will all HELL from ole LIBERTY
I ain’t never been free
My shackles still clinks on me
With old souls
We all gone see

Yeah time apart
I’ve missed you
But I’ve learned lessons
And watched pure love
Shine through

Every silent cry
I reached out to wipe
As I tossed and turn
Throughout each night
Praying to Yasda
For another night
Feel that vibe
Frequency just right
As I open my eyes
Drowning in sweat
One lonely *** night
Just another cold side
Of the bed
Forced fielding my life
Those 3 words that you said
I hold so dear
Please don’t give up this fight
Unspoken words

Our third eye shows us vision
But with the lack of our own religion
How could we ever be called free

That’s just a fact that causes fiction
A whole big contradiction
But u all sure gone see
When hands unfold
Just call it a monopoly sceam
So what does that mean
I got u
Hell yeah u got me
As our souls speak
With no words
How could anyone compete
All the voices in our head
Doubts we shares
Hold my hand
Close our eyes
Mix our colors from within
Aug 2019 · 76
Char Blackmon Aug 2019
No words to speak
As tears falls from your cheek
Tender and sweet
Pure and true
When you speak
Without saying a word
Miles and miles
I spent away from you
Your pain and hurt
I heard
From the thumping in my chest
To the nightmares
That drips from my lips
Never the less
Your cries were strong
In your eyes
Words speak all on its own
When you’re quite
It’s a DISTANCE thought
Told you to pull back
This love is too strong to keep
As it tossed and turned you all night
Fears of seeds
Is what I saw that night
Dark misleading
Tug a war fighting
Living a prayer
That turned into a vision
You want to say
3 words
Burned under to protect
Your Earth
I always knew your worth
Understating creates clear decisions
Holding you
As we speak without words
Still your lips haven’t spoken
In your heart
Forever with no more worries
I hear you
Loud and clear
Never spoken to my ears
Yet your words
Are heard clear
Jun 2019 · 125
Char Blackmon Jun 2019
But all I get is more space away
Jun 2019 · 201
Don’t Need
Char Blackmon Jun 2019
I don’t need the world
I’ve conquered it
Don’t need
No money to ball
Just need you
In my arms
Warm and secure
Right were you always
Jun 2019 · 146
No Wish
Char Blackmon Jun 2019
It’s not a wish
I am not a genie
I just pray
For one more chance
At you & me
Apr 2019 · 251
Holding You
Char Blackmon Apr 2019
Holding You
I miss holding you
At night
Softly though
Tight and slow
Rocking my sweet
Danny lo
The tender taste
Of your wonderful fragrance
Drifting off
Watching as your
Chemistry flow
Turns to peace
A magnetic clove
Chills relaxes
Your body and mines
Where it once
Stood still
Your warmth
Those moments I treasured most
Oh how
I miss holding you
Apr 2019 · 486
Char Blackmon Apr 2019
I don’t miss time
Because it never stands still
I just miss our memories
The way it slowed down
And stood still
Mar 2019 · 170
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
I feel you
With every heartbeat
You feel me
Even when you breathe
In your sleep
You and I
You are where I want to be
Come back to me
So we both can sleep
Mar 2019 · 120
You Asked:
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
The first day you ask me why
Why you
How can I look at you n see truth
I didn’t know what to say
This time I do
I see you for you
When I look into your veil
From brown to blue
Caressed your feelings
Your heart so near
Only person I see in the mirror
Held you tight
Like darkness over the moonlight
Passion so real
I see you know the truth
You run because of fear
Deep down
I’m the one you want near
Part ur lips like the Red Sea
Warmth wraps our thoughts
From our meaningful flesh
You ask me why I held you
The way I did
Just one more hug n kiss
Made me that much more sincere
Ive seen the world
The beast it is
I see your pain
The one you tried to hide
Covered up with your breath taking smile
Time flies by when u are around
I can’t say or do enough
Before time runs out
I’m here to stay
Refuse to be pushed out
Every heartbeat
Sigh you release
Matches mines in my sleep
Love is hard my dear
True love will never be easy
Since that first day
I saw things so clearly
You asked me why
Because we are one
Seeing you smile
It’s my ultimate goal
Love pure as gold
Mar 2019 · 113
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
She’s beautiful
She’s crazy
I can’t help how
She amazes me
So gorgeous but beautiful
The one I adore
Green grass in the meadow
Silent voice strums on my guitar
Pick up trucks
No Ford tough
Kind of love
Lost I your eyes
I cannot find the time
Just a country song
Kinda country beer gut love
N oh how you love
I sure do feel the beyond
Of my words
Written my glory
Sweet Sharvae
Title of my unknown
She’s my crazy country song
Mar 2019 · 84
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
You closed your eyes
And passed away
Never will I forget
Your cold face
Touch felt like winter
Guts ruptured like a volcano
An angel you gain
You earned your heavenly halo
My dearest Mommie
My granny I miss for sure
Your spirit I hold
Mar 2019 · 291
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
I close my eyes
Just to feel you
Hold you
Kiss you
Smile at you
All and all
I love you
Mar 2019 · 82
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
I know you
Better than u do
You love me
In love with me
That’s the silent truth
Don’t run away
I’m here to stay
What more can I say?
I knew you
That very first day
Our eyes laid
Mar 2019 · 68
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
•How much do I miss you?
I stretch my arms out wide
To wrap around the earth
Multiple times
•Any particular thing I miss about you?
Yes, your eye sugar bebe, always.
•What do you mean to me?
More than I could ever express
When I’m around you
I choke up
Say love
Yes to the dress
•Anything I want to tell you?
No, just your love flipped the game
Made me embrace
Made me accept me
No more fighting dark ways
•I love you?
123 roll the tape
Let the whole world shake
No words you say
No text every day
Still I felt your passion all day
• I-see you mommy?
A strong, independent black woman
With princes and princess
An amazing mommy
A Nubian Queen
One and only
Mar 2019 · 76
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
•How much do I miss you?
I stretch my arms out wide
To wrap around the earth
Multiple times
•Any particular thing I miss about you?
Yes, your eye sugar bebe, always.
•What do you mean to me?
More than I could ever express
When I’m around you
I choke up
Say love
Yes to the dress
•Anything I want to tell you?
No, just your love flipped the game
Made me embrace
Made me accept me
No more fighting dark ways
•I love you?
123 roll the tape
Let the whole world shake
No words you say
No text every day
Still I felt your passion all day
• I-see you mommy?
A strong, independent black woman
With princes and princess
An amazing mommy
A Nubian Queen
One and only
Mar 2019 · 217
One Heart Beat
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
I heard my heart beat
Felt yours beat too
Our hearts beats as one
No distance can tear that apart
Not one
Mar 2019 · 107
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
Something is missing
Do you feel it too?
I searched high and low
Still I feel
Everybody is somebody fool
Not a fool when it comes to you
Happy days
Leveling with heaven
I close my eyes
Just to be close to you
Something is missing
Do you feel it too?
Another day
Time to wake up
I know
I feel this frequency
Something is missing
Do you feel it too?
Only thing that’s missing
Is you
Holding on to something
So true
I got to be strong
And so do you
Stay focus
Press on
Only thing that’s missing is you
Feeling good
Because your love is
So true
Mar 2019 · 155
So True
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
It’s hard not to think of you
Every millisecond I do
It’s hard to stay sleep at night
Visions of your face intrudes
It’s hard not to love you
You gave me the light
The truth
I use to be in a dark place
Not because of you
You brought light to my world
Now I have a different view
Travel the world
Go sleep under the stars
When I looked into your dreamy eyes
I floated above mars
I miss our shower time
Passion indescribable
Your laugh and dance move
So lovable
Cooking times
Family times
Weird ways
Not enough days
Simply just missing your grace
It’s hard
Yes so true
I’m evolving into
Something more than beautiful
Your spirit I feel
Countless days
Forever I do
It’s hard not to text you
Knows I want too
Heals all wounds
It’s hard
But loving you
Is not hard to do
Just two hearts
Beating as one
Do you feel it too?
Mar 2019 · 157
I love you
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
I love you
This is true
Hardship and hard times
I gaze upon the ocean blue
I love you
Through and through
That lonely sun
Shining separately on me n u
I love you
Yes I do
Time traveling to escape the truth
I love you
This is true
Close my eyes and I feel your touch
Hear your voice
I love you
You I do love
Lost like butterflies
Only love for you
Mar 2019 · 605
Freedom writing
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
Sort of my tears
Downing from my drowning years
Misplaced by the thoughts and the fears, the way I volunteered
Gutted with the truth
Peeled from honesty command
Reprimand every plan that you have in ill hand
Grasping my inner thoughts
Forcing life’s demands
A fascination with illumination at grand, we need resources so you folks can understand
Understand the apocalypse
That this earth creates withstands
No underhand punishment for all our services undertakes
Aggression that reflects submission of a ****** decision
Finessing bad investments that does pay diabolical visions
Visiulizing the future
With expectations of a better nation
Memorizing the gratuitous grids investigating relations of races
Ripping my dedication
To eradicate your personal needs
Reinventing the seeds to ******* these eternal breeds, steadily free with a force feed so like paleo we crossbreed
Bleeding for a greater oppression
Wishing for a better revision
Exceeding admissions teaching lessons for a better concession
To all who receives the valuable lesson

By: Lyrical C n Glen Edward Bush Jr
Mar 2019 · 151
Insane Memory Lane
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
You said I can call
That you will always be there
After the storm washed away
My pain
I looked around and guess what?
You were not there
In my most time of despair
Your shoulder disappeared
Left me like dust
Just particles in the wind
Plant my seed
Positively in my mind
Even at my worst
I think about our times
I believed you
When you said u will always be here
Now I face the lies
That divides us with time
Why me?
Why do I get deceived?
I’m not perfect
Hell I never pretended to be
After our honeymoon
I couldn’t find you
I searched all over
Just to find you
Far away you are
Your heart pure as day
In someone else’s presence
I dreaded this day
A nightmare I live
Just to live to breathe again
The one I love
The one that is no longer here
I played the fool
Red shoes I wore
Clowned on my endeavors
Tears flowed for your lonesome
Alone again
Twice a day
365 days
7 days a week
I fall short
Reminiscing on our memories
Once you said
You will always be here
Words just engraved into my mind
Lies that’s overpowered by time
Here you say always
Just another memory
Hidden with pain
I remembered you said always
Just worlds with no meaning
Too busy
Clear to see
A broken wing
Mended with freedom
Swallowed by grace
Just lonely ole me
With a scare
That curves your name
A scar that reminds me
Love hurts more than pain
Insane insane
No meaning to memory lane
Just me left
Surrounded by pain
To **** a mocking bird
That’s the name
Insane insane
Mar 2019 · 71
Once more
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
Alone again
I am
But not like last before
Filled with love
Dreams and joy
Alone again
I am
Once more
Mar 2019 · 75
Observation Thoughts
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
Sleepless nights
Restless days
Your smile, dimples n ways
Ways too pure
Perfect imperfections
I was ok knowing you my girl
Far away
I just hate being alone
Once again
Follow your dreams
Long talks at night
Hold u tight til u rest
Laugh so goofy
Comedy so wise n clever
Thoughts of ours
Collides together
Hard days
Longer coping mechanism
Just to hear your voice
I’m not always top choice
Always only choice in our eyes
Vivid catastrophe hidden
White lies
Never with us
I miss you yes
I miss my best friend the most
Muted like a radio
To your station
I just miss you
Your presence
Living with an alive ghost
The one I love the most
Mar 2019 · 100
Feb 9th of 2019
Char Blackmon Mar 2019
My heavenly angel:Mommie
Today I got the news
Memories blue
Frozen stuck to me like glue
I didn’t feel
Tears paradise vision of you
Flashing how I was raised
My shelter
Understood me without speaking
Of how to feel
Little cousins playing in the dirt
In that hill
We loved and hurt
No more pain
Confused days
Your love remains always
This is just another memory
For your days in the sky
Smiles of your sweet
Harmonized voice
A family you built
Far and near
A family we are
Rest peacefully my dear
MOMMIE(Bertha Sommerville)
#harddays #blessedways #heavenlysmile
Jan 2019 · 660
My Sharbaby
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
I miss you
Day after day
Miss your glowing ways
Silent words
Loud with truth
I sure miss your gorgeous
Flower blossoming face
Dream big
Touch all your twinkling stars
Goofy ways
Pillow talking to me
Forgive me
Come back to me
None but time
Will sing our song
Long nights and shorter days
That day has finally came
Spread your beautiful wings
Black butterfly
Truth at ease
Please always remember me
You have the biggest part of me
You don’t have to speak
Your eyes guides me quietly
They speak so deep
I know what your love means
More than the galaxy
Exotic Milky Way
Just breathe
I’m forever here
Jan 2019 · 229
My Only True Valentine
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
This time again
Once a year
Raising prices of
Giant teddy bears
Rose peddles on the pillow
Memories of you
Soft sweet kisses
Chemistry increasing
Not once a year
Never had a valentine on this day
The day you came into my life
You became my one
My one and only
True valentine
Lonely so far away
Images of your face
As I dream
One day
I will gain to be
Yours forever
Im in love with your eyes
When you pout sometimes
Shut me out
Because I’m crowding your space
Day after day
Watching as the moon finds you
Connection of truth
Spooked with black butterflies
Palms sweaty again
Nervous when I’m around you
My one and only
True valentine
Jan 2019 · 220
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
When morning comes
Sweet like the morning dew
Sun rays peeking
Over the sunset view
Know that
I’m still thinking
In love
With you
Words from the overview
Jan 2019 · 142
The View
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Iceberg melting
Sidewalk creaks
Birds chirping
Crisp still on the river bay
Innocently thoughts of you
Dripping thorns
Ocean blue
Jan 2019 · 286
Lonely ole Me
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
When you leave
To follow your dreams
Please think of me
Don’t forget
Lonely ole me
Jan 2019 · 259
One day
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
One day
Many moons ago
I will be here
Patiently waiting alone
For you
Jan 2019 · 2.2k
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Black butterfly, how is your day?
Soaring peacefully throughout the waves
Crashing down with a certain multitude
It seems as you haven’t flown much today
I’m just wondering...
Are you okay?
Black butterfly look at your wing
Injured by HURT and PAIN
Unintentionally leaving contusions
Leaving the tears to heal your wing
Black butterfly
For better or worse
You still push through the storm
It’s not as clear out
As it was yesterday
How does your heart feel now?
Those clouds don’t seem so dark
Your warmth has melted the sun
No fighting anymore
Black butterfly
Where does love come from?
From the unknown
From the one who’s been through the most
Leaving every beat of your heart
In beat with your beat
Black butterfly
There’s your smile
Lightening up the fallen one
Words spoken
Without hearing a mumbling word
Yet understood
Black butterfly
Allow me to be here
Watching you as you heal
Throbbing inside me
Reaching for the ultimate thrill
Timeout the world
Punishment upon many years
Flying high
Seeking peace on your broken wing
Healing of love
Soothing to a joyous ring
Black butterfly
How high did you soar?
Did you see where heaven and earth meets?
Did you see some worth believing?
Royalty built with loyalty
Sitting on your wealth of trust
Did you meet the one that completes?
The one that mended your broken wing?
Did it hurt?
For them to see?
That life is just as fragile as it can be?
How broken was their wing?
Nice look
I now truly see
Black butterfly
It all became as one?
Realizing you have met your sun
The one who you save as the one
You are better now
Free and loved
Black butterfly
My one and only true dove
The light in my eye
Black butterfly don’t cry
For those tears don’t belong in your eyes
I’m forever to stay
Free and calm
Just like when you fly
In the blue and relaxing sky
home my black butterfly
Jan 2019 · 640
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Stop thinking
She hears your fears
Stop thinking
She loves you my dear
Snakes hissing  
In my ear
What a deceitful thing to do?
A friend of ADAM and EVE
Stole my joy from under my eyes
Words to the blind
Stop thinking
She miss you too
Quince the taste of a chocolate fall
Waterfalls from the chocolate fountain
Bonding fairytales
Folded in her heart’s pocket
Stop thinking
Beauty is what you weep
Star struck by her personality
Lost in her purity
Drowning from corrupted outside visions
Nothing but harsh criticism
Stop thinking
Chemistry rising above it all
Love breaks down barrier walls
Barracked against the weighted flaws
Purity shines
In love with the thought
Stop thinking
Overthinking her thoughts
Predicting falls of my flaws
Kisses so sweet
Laughter on the walls
Passion beyond GREATNESS call
Stop thinking
Just listen to her cry
Silently waiting for you to see
Her words speaking loudly
Just see
Her visions of me
Seen with the notation of the unseen
Feeling all the things of me
Waiting for me to
Stop thinking
Only just believe
Her images of me
Wishful thinking
Just stop overthinking
Jan 2019 · 222
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
She is my
Look at your smile growing ear to ear
Mountain peak dew
Early before the afternoon
Walking fast
Blindly kind
She is my
Run to never never land
Peter Pan lost boy
Dreaming of the inevitable
Speaking soft vinaigrette
Sweet honey nectar
Broiling headlines
On the center room
She is my cool and my crazy
Love with no maybe
Tylenol on an infant baby
Cradled upon Neptune’s creator
She is my
Rose peddles
Yellow mellows
Falling leaves of Autumn’s day
She’s mine
Jan 2019 · 633
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Black cotton
They don’t here me
They won’t listen
Didn’t even believe
When Tupac shakur was here
Y do we work like slaves
And so hard
We work hard but barely get paid
We use to have troops
But they killing off the youth
They didn’t care
When Tupac Shakur was here
Black cotton
I’m steady hoping over
Enemy lines
I hear the cries of our ancestors
Which lies between our ears
Which GODs are theirs
As we watch them dictate our graves
Roll one
Pass some
Live to blaze the pain away
Never could I imagine
Not a day
That I didn’t get up and pray
I say
Let me live and breathe
Another day
Don’t let me go to jail today
Because of the skin of my face
Christianity you say
Prays of CHRIST name
Images of make America great
False idolizing through faith
Mask off our culture fame
Be born to chase a dream
Anything you want to be
The race of our lives
Is constantly
Just a turtle trying to complete the race
Contemplating my worth
Just black words written
To white out the ages
Courages and so strong
Written words of life
Whose life?
Unguided through the white light
Too deep for your religion to season
All praise to the most high
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
My laid back in the back seat
This is all she
A small town woman like me
She sticks to me
Solid untouchable
With a tangible touch
See and read into my mind
Meditating on a combustion gust
Spiraling down the knowledge grove
Wanting peace, love and improve
Mention unity
Brung upon nature
Distracted by our rollercoaster
Wrapped warmth snuggly memories
Peace, time and the ability to give everything
Missing words of you n me
Jan 2019 · 3.3k
Impatience Patience
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Patience is key
So gentle so kind
Takes over emotions
Takes over time
A good woman is hard to find
Blinded by the obvious signs
Prayed to the most high today
Please send that one into my life
After years to come, triumphs n pain
I knew my prayers were heard
That day I laid eyes on u
Palms sweaty
Clammy n cold
Falling over nothing in the floor
That star that twinkle in your eyes
I’ve never seen
Gazing at anyone
Patience broken
Taring into humbleness
Things said undone n not true
Patience asking for another chance?
Me too
Start from the bottom
Only way from here is up
Patience to the bad
Impatience from hurt
Clouds rolls over the good
Still fighting til that day come
Patience is kind
And a lesson to learn
Progression is success
My backbone you are
No need to explain
Pun intended
Patience, humble, n new
Grace of serenity
I’m blessed with a friend
Levels beyond understanding
A forever better half of me
Patience is key
But progression is the journey
That will lead me to you
My angel and world
Tied all into one
Patience mold me heavenly
Cause i know mama
You’re my one
Patience of a GOOD WOMAN
Jan 2019 · 103
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Images of you take over my perspective
Missing your smile
Like the summer in the winter
Stumbling over my wandering downfalls
Only for you to pick me up
Dust me off
Royalty of a QUEEN
Always so sweet to me
Stubborn like a mule
Face of an angel
Thoughts speaking heavenly
Connection sinks into one
Two different bodies
Mind n soul
Still drifting together as one
We must grow apart to grow together
Dreams, careers n goals set
Separately dividing the two hearts
Distance forcing the weather
Bond so strong that far seem so near
Gravity pulling two hearts to one
Warming up from the cold
From the rays of ur smile
The sun
Growing together
So forever can never tear us apart
Loving through the darkness
No words to speak
Lost in your eyes
I hear u loud and clear
Growing apart to grow together
Facing the world that brainwashed
My visions of fears
Crowding the judgements of u n me
Only to insink the chemistry
Glowing radiant rays of beauty
Together enternity
Jan 2019 · 64
The Aftermath
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Have you ever wondered
What’s after life is like?
I understand
You read to get a vision
What about your images
Judgement day
Is the word you say
Critique your ever actions
Down to your last life
Breath taking decision
Heaven or hell
They say only time will tell
But what if I’m livingh
Already living in hell
Decorated so heavenly
Rose pedals on the walkway
Strutting the catwalk
Pimping through the Pearly gates
St.John, Matthew n Peter
Sleeping in the belly of a beast
Pictures of me
Knocking on Lucifer’s door
Wipe your feet off
Who do u think you are?
Go to where the spirits
Were their heads lay
down by the river
Were the pharaohs bleed
How can u lead the blind
When ur world can’t see
Phone a friend
Which vision will I take
Only fear is
To become the WEAKEST LINK
What if that’s all it’s meant to be
No singing n holy scenery
Just a box that use to lay me
Lost and found my destiny
The lost spirits of Neverland
I want to live like PETER PAN
not a day of worries
Cradled in the stars
Wrapped like a mother’s arm
Can you see it?
No where to go?
No angels no halos
All your life goals
Turns to coal
All that praying
All that feeling
Third war conflict
How mad who u be?
If ur day isn’t so free
Earth nothing but a green screen
It’s offering time
Pass around the collection plate
There better not be any change
Just actors on a tv
False idolizing the GREATEST GOD
Offended by the name ALLAH
Faded behind the spirit of YALA
Bondye ak ou
That means GOD is with you
Channeling Lespri energy
Was that what u prepared to see
Living n believing
Not only through faith
Knowing that the spirit
You’re soul has already
Been saved
Patiently awaiting the day
Then only then
My soul will be free...
Jan 2019 · 75
Creating Me
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
The cries of our ancestors
Bleeding on American’s land
White supremacies all around
Begging n pleading
Tears falling heavily
Stripped from the roots
Families captured
Torn from their mother’s land
I mean the mother land
Of that dark melody skin
Whipped by the devil
Erasing our culture
Turning us white within
They say catholic is the first
Ultimate religion
Never knew my religion
Or my tribal mechanism
It’s a cold world
Oops a white world
Can’t you see
Tar in my veins
Changing my DNA
I wish I knew my roots
But instead I had to watch ROOTS
It’s like a mystery
Without a single clue
Jan 2019 · 103
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
Something so sweet
Hard to taste the bitter
Grooming nectars of pomegranate
Lips floats on a pillow with a full set
Stumbling at my heartbeat once more
Flams of recommendations on right
Wonder when was the last time I was this happy
Seconds, minutes, hours, days to months
Months of triAls,triumphs lays the foundation of our years and a lifetime to come
Sleeping through my reality
Schemed by the reactions of my dreams
I knew angels were real
He sure put a stamp on you
I love you more than that old lady confused in a shoe
My everlasting Peter Pan
Just another lost soul searching for that one
You are my love
True love
I can’t pretend to not show so

— The End —