Apr 3, 2015

Blood, Lungs and Alcohol
Addiction, Hell and Help
How much more
Can Aidan take
Before he decides to die?

Aidan is the main character of something I am currently writing with an alcohol/drug addiction. I've written it here as a poem :)
#hell   #addiction   #alcohol   #die   #blood   #help   #addicted   #lungs   #decide   #lung  
Ashes to Ashley
Ashes to Ashley
Sep 23, 2016

The truth lived somewhere in my lungs, because every time I took a breath, I inhaled him.

Vivi Dale

#truth   #breath   #him   #lungs  

I had no clue
that standing in the room
screaming at the top of my lungs
would cause
no one to even acknowledge
my existence

Haley Elizabeth
Haley Elizabeth
Jan 12, 2015

If every song I wrote to you
would take your breath away
Then why am I suffocating?

#sad   #depression   #pain   #anxiety   #breath   #thoughts   #night   #simple   #suffocating   #lungs  
Kiah Griffin
Kiah Griffin
Feb 2, 2015

I'm not good at being alone.
It makes lungs feel
ribcage achy.
next breath.

Don't choke me when you know I'm not well.

Acquainted with this feeling.
It feels like your not
I can't help but hear
Suddenly I start


Ky Blackstar
Ky Blackstar
Apr 20, 2015

When everyone around you is breathing smoke it is hard to keep your oxygen for yourself...and soon you are breathing their smoke while they are gasping for what little air you have left.

Alivia Evans
Alivia Evans
Feb 11, 2016

Strings thread through my eyelids
my tears are burning
       I've lost my breath,
       and can barely see
My world has gone dizzy,
Oh God, Is this just me?
       My fingertips shaken
       in search for my inhaler
What happened to sanity?
It left in his palm
        This is what happens
        when their hate rips through my lungs

Anxiety attack
#words   #sad   #depression   #hate   #tears   #anxiety   #dizzy   #selfharm   #lungs  
Kate Mitchell
Kate Mitchell
Dec 30, 2014

I have trouble at high altitudes
and I can't run more than a few steps without tiring
I'm a dancer but I gasp for air after
every performance
and my mouth tastes of pennies
I will never climb Mt. Everest
or smoke a single cigarette
I will not live in Beijing or own a cat
or be a deep sea diver
the best thing
they will ever do for me
is whisper your name

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