Kelise Blackwell
Kelise Blackwell
2 hours ago

My voice
may be heavy with water
but it is strong.
My voice carries.
It carried my burdens
when my shoulders weren't strong enough.
It carried ships of men over the edge
of me
because they wouldn't pull over
and ask for directions.
It carried far enough
to pull you into my currents
so you could draw a map
of my cliffs and trenches
and never lose your bearings.

#love   #quiet   #water   #voice  

I found a heart on my doorstep
And rushed to bring it inside
To put it in a new pot,
With good soil from the nice patch of grass,
And fresh water from the tap,


who could ever have thought
That I was responsible enough
To care for something like this
When they could see all the planters by my door
Have withered away to dust?

#love   #heart   #garden   #water   #plants  
18 hours ago

I could feel the tension
I could feel all the blood in me
settling to the bottom, within my feet
my feet, now red, under pressure
pulling me down, I could not seem
to fight the weight that was
pulling me down, down and down

my feet now full, now red, like a bucket
full of water, ready to spill, ready to give way
my feet now ready to burst and set free
the tensed blood for once and for all


#life   #water   #blood   #feet   #weight   #tension   #shortpoem  
Alaric Moras
Alaric Moras
1 day ago

I am made of water

I first learnt it when, at age 13
I dropped a glass of it
And it trickled through my veins
As my father told me he didn’t know why he loved me

After that, every day I was kissed by sunlight
I shimmered
Like a pond lost in a forest of
Thought that no one visited

I used to look at my hands and wonder
Why I could see right through
The sinew
And bone
Into translucent fluid bubbling
Where blood red should be

But whenever someone deigned to hold
My shaking digits, I felt the cold
Of my insides freezing us both
Eventually, when they could no longer hold
My icy arms,
They let go
On their way to greener pastures

Then I would melt
Seek the sun,
Weep for joy at the torrents inside me
That flowed again

You cannot touch this liquid life
Unless your fingers are blessed by a burning
Unlike anything before or after you,

I long to simmer in a scalding embrace,
You whom I have yet to meet,
You who will boil my insides until
One day,
I disappear
Like a pond dried up in summer,
Its filaments caressing the sun,
Lost forever to the world below

Until after years,
I will rain again on gardens
That men will worship
And whose beauty,
(Nourished by a love that no one knows),
Will enshrine our embrace for generations

#love   #passion   #water   #emotion   #feeling   #liquid  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

Nothing makes me smile like a dark day
Like the heavy rain
Which openly berates the crowd
But smiles at me on its way down

As I run from my car
But not to hide
No I run from my car to get inside
Because I'm late as late can be
And if I had no responsibilities
I would let the time slip and slide away
Within such rain

I would trod the squishy flooded ground
And turn my head up to the sky
To declare my love for such a day
And to kiss the open honest clouds

I’m struck by this
Isn't it funny how?
No matter how hard the rain may fall
Your thirst is never quenched at all
By the rain drops tumbling down
How silly are the people who frown
At such rain

This is an old one. What took me so long? LOL
#poem   #poet   #rain   #rhyme   #water   #storm   #verse   #such   #sean   #scribblers  
mitch green
mitch green
5 days ago

I dance because light can't bend.
Because you'll only see me if you're watching me.
I'll only show you if I know what I'm doing.
And I don’t have to worry about what I’m doing,
because I don't trust I have your attention.

When I speak,
you can hear me no matter which way you're watching.
If I've had no dress rehearsal,
I don't know if what I'm saying is right.
So I might as well be dead in the water.

#dead   #water   #speak   #light   #see   #watching   #cannot   #bend   #rehearsal   #lightcannotbend  
Renée Brookes
Renée Brookes
7 days ago

The mirrors fog white;
her skin immersed in droplets,
wills me to succumb.

Haiku #2 / Inspiration: shower water .
#haiku   #lust   #water  

When she bats her lashes
I can only imagine
They sound like a bat’s wings;
A rush of air beneath
Every rise and fall,
Heard only by the keenest ears.
I loved bats
When I was a kid.
I tied my jacket around my neck,
Held up the corners
To make those wings--
But this memory can’t compare
To an act of self-loathing
That deer-in-the-headlights

She bats her lashes
And I drown.

Has a funny way of
Creeping up.
“I’ve never loved a woman before,
So why am I expected to love myself?”
I think I said once.
My heart founded a factory
Whose main exports were
Logical fallacies
Which had a dreadful way
Of creeping up
Behind my every thought or word,
Paws locked in the snow
And back arched
Poised a for a one-on-one battle
With sanity.
Does she look angry.
Not a year goes by
Without some sort of inner vandalism.
She joins the stampede,
Runs without stopping
By the river to drink.
It tramples every blade of faith
Left in her.
It crushes every flower she grows
So that she will never see
The beauty she
Bestows upon the world.
She pauses by the river to drink,
But the bucks walk on through it--
Her reflection is distorted.
The doe doesn’t wait
For the water to
Become still again.

Part three of a poem about self-love
Feb 19

I'm stuck in your trap; It lured me in.
My wings are broken, Once again.
I loved the feeling of being free
But now I feel like I can't breathe.
The cell I'm in closes in on me
It's like I'm drowning in a crowded sea.
The tears I shed aren't shown
I'm lost in the aquatic unknown.
Drifting deeper and deeper into its depths.
I'm loosing my strength;
I have no energy left.
I show all signs of sadness.
I show all signs of madness.
I'm going insane,
with no longer a brain.
My heads filling up with water
and there's no escape.

#love   #heartbreak   #depression   #water   #abyss   #ocean  

Please stop to trying

cause I’m still collecting pieces

from the time i walked home crying.

Stop showing me that frown

for I’m still coughing water

since the last time you let me drown.

Stop to ignore it

for I’m still healing wounds

from the time you took my heart and tore it.

#time   #crying   #please   #water   #stop   #trying   #healing   #ignore   #drown   #frown  
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