When they ask you why you love the rain, the ocean, the river, tell them it is because unlike the people who should  have  loved  you  better, the water was never  afraid to touch  you; even when you were at your most damaged and broken.

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Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
1 day ago

You are still waters that run deep;

a challenge some may say.

But to me, your closed emotions

are like a test to see

if I can crack you open.

You're not one to spill your secrets

yet every time we talk

whether it be cellular device

or heart to heart in person

I notice

(for intrinsically I notice everything hidden and important not seen with the naked eye)

I notice you slip

some of your most shielded


and I catch them

with soft cold hands

(because for some reason or other my hands are always cold)

with soft cold hands warmed

by your toasty rough ones warmed

by your sensible muttering warmed

by your discreet aspirations warmed by your witty attitude.

I like that we can be waggish

together like two jesters

high strung.

My facetious view on life is somewhat wrought with doubt.

My senseless family drama scaling backwards for months on end.

Return is what I want; a sense of peacefulness whereas I'm pulled into the flighty nature of my parents' inconsistencies and my aunts' finicky nature when all I want is for everyone to get along.

You have your barriers drawn and  sometimes and I don't mind it.

We are emotional opposites, bouncing off each other like ping pong balls, but in this scenario it works because we've both got paddles and are willing to play.

That's what I see in you.

An ever-eager possibility;

passionate in your politics,

loyal to your friends,

leader in some circumstances

when I am at a loss for words.

And you spark a sort of electric chord within me, plugging right into my frontal lobe, sparking my interest, lighting up my receptors.

My neurons have never been this happy before; I have never in my life had a romantic reciprocal relationship like this before.

Nothing has prepared me for this.

This floundering of feelings, sloppy, spilling, leaking out of the cauldron every time we speak.

You are boiling broth, a frothy drink I've put up to my lips and sipped from, a drink I did not order but delightful all the same.

You are still waters that run deep;

a sensual spice of parsley or dill that can lighten up any dish;

and it doesn't take a genius to see how much I need a person like you in my life to challenge every predisposition of romance I've seen, read, fantasized or imagined.

Caught in the slipstream of figuring out my future after the new year has yet to arrive. There's still so much to work out; there's still so much hope I have brimming inside me even after my confessions, even after I've asked for forgiveness and complacency.

Where there's hope and forgiveness, there's also peace.

Maybe all it took was the repetition of swimming pools in dreams this past week to understand where I stand. I'm not drowning anymore.

I'm on the edge of the pool looking into clear waters, finding the wise guide of my blue water dragon

and his humongous whiskered face

staring straight at me, into me, telling me that I have all the strength I need to overcome the obstacles. I need not cling to fear any longer. I need not hide away, like I've done in the past, behind thick curtains to blot out the light.

My only constant now is the sun rising and the moon waning.

You are still waters that run deep;

a sure-bound belief

that everything will be okay.

I touched the air today as it gushed past my outstretched fingertips. So fluffy and innocent and yet so crisp in its distinction. I brought her into my lings greedily and then exhaled at her touch.
When she began to caress my senses, I dug into her neck with my lips and brought the mutual satisfaction a notch higher and higher as a sigh of pleasure was whispered into my ears.
It was here that I knew I'd never be alone, this altered reality that changed my paradigm so effortlessly. I never wanted to leave.

I Kissed the rain today while she dripped down from heaven and landed solely in front of me. The swish generated by her hips changed the direction of the water's trickle. And once in front of me, I pressed her form close to mine until every drop in her body echoed my temperature. Each significant drop was one of her fingers holding onto my face, or sneaking close to my lips where I would steal it momentarily before she took it back. I clasped her wet fingers in mine and absorbed part of her.

I played with fire today as her seduction set my body ablaze. Her words heated, I silenced her by placing my lips over hers and sucking the smoke away. As her temperature rose, I became weaker and weaker for her orange flames. She began to devour me. And as I lie there, fire roaring on top of me, I began to burn my soul away like dry leaves. Her warmth captured me like a camera as she grinded slowly and seductively on my embers. A new flame had been kindled.

I created new life with earth today as I felt the heart beating of her heart through the palms of her hands. Scorched soil as the fire of my love slowly dissipated into her shaking grounds. She gave me in return a gift that I can never repay, the irrepressible joy of the birth of my first child. I placed my faith and love and seed into her grasses and she birthed me a tree of my own. A tree that I can groom and nourish and raise as best I see fit. A life untainted by the toxins of the world. And it was here that I knew I could be safe; I knew I would never leave.

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2 days ago

We are water.
We are fluid,
and bending.
We move with the ebbing tide,
and embrace the seas of change.
We are ruled,
by the rhythm
of a crying moon.
We are dependent
on her love
to lead us back
from deeper waters,
to lead us back to shore,
to lead us back to you.

For Cancerian Souls
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
3 days ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  

You called me golden
Like, perhaps, I could be a California river.
But I, with my hooded eyes, never thought
I was soaked in sunlight or shimmering in wealth
Until I found you sifting through me
Marveling at a beauty I cannot see:
Telling how the sun makes me sparkle,
Bragging about the curve of my body through the hills.
The more you boasted, the more came to see
And now I know I am that swollen western stream,
A run of water muddied by your boots,
Scattered with pebbles of treasure
Winding south with the current down to the sea.
I am that western vein because I know
I give more than I take, and I know
I could never stick around for long.
You're like the others
Who held me in a pan and
Walked away with all I could give them.

Laura Enright
Laura Enright
5 days ago

I left the coast
on a tiny blue and red rowing boat
I left my shoes on the pier
and jumped right in

I row to a beach and look along it
in moonlight
searching for those certain blue eyes
that I only half-remember
but all I see is strangers staring,
why are they sunbathing at night?

I give up, row back to land
the only sound is me pushing water
I struggle up the rungs of the ladder

loose my footing
then suddenly
I don't know
whether I made it up the ladder at all

(after-note: although it's never mentioned in the poem, I hope that it is obvious that this is about a dream. I trust the reader to have picked up on it)
#love   #dream   #nature   #water   #confusion   #beach   #boat   #ladder   #coast   #pier  
not hessa
not hessa
5 days ago

this is going to be quick and short, like meet ups in the mall bathroom
or running away from a great big Someone with a capital S
i hope you can swallow this the way i swallow my pride on sunday afternoons
when i sit on a worn porch and think of how worn this situation is
i hope you can keep it in the way i take not one but two pink petunias
inhale and exhale and you’ll feel more like a person
i’d rather be a barren body than beg and be your buffoon
and in return you place a kiss on a wing, one that flutters so restlessly
but you’ve always known that birds make me want to scream out loud
balloons are out of the question too
it uses my air when i blow them
and i’d much rather save that air for arguing with you
but when they pop i fall to the ground with the withered latex
and i’m a carpet all over again
but it’s okay because i don’t have any shoes on
so i’m not allowed to be outside

hello it is i please excuse the shitty line about buffoons
#sad   #pills   #water   #imagery   #birds   #air   #mood   #pink   #bpd   #january  
Pearson Bolt
Pearson Bolt
6 days ago

i brushed the tips
of her fingers
amidst the PVC pipe
as we sat
linked together
in lock-down.

our forearms stained blue
from the paint and tar
plastered to plastic,
holding down
the chicken-wire
purposefully designed
to make sawing us out
more difficult.

water protectors
chained together,
risking arrest,
the shackles a symbol
that we were willing
to trade our freedom
to save planet earth
from the 6th extinction.

sweat glued garments to skin
as the sun baked down from the heavens.
even if we failed today
to throw a wrench in the works,
still we rage against the machine,
still we sing our refrain endlessly:

the people gonna rise like the water.
we're gonna face this crisis now.
i hear the voice of my great granddaughter
singing, "shut this pipeline down."
it's bigger than a paycheck.
it's bigger than a job.
if you won't respect our Mother,
we won't respect your laws.

Jan 13

Moonlight shines upon the lake
Darkest black and cold it's waters
Silver ripples running, flowing
Slowly, gleaming through the night
Here the fog is breathing poison
Unnoticed it transforms whoever
Dared to come a few steps closer
Enticed by bewitching sight

Morning will make magic vanish
In the deep it hides and waits for
One that here belongs from now on
That runs far but can't escape
Nothing else will bring him solace
Warmth of sun will burn his skin
All he hears is genlte whisper
Of the silver painted waves

Resonating haunting rhythms
Overflow heart with strange longing
That one day will surely bring him
Will return him, to stay there
By serenity enveloped
All fades into swirling darkness
As the waters close above him
Leaving shattered moonlight trail

#life   #death   #moon   #dark   #mystery   #poison   #water   #longing   #lake   #fog  
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