Hadiy Syakir
Hadiy Syakir
8 hours ago

I wanted to be like
Abbie Hoffman before,
until I built a prison
of my own.
Now I am trapped within
the usual circle
that I have grown
tired of,
even before I started,
even before everything ends.

mercy party
mercy party
1 day ago

it started with a picture
in time it became an album that i can't look at
just a fuel for my memories
inside of me sometimes too many
i don't want to spare a thing
anything would be so wrong, for you

so this is end of story like a cigarette and my mourning coffee
i'm not missing you
so much for hating you, i taped our photograph
and i'm just black and blue

love was just a cool word for something oh so tragic
god i gotta quit this shafter habit
silly actions, good intent
i don't care what the minister meant

you really think i'm gonna crumple up and stick my head in the oven without you
just because you rigged my pillow case you fucking basketcase
i hope you ran away to ...

a spreading smile to stay
i place the sign for rent
and shut the book on torment

#end   #of   #story  

You're out on the porch smoking again
and I'm in here alone hoping for the end
and slowly but surely we're both seeking death

drunk, as usual, and listening to the cure.
#drunk   #death   #end  
Joe Black
Joe Black
3 days ago

How symbolic,
Sky is crying,
Even though it was foreseen.

#love   #sad   #end  
4 days ago

I cleansed my hands of corruption today
For I had done a filthy deed
I gazed into the mirror
I saw corruptions seed

In harvest of its fruits
My ends justified my means
And although there's not a mark
I'll not be truly clean

You may question what I did
But it is my belief
That it's better to feel something
Even if it makes you bleed

There lies a sense of resignation, of guilt, of hatred and emotions, where previously there were none. My selfish actions have hurt another, and I am sorry for that

But glad to feel again
#pain   #end   #hurt   #justify   #corruption   #means   #deed   #justified   #vyscern  
Marte Lindholm
4 days ago

Still I have to urge
To take the knife up
And do stupid things
Like I used to before

But no, I don't do it
Instead I drown myself
In loud music and tears
With literally no end

Am I becoming mad?
I don't know more
But this seems like
A fine way to suffer

//Trying to do things right//
#end   #tears   #stupid   #music   #like   #mad   #suffer   #drown   #knife  
5 days ago

you can't spell legend, without end

so the day will come

when the pyramids are nothing but sand,

the warriors are nothing but names,

the saints are nothing but ashes,

and the legends are nothing but broken words,

it's inevitable

and that's the beauty of heroism

Maria Imran
Maria Imran
5 days ago

That's how it happens
                    e                   a

#heartbreak   #end  
Amber Valencia
Amber Valencia
6 days ago

And we sing, together. But, I feel
And I sing alone, I feel, still.
And I feel alone in a breathe....
And every song is the last.

#end   #loss   #quiet   #weird   #question   #last   #song   #different   #small   #losing  
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