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Have you ever thought about the future and couldn’t see anything? When everything is just a big black circle – an indent? When nothing comes to mind, or when you can’t picture yourself older? Have you ever thought about that? See, I can’t say I don’t think about my future, because I do. I can’t say I don’t care, because I actually do care. But the thing is, whenever I try to see a future for myself – I can’t picture one. I don’t see anything at all. Is that a warning or is that real life?

[Day 9 – May 2nd 2015]
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I'm tangled inside and everything comes out like glass
I'm cutting inside.

The way you carelessly lose yourself, cuts me inside
And I forcefully tear my skin off
To show you I'm bleeding.
Can these pools of red speak louder than thunderous phrases?
I've tried.

You find yourself in dark places
Losing yourself to people who won't remember your name.
And you forget yourself

In the worst kind of way.

I can't force you
Can tears? Can pleas of red and blue? Can whispers of adoration?
I've tried.

Does it come down like lightning - or do I sit in a deserted room...
Watching an hour glass, receiving postage with your name written on it.
Hearing about you from everyone but
I've tried

And I'm the woman stuck in a painting
Trapped in an artifact
Scribbled on a drawing.
I can't speak!
Every single piece of me is lost in time, to trying, to trying..... Fading.

But, I saw you yesterday.
You smiled.
It felt like the beginning of something,
I realized
After all this time, maybe we can began again

Trying to hard to force someone to stop them from hurting or what you think is hurting themselves but you can not do anything about it.
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Guy Furniture
Guy Furniture
3 days ago

If it wasn't meant to happen
then let it pass
but enjoy the good times whilst it lasts
Don't be sad as it starts to end
find the good in goodbye
and be happy that it ever began
If it's meant to happen
it surely will
As we have no options in life
no free will
All I know
is you'll be happy in the end
So if it's not now
than it's not nearly the end.

#end   #happy   #rhyme  

A constant war inside my head
It rages on, I see no end.
It keeps me awake
It drives me mad
I hate this war inside my head...

#war   #end   #anxiety   #mental   #mad  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
6 days ago

Oh my gorgeous partner,
Have you forgot it already?

You spent the night awake,
Ended the action with a splurt,
And we spent the night together,
High on fairer hormones we were.

Boosted by your ethereal voice,
And the lightest clapping noise,
Between our action as you jump,
Yes, up and down on my crotch!!!

A secondary acrostic poem.
I know this is really explicit.
I have marked as explicit.

If you don't wish to read such poems, simply go to your prefences and check the box of "Hide explicit writings" there only.

My HP Poem #1380
©Atul Kaushal
#first   #end   #night   #oh   #baby   #enjoy   #yeah   #action   #hormones   #splurt  
7 days ago

Vacivity feels abstract, yet maims nether ends
Burgeoning to habitual like repeated sodomy
Overcoming this notion of occurring widdiful
By consummation within myself
Nulling unfurling wounds
Garbed in a crimson lagoon

#suicide   #end   #hurt   #down   #emptiness   #sodomy  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Jan 15

I had a relationship with death, she had a grip
on my heart. Saying I was her only one,
but I knew there were others.

That I wasn't her only one, she had an embrace
of love on others hearts. She was by my bedside
whispering what was and could have been.

Her breath is cold on my soul, does she realize the
pain in my heart. I had an affair with death,
she was by myside saying we would be together forever.

She kissed me and I vacated this place, never to see
her again. I loved her till the end, but now she has
another's heart playing his strings till death does part.

#love   #kiss   #death   #end   #forever  

My insides burn, turn and broil. I feel as if I could burst. I want to do everything. And yet nothing excites me. Im worn from a long day but try as I might sleep doesn't come. Worries of the world stir through my head. I ache, I hurt, I yearn to sleep yet she still doesnt come.
Hunger twists my stomach yet no food fits my mood or apatite. Colors are bright yet bring me no delight or interest. The night wears on and yet I am still not gone. Sleep is the cool water on a burn, the mute on a loud static. The pause, the peace. Sleep is the calm in a life of chaos. Why does she now evade me.
A yawn escapes my lips. Please come. End the pain and suffering of the day. Take it away so in the new day I can wake calm and prepared ( and a little grouchy). I've lost all ability to think and yet I still can't sleep. Another yawn, one step close to the rest, the goodbye to the colors and hello to the hollow darkness where thought carries its own weight and no longer weighs down my head.

#end   #sleep   #renewal   #waiting   #rest   #weary  

When the sun burns out,
and the stars slowly fade,

the skies will shatter.
The earth will quake.

Our past forever gone,
our future never found.

We'll run 'til the ground gives
and we turn to ash.

The end will come,
and time will be put to rest.

All will fall
when the sun burns out.

#death   #end   #sun   #world   #of   #the   #burns   #when   #out   #apocalypse  
Jan 10

An endless trap neglected to be seen
I find myself clinging to the scheme
Conceptual romance, called lunacy
Better things are coming rather slowly
Like the clothes folding

She orchestrates, collecting mishaps in jest
She rose beige and benign into the sunset
On the steps of my home, I noticed a little presage
She then sends galling annals in one text message

Hovering on your lawn
And wretched calls became a bad quest
Soft clouds traipse vastly like coy insects
Sloom the week, stapled to the mattress
My whole life has been nothing but this
Restless, princely, and a sad mess

#depression   #end   #stay   #over   #quest   #trap   #asunder  
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