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Your souls beautiful voice
Sings the harmony to the beat of my heart.
Like a calm wave in a raging sea,
You fought through the storm for so long,
Yet the waves seemed to take control.
Your fragile life was taken away
By the oceans invisible hands.
Forevermore I shall wait for your soothing voice,
To awaken me at last from this abyss.
Heaven and earth hand in hand,
Dreams side by side by reality,
Eternally together,,,

This is for someone who lost their wife. Might send it to them, not sure though.... So feedback would be very much appreciated x
If you have any better ideas for the last line, please let me know also
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Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Mar 11

You say in order to
move forward,
I must comply
with your said,

Yet it is not a matter of forward love,
or that I MUST ever stay,
we are both moving forward,
it always seems the way,
as I am sure the sun
will shine so bright that day,

The day you take my hand
and we step into the sea,
where you crash
with me the waves,
and then suddenly we're free,
just take my hand-
my soul,
please come with me and be,
I am the mirror to your soul
just look and you will see

Though it is up to you -
my love,
together or alone,
how we travel on ahead
solus or as one,
I am yours eternalized,
beyond my body dead.

Ma Cherie © 2017

For Steven ❤❤❤
I'm having a hard time focusing
and some writers block
and also a lot of stuff going on
I'm moving!
Only here tho LOL different places the same dreams. Love you all hope you're well I will poke in when I can! ; ) ❤❤❤
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I feel you as a ghost -- deeply close,
wed somewhere far within.
I feel you living, shimmering along
the static edge of my enduring spirit
in electric phosphorescence.
Where tender muscle and flesh
tether and mesh, latch and connect
with bone to construct a home --
create a fleeting vehicle for my soul
to navigate this immense cathedral of life.
To filter in perceptions and feel the power
of the physical light that pierces through
the colorful windows of the mandala of my mind.

It blooms into ceaseless fractals –
repetitive, reactive patterns built upon
the complex fragments of both you and I
combined, slicing through time, reverberating
outwards through expansive space.
We are an exalted eternity of opening
and collapsing gates to the never-ending
center of this unfathomable plane.

I feel you as a ghost -- so deeply close.
Where all philosophy fails to breach.
Resting secretly where neither brain
nor name could ever truly reach.
Where heart and instinct ultimately meet
and give their gifts blissfully to
the soft sheets of nothingness.
It is there that we rest as
bated, staggered breath.
That holy jewel in hidden chest --
so lustrous in its loveliness
it completely outshines the beautiful,
dividing, shapeless outlines of each other.

Unified, we become a godly, static shudder --
a vibration that contracts, begets like mother—
delivering dreaming worlds that spin away, asunder,
blinded with joy as they find themselves born.

J.M. 2017

Thanks to all for the tremendously kind and enthusiastic comments and the endless support you have shown my work through your reads. You bestow my pieces a life and depth that they cannot hold on their own. Thank you for being such reactive and beautiful elements within this Jamadhiverse. As we all expand, so does it. I am ever grateful.<3
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in a serene pose she lay, on her passing day
life's brow creases did fade, on her passing day

all of her suffering went away, to death's tranquil bay
sleep eternal being made, when she drifted on the day

her hands clasp as if to pray, repose's psalm did so say
departing for heaven's glade, peaceful was her day

rest perpetual in array, a quietude still of stay
the face beautifully bade, with an expiring day

a body hushed of May, her forever allay
profound the slumber's lade, Ada's final day

#death   #eternal   #day   #peaceful   #repose  

Suppose one day, I was to wake up as my future self...
Will you be waiting for me outside my window in the rain like my current self always imagined you to do one day?
Or do I have to travel all the way to your apartment and knock on your door, only to find out you'd long packed your things and left?
Will you still be there or will you become just a name scribbled on notebooks and a memory at the back of my mind or would I have to look for that same name in obituaries and graveyards?
Suppose that happened and you're permanently gone...
Will you be in heaven, waiting for me as I made my way to my childhood home in an urn carried in the arms of my future child with another man - should I have any - or will you roam the earth with me together
...till the end of time?
Suppose, suppose...

#love   #death   #eternal   #grunge   #emo   #goth   #softgrunge   #magicrealism  

these shallow glimpses we share
as days grow long
the scattered thoughts swirl and bury themselves
in crevices of this old house
to be re-awakened perhaps
when we are many years gone
what can we salvage of this eternal bond
while the Sun buries itself behind the Oak
that we've watched grow from the kitchen window
since the days when our hair was thick and dark
and the smell of fresh cut wood was present
what words can I say to bring tears to your eyes
tears that would come from but a glimpse
that shouted my fervent love
we are captives of our timeless, undying, unwavering hearts
yet all that remains of this diminishing soul
would disperse like the final slivers of light
should I lose you

#love   #eternal  

Oh what song
The love bird sings
Who woos the bird
Under its wings

Showing his colors
Gets the right answer
The look in her eyes
Loving and tender

His crown unweathered
And beautifully feathered
A stem in his beak
The future is not bleak

Become one together,
Together forever

JM 10/3/16

#love   #life   #eternal   #free   #marriage   #bird  

The air is heavy
None can breathe.
In this place
No smiles, just grief.

A barren wasteland.
Fallout from the Phantoms.
Menaces whose pleasures lie
In the pain and misery
Of those beneath them.

Their feet press
Down upon the chests.
Anxiety builds like
Pressure from a fire hose
Capable of tearing
Flesh from bone,
Crushing rib and spine
Leaving one in
Dread and despair,
Like lost souls
Over a scorched earth
From burning hell fire.

There is no joy.
No satisfaction.
No sense of community.
Only desolation and desert
With dead camels,
And vultures
Circling their rotting corpses;
Life sucked right out.

In here,
The fools leading fools
Leading the Intellect,
And no end in sight
From this eternal misery

JM 10/26/16

#life   #eternal   #fool   #despair   #misery   #intellect   #suck   #lead   #camel   #vulture  

The sun have not risen for someone dear as thee
My dear beloved I'll love for eternity
This Love  for you preceded my existence
As it was none other than my Preeternal essence

I've seen none as beautiful as my dear
To be distant from you I greatly fear
You're voice echoes like a loving melody
In this love you've caught me madly

Your smile lights up my gloomy days
I've sought for your attention in many ways
Please take a glance at your dear paramour
My sweet beloved you're the one i truly adore

#love   #eternal   #beloved  

What words can define this love?
For it transcends the skies up above ,
If only you knew this affection that I've spoken,
Your souls in deep slumber would have risen

It takes hold of the lovers heart
And binds him with his beloved sweetheart
It bewilders his eyes of the beloved's beauty
And Imprisons his soul for all eternity

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