Jack Turner
Jack Turner
Sep 3, 2010

Desperation mounts
At most 5 days in
I've started my search to find you
Though you are the best at this hide-and-seek
Not completely last, though I have no direct clues
Micaela Smith
She is my only link to what could be you

I feel a deep-seeded guilt
For how I pine for you
And though I suspect at what you feel
And have seen hints of what you think
I have no grounded proof that you hold love for me

And still I trust that my instincts are right
That I have a firm grasp on yours
And what I know to be yours on mine
So here I wait
For word of you to return
Or for my mind to draw me to madness
In which my search for you begins anew
And so here I wait
For either or to come
And all I can do now
Is let my mind whirl around you

Mar 25

"Do you miss me yet?"
"Don't push your luck,"
And the smile fades.
But she knows the truth,
The price she's paid.
To keep his bed,
And steal his skin.
But he says "please",
And they know the truth.
Everything's eventual some say.

Jun 22, 2014

i just have to make it
to the end of this week
and then they are on
five weeks of exams
and semester break....

i can do this.....

yes it is true... sometimes
educators need the break
as much as you... counting
sleeps till friday....lol
Takhallus Sha'er
Takhallus Sha'er
May 4      May 5

As if bound
and chained
to a rock
in the middle
of a vast, hot
I wait;
Praying for
a salvation
which might
come eventually...

#lonely   #time   #lost   #maybe   #distance   #waiting   #toy   #unimportant   #standby   #biding  
biding its time
Sonny Duong
Jul 17, 2010

a jaded mind

biding its time

to re-emerge and flourish.

collecting its thoughts,

they are constantly falling

like leaves in autumn

Biding time until the earth forgets us one by
charles hamilton
charles hamilton
Apr 3, 2013

You were never here nor I there for that matter

We are all just memories

Biding time until the earth forgets us one by one

biding their time on the eyes of this train
Isabella Macdonald
Isabella Macdonald
Sep 10, 2012

Sun streaked rain droplets
biding their time on the eyes of this train
Soon they'll dry
and be gone for today
But tomorrow will come anew
with sun streaked rain droplets

cause i'm stuck in this prison biding time,
Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis
Apr 10, 2014      Apr 10, 2014

Loving you must be a crime,
cause i'm stuck in this prison biding time,
waiting for a visit,
a call,
a postcard,
anything to show that I don't mean nothing.

Do you even care at at all?
#love   #crime   #prisoner  
Biding now her time
Apr 26, 2014

She lived a life less worthy
a life, less worthy she lived
Forgiving not an option
determined not to forgive
Let the fury inside rise
rise against the fury
Scheme and plot a plan
Plan to scheme against 'him'
the less worthy
Biding now her time
her time, she will be biding
To execute her plan
her plan to execute 'him'
in hiding

Inspired by my friend who wants revenge on her ex
; )
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