Jun 28, 2014

i will bide my time
with you my
for it was you,

who came with,
the gift of love.
to my barricaded
and knocked gentle
and soothed my
unruly mind.

you came with a box, wrapped, in compassion
and tied with, ribbons of joy

and inside...
hope, on the wings
of butterflys.

i will bide with you,
my love,
i will bide with you.

Takhallus Sha'er
Takhallus Sha'er
May 4, 2015

As if bound
and chained
to a rock
in the middle
of a vast, hot
I wait;
Praying for
a salvation
which might
come eventually...

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Dec 9, 2013

...The literalists bide their shine...
against things they've longfully
Thoughtfully lighting these so called
years... in passing...adhering to the time
that lovingly takes them...flourish.

Konstantinos Mark

Jul 14, 2014

joyous life skips the heart
a beat or two a little fast
laughter shared problems halved
peace reigns where lovers bide
birds sing and flowers bloom
where love notes hidden
to be found and left again
with added love written down

'The puir auld folk at home, ye mind,
Are frail and failing sair;
And weel I ken they'd miss me, lad,
Gin I come hame nae mair.
The grist is out, the times are hard,
The kine are only three;
I canna leave the auld folk now.
We'd better bide a wee.

'I fear me sair they're failing baith;
For when I sit apart,
They talk o' Heaven so earnestly,
It well nigh breaks my heart.
So, laddie, dinna urge me now,
It surely winna be;
I canna leave the auld folk yet.
We'd better bide a wee.'

Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson
Aug 26, 2014

I saved my childish heart for you
and luckily for me you took it
our life of glorious ups and ups
across the world or just next door
I would never have wanted anyone else
I couldn’t have loved you more.

Who could ever imagine
how amazing a person could be
the goodness and love you’ve given
you’ve given only to me
and why I ask was I ere so blessed
we make our choice with a heart that’s free.

There are times even now when I catch
my breath and feel a wonderful sigh
of contentment at my very full glass
and I smile as I think of my riches
it’s as if I’d been given all of that bread
and eaten all of those fishes.

After these thoughts my pains just ease
I’ll deal with those another day
and in your beauty I will bide
I’ll not change a single thing
but listen to your beating heart
and hear my own heart sing.

©Joe Wilson – Love will always win…2014

#love   #heart   #beauty   #free   #contentment   #riches   #blessed   #bide  
Jun 22, 2014

i just have to make it
to the end of this week
and then they are on
five weeks of exams
and semester break....

i can do this.....

yes it is true... sometimes
educators need the break
as much as you... counting
sleeps till
Mar 25, 2015

"Do you miss me yet?"
"Don't push your luck,"
And the smile fades.
But she knows the truth,
The price she's paid.
To keep his bed,
And steal his skin.
But he says "please",
And they know the truth.
Everything's eventual some say.

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