Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

Did he know?

That the stories he'd create
That the characters which he'd sow
Together all at once
Would so quickly grow in the minds of those
Who would follow and fellowship together
Along this ever on and onward winding road?

For wherever there is rock and stone
Or root and earth
Be it on mountain tops or in the valleys below
How his stories over and over again
Will ever accumulate and flow
Through the minds of many so and so's

Did he ever realize the significance of this though?

That I do not know. BUT I kinda started TFOTR just a moment ago. :p

Race you to the Havens.
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where is the
self appointed king
courtiers have noticed
the absence
all subjects
of the realm
await his not so
fond return

a royal
didn't reach
the town crier
which hasn't caused
any concern
to they who live
in the kingdom's shire

the regent
grace them
with his presence
they wont be
feasting on
the finest ducks
and pheasants

two days
spent away
from the crown's
summer lodge
could the
trumped up one
be doing
a sidestepping dodge

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He's my
playful lion.
I swimmingly
make him purr.
Making music
by his majestic,
magnetizing gaze.
Mane-tain constant motion,
transfixed in his grace.
But stroke his royal fur,
watch me roar
the hairs off your face


Happy Spring! Just a playful write dedicated to my husband, my Leo. I'm a Pisces, so there's a little of me swimming in here.
Thanks for reading! K:)
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Someone is singing a song, it's somewhere written.
The ocean breaks in billowy dances, the seas open up
Get it off the chests, put a notion through onto the cloud
that won’t just fall, won’t just stop and drop: it will float
to the measured moves, only then will it roll in,
pop into the million blooms, wreathed rosy lips,
set out bowls of colours before the one is pouring in!

A song like King David sang and everyone heard.
It’s the sweet song sang in every mother tongue;
a perfumed speech is heard sweeter than the nectar,
wreaths round each patch of earth as part of a tongue.
In all different variations, directions it’s being sung!

Mathematically composed that rhythmically spans
fashion in both, or you choose science or arts.
It’s a lyric sung with finest curvy swaying dance.
Feel the thrills deep down through the atomic level.
still the variety motions in various directions turn on,  
and nowhere near that looks, drawing a pause!

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Don't ask me how I got here, kid.
unless every time your College head hears the 20th century definition of "Awesome" or "Adventure"
You can hear "sandstorm" instead
wrap the lust in caution tape.
don't want you finding out
Our feet
are the same size.
you're anxious

can't you sit still?

you afraid of bein' caught?

Let me tell you a secret.
nobody is watching you.

If you really wanna learn how to get here

live by that.

I assumed you wanted something?
Follow me.
don't be afraid of that cloud Over there
He just plays guitar
for cigarettes
So he can smoke 'em
Simple man, that Smokey
Not in the kiddy selling business,
Or a mercenary, or part of the
in and out
and in and out and in
and out
Of jail crew
he just plays guitar
and smokes cigarettes.
marlboro reds.
how many did you want?
Would you stop talkin' so fast?

remember not to take more than two.

And you're eating?

I take care of you...

how about a kiss?

Oh, ho
ho And you were scared of the clouds.

Light it.

put your clothes on kid.
good luck on your finals.

remember to eat.

remember who takes care of you.

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My father,
staked his claim
upon the sun,
moon and stars
and love

and he gives me
his daughter

#love   #sun   #moon   #dreams   #stars   #king  

They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
But sometimes I ask myself, how can this be?
Cause when I look with my eyes, I only start to feel resent
and I begin to despise, the things I realize like
how my women of color have been simplified, and hypserxualized
how the black woman's body has been used and abused and now
It personifies, sexuality and promiscuity, out of all the things media feeds us these are some of the worst lies
You see cause black women are queens, and when white culture saw their worth, they were rattled
They couldn't help but try to minimize and de-legitimize, and put a guise over the eyes of all that viewed her
She is not just a big ass, big lips or hips
She is the mother of humanity, in her essence from her hair, to lips to her fingertips she is a Queen, and she is to be respected.
And I will die for her honor, We will not go back into slavery days, I will not stand here while she gets up on stage naked and her body is dissected, and her soul, her essence neglected, her heart, her mind infected.
From these queens come the workers, the Kings, without the black woman we have no past and we have no future
We must protect the black woman, for she is sacred like scripture.

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My Prince
In a faraway land
Who would carry me on his white horse
And present me to his king

"This girl, I marry her, for her heart is surely mine, and my heart is surely hers."

And the king, loving father
Would present to me a crown
And call me "Heavenly Daughter"
And dress me in a veil and gown

"This girl, you marry her, for her heart is surely yours, and your heart is surely hers."

We would walk up the isle,
My eyes would well with tears
And my face would flush with joy
As the priest would announce us as one

"This girl, you've married her, for her heart is forever yours, and your heart is forever hers."

And together, we reign
Over a kingdom
And together, we die
His hands on my heart, my heart in his hands.

#love   #feelings   #death   #happy   #romance   #people   #prince   #marriage   #king   #marry  

Tis I am just a man, a boy if thou want to sayest, a foolish lad; who hast hurt his blessing of a queen.

Tis I am just a man, a sinner, a prehistoric bringer; of sorrows
Where bird's dont sing.

O' wretched man I am; overlooking this perfect flower, she's arrayed as a petal neath the tropical hours.

O' im just the rain that brings the flood of many woes.

I wish, O' how I wish, I couldst pour all contentment and merriment into her lonesome soul.

Tis she's the rainbow, I the dusky storm. O' how her glow maketh mine day's liveable; O' how her voice is opulent galore.

If only she knew, she is mine better, mine best; mine breath of yellow dew.

Though I've not shown her the worth that she is; mine trials and tribulations hast become
mine abyss.

Though I shalt get through
This passage of gloom.

With God All is possible;

Even being set free from this tomb.

Tis I am just a man, a boy if thou want to sayest, a foolish lad.

Who if couldst wouldst start all afresh; re-giving mine love, and to get all mine best.

How a simpleton ive been;

To not seest heaven's eastern gem, glimmer her perfect wing's, for mine foolishness, these word's shalt I sing.

(Goes into song form, words "I love you jane, please forgive me" sung in spanish, greek, cebuano, tagalog/filipino).......

Te amo jane,
por favor perdoname.

Se 'agapó Jane,
Se parakaló synchóresé me.

ako nahigugma kanimo Jane,
palihug pasayloa ako.

Mahal kita jane,
patawarin mo ako.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane nagley dedication (agapi mou dedicated)

This is not a normal poem dedicated to Jane of course all my works are archaic/ancient style as truly you can say im not one from this millennial time or even this century or past centuries time,  but this is a poem until it gets to the last four lines which are not spoken but sung by me as its a poem yet a song at the end where I use the words ( I love you Jane, please forgive me) I sing those four dialects in spanish tongue, greek tongue, cebuano tongue (in Philippines) and janes main tongue tagalog (Filipino dialect) if want to hear poem as is can hear on sound cloud, under my name Brandon nagley and under this poem title: her worth is worth more than a poem.

Word meanings:
Tis:it is
Sayest: say.
Hast: has.
Couldst: could.
Maketh) makes or make ( I use it as makes).
Mine: my.
Wouldst: would.
Simpleton: foolish person.
Seest: see.

Wrote this few days back finally did rest of it (:
If wanna hear actual version hear on soundcloud under my name the spoken/sung version of it under its title,
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Feb 22

Don't you grow tired of fixing your hair
or holding in your stomach when no one else is there?
Why should you care
About the mirrors reflection
or the suns glare
I've been told
that the truth is best sold
on the auction block of your buyers representative
see I am all the things that make me ME
yet I am none of the things you need me to be
I need you to see
those waves are oceans of opportunities
ripples of the sea
that you can sail out on
if you don't sell out of
YOU before you reach the center of yourself
not every poem has to be prolific
but good poets help you get the gist of it
not every speckle is a star
but you should have permission to shine
just the way you are!

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