Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
1 day ago

He’s the meanest kid on the block
His head is made of solid rock
He is no good at all
His morals are too small
And I want to give him a good hard sock.

Can’t trust him past where you can throw him
Your mind hurts just because you know him.
There’s not much he’s good for
A class-A notorious bore.
A waste of the cost it took to grow him.

I’d tell you that he is homely
But that would not be only
The one thing that makes him bad.
He seldom keeps his word
And everything you have heard
About him should make you sad.

He’s a gold-plated, two-fisted tinhorn
He knows how to steal with both hands.
He’s never acted right
Even when asleep at night;
He’s the kind of creep nobody understands.

His pants very rightly should be on fire
Because he is just that kind of a liar.
He really loves to boast.
It’s the thing he loves the most.
Bragging is the object of his desire.

Listening to him causes dread
Like a nail going through my head
Because I know he doesn’t care about us.
We’re just creatures he will use
Then leave us without our shoes
Mistaking brains for being devious.

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No one know how it happened!
No one could believe it!
Nothing like This had happened
Since the conflict between Moses and the Pharaoh
In the Book of Exodus!
A Thick,
Toxic Black Cloud,
Descended on Washington, D.C.!
Some thought it was a terrorist attack by the DAESH.
Some thought it was Divine Intervention
To punish President Donald Trump
For What he had done to the Earth.
Some thought that it was actually a result
Of President Trump's Deregulation of the EPA.
The Thick,
Black Cloud flowed right into the White House.
President Trump had to be removed from the White House
By Ambulance,
But the Ambulance Driver lost all visibility in the Black Cloud
And crashed into the White House like a Suicide Bomber
Even though he was a Born-Again Christian
Rather than a Muslim.
The White House exploded!
No one knew what smoke came from  the original
Black Cloud,
And what was the result
Of the Ambulance,
Crashing into the White House?!
Some called it the Work of the Devil.
Some called it Divine Intervention.
In any case,
It was the worst Environmental Catastrophe in American History
And President Donald Trump

He says "Geek Poet!
Leave the politics alone
Stick to Pop culture"

Politics ARE Pop culture.
don't you see?

in a world where businesses
buy natural disaster insurance
In fear of presidential tweets
McDonald's burger vending machines
You think this isn't dystopia?

We play games to escape.
where can we go
when the "real world"
is just as scary
upside down?

Tell me, Cousin.
Where do you write your poetry?
is it safe?

Do you surround yourself with muses?
back turned to a naked woman?
is there whiskey on the bar,
A journal,
your favorite pen?
Your cell phone,
clentching in the public restroom?

because no matter where you are.
that sanctuary
is a fucking pillow fort
compared to the Fort Knox
of an artists imagination

politics ARE pop culture
China is throwing unfathomable
amounts of money into Propaganda
targeting millennials though memes.
Fish don't see water, remember?

You are telling me
I can't write about politics.
There are Americans
who have never voted,
Radical left and right facebook profiles
protecting and attacking A Racist,
selfish, blemish on our history.
you wonder why we are scared, Cousin?

You want to know why I am so loud?

I watch Men step alligator shoe
out of Boston limousines
Slicked back hair straight
from wolf of wallstreet
belligerent screaming
"I do what I Waaaaaaant!"
"She does what she waaaaaaaaaaaaants!"
"We do what we waaaaant!"

This is the world
we're escaping from.
Excuse me if I break
from the zombie jokes
The vampire romances
Focus on the dead bodies
in our own city, Cousin.

Our demons are real now.

dystopian literature
called for the 2017 election
as far back as the 1930s'

Senator Buzz Windrip
from "It can't happen here"
by Sinclair Lewis
makes promises
to "return America to a better time".
back in 1935

buying validity for his ideas
in airtime on the radio,
tarring those who disagree,
as tools of mother russia,

dismissing woman,
as silly socialists.
naming the press
"a lot of irresponsible wind bags."

In the book "Parable of the talents",
Octavia butler Predicts a "Pox" In 2015
Wiping most of the population.
President Andrew Steele Jarret
promising to return the country
to an "Older Simpler time".
She wrote this book in 1998

Want to learn how to defeat Trump?
Read "Our Twisted Hero,"
by Yi Munyol

Read "In the Heart of the Valley of Love, "
by Cynthia Kadohata

All of these Dystopian fantasies
Prepare the Geeks
to rise up and fight.
Pop culture is the only thing saving us
Knowledge is the only thing saving us
Standing up,
Making art,
Being loud
is the only thing saving us
from the red button
in the orange hands
of the man who NEVER Had
the best words,

Because we do.

Repeat After me:

We The Artists
The Geeks who shall inherit
Swear to protect our words.
We will not bow,
or break.
Ink is the blood of prophets
The voice is a weapon

Excuse me if I fight
For education over distractraction.
Forgive me for preaching
Art as our gospel.

you can't Incite Revolution
by throwing dice at ghosts.

I am sick of being tall
because my friends
are too busy crawling
I'm putting all my stat points into

Let me incite placebo healing
for a small fraction
of the tortured
anxiety pretzels I walk along
each day.

I will spit
on anxiety paper-cuts
from this paperback of bigotry
in our future history
labeling myself neosporin prayin'
let me be charismatic enough.

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Political Activism
There are certain things one can say,
And certain things one can't say.
The participants become disillusioned.....discouraged.
The Dictator is able to maintain control.

So far,
President Donald Trump has had
A Very "Successful" Presidency!
Muslims were identified
As appropriate Scapegoat and Targets during the Campaign
So, President Trump,
Keeping his promises to the Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan,
Who helped elect him,
Has directed the killing of as many Muslims as possible
Whether they are Terrorists or not.
I'll grant you,
Donald Trump is a Man who Keeps his Promises!
Hatred and incendiary rhetoric were a key part of his Election Victory
And his Presidency, thus far,
Has been marked by Nihilism and Massacres,
Lashing out at any and all Opposition.
It shows that President Donald Trump
Is a Man of his word.
If he says he's gonna' kill,
He's gonna' kill!

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
3 days ago

The Great Negotiator
likes to play golf actually
likes to play a lot of golf
even though he touted
from the podium that he'd
be too busy to play golf
unlike that lazy Obama
who couldn't get enough
golf time it appeared didn't it,

& The Great Negotiator has
visited his golf clubs 13 times
in 100 days but his staff
like to kind of not talk about
it too much really do they,
it actually being kind of a
sensitive topic,

& the Master Deal Maker
would be winning so much
you'd be tired of him winning
& then maybe just perhaps
he might find time for a round
of golf in between the many
deals he'd be pulling off
left, right, & centre & winning,
winning, winning in his first
100 days as the Great Negotiator
who could make a deal & get
things done,

& all that other stuff he endlessly
spouted forth in that vapid earnest
New York deal making whisper of his,

oh yes ... The Great Negotiator.

Good god almighty.
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The Trumpoet
The Trumpoet
4 days ago

Did you support that Donald Trump in his campaign last year?
Why didn't all his hatefulness fill you with dread and fear?
Did you believe his B.S. or did you hate Hillary
so much that you preferred a jerk who likes to grab pu--y?

At some point did you realize the truth he cannot tell,
when he fibbed about inaugural crowds and voter fraud as well?
When he misled you on healthcare, did you finally agree
that lying just like breathing; both come to him naturally?

And what about his henchmen, tangled up with Russian ties
to the Kremlin and the oligarchs, in cahoots with Putin's spies?
When Trump heaped praise on Vladimir, were you just too blind to see,
or did you hope that your leader would be Comrade Trumpsky?

Oh how could this have happened? What an awful, global mess!
A big buffoon's in power, do you finally confess?
Did your vote help to elect him? To the Whitehouse was he sent
because in a fit of madness, you said "Trump for President"?!

'cause in a fit of madness, you said TRUMP-FOR-PRESIDENT?!

This poem can also be sung to the tune of "The Hoedown Song", which was a common feature on Drew Carey's former improvisation show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?". You can see and hear this poem performed with the music on YouTube at

To see a variety of "trumpoems", take a look at
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Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
4 days ago

We're told Trump supporters
too are a varied hew of rainbow
shades & various kinds of light
& dark,

but Trump Rallies & protests
& adorations are almost utterly
completely without a doubt
white folks.

White folks with head-scarves & t-shirts,
the plump middle-aged,
some bitter young boys,
'Build that Wall' & 'Deport" signs
carried by stocky menacing
biker lookalikes
with wrap-around shades.

lots of blondes,
chubby rural mamas,
Confederates, Supremacists,
the lady from the bank,
Mrs. Blow from San Antonio,

White folks ...
they just a keep a comin'
carryin' those signs,
wearing that awful red hat,
waving very small
US flags
in their hopeful
loyal & foolish

Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
5 days ago

And for those of you who don’t
Find Trump to be pernicious,
He shows his ass to one and all,
I hope you find it is delicious.
For those of you who lived in
Dream castles of foolish hope
You have backed an evil man
A charlatan and a dope.

If you tried hard and long
You could not have done worse
And that is the reason for
This neener neener verse.
I can’t think how he could
Have warned you any better.
He promised things intelligence
Could discredit by the letter.

He said he would do stuff
So totally unconstitutional,
That made the rich richer,
And proved you were delusional
To trust a total ripoff guy
Who has been cheating for years.
Why did you think this fool
Would allay any of your fears?

But still you all waved high
His stupid Chinese-made hats;
Bought him gold and diamond studs
For his brand new fancy spats.
And now he’s in the Capitol
Laughing at all of you dolts
YOU gave him weapons to use on you
Instead of a thousand volts.

What is missing nowadays
Is a long-term approach.
I think I've TRIED to have a long-term approach.
I wanted to be a responsible elder,
Seeing that I don't have any children of my own.
However, I'd get excluded by social cliques,
And the predominant political movement
Of the "Alt-Right"
Has a "Hell with Tomorrow" point of view.
I don't think I have that much of a long term view either.
I'm just trying to avoid
Too much suffering as I age.

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