"Hey, Ralph!"
"How much would you charge me to have sex with your daughter?"
"Aw­, you can have her for free, Harold."
"I just need to borrow your rifle."
"Sam's been stealing water from the creek."
"My cows ain't got no water to drink!"
"Oh, that  what Sam's doin' ain't right, Ralph."
"I'll load up my rifle and let you use it."
"Then,  I'll return your daughter to you after I'm done with her in the morning."
"Thanks, Harold."
"I'm gonna' plug Sam in the head and take his SUV 'cause he's been stealing my water."
"Then, I'll be able to cruise around in even the ROUGHEST  weather on even the roughest roads!"
"I'll feel like a real man then!"

Deana Walker
Deana Walker
2 hours ago

Are you seeing what I'm seeing
Do you smell what I smell
Do you breathe the air I breathe
Or is this all just me

Tell me know
Is this what you want
Out of the mouth of Martin Luther King Jr.
"Darkness can't drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can't drive out hate; only love can do that"
We can't hate something that we created
We made them mad
We fired them up
We stand on democracy's front lawn
You stand where you stand and the ground will continue to move around you
Be tainted
Be rude
Be vulgar
Be crude
But don't put words in our mouths or take them out of context
Don't riot and charge
Be strong and stand where you stand for how ever long

We can walk these streets from La to D.C
We can scream at the top of our lungs
Until we can't breathe
We can fight with our words and our hearts as we please
Because we have the right to free speech
We have the right to free press
We have the right to protest
But the fire is not a right
Disturbing the peace
Not a right
What ever we have left keep it please

On May 21, 1979 a riot took place
Causing people to break windows
Burn police cars
And fight so brutally
That riot had a name
White Night
See these people wanted to fight for what they thought was right
The intention was good yet the way that it was presented was hellish
On April 12, 1861
The bloodiest war of American history began
It started with the nation fighting over an issue
A big one too
The president at the time some people liked
Others hated
He spoke a speech so that everyone could here that the issue was now taken care of
That is what he thought
It sparked what we all know as the Civil War

Please tell me now
Is this what you want
To create a war
A dysfunctuon
Out of the mouth of Harvey Milk
"Hope will never be silent"
Your  hope, my hope, his hope, our hope
It will never remain silent
Yet a riot is not what they need nor what we need
So march down these streets from La to D.C
Take on the people we never see
They could take the bull horn out your hands but they can't take the fire out of your voice
Be strong
Be peaceful
And be bold
Keep on fighting

Are you seeing what I'm seeing
Do you smell what I smell
Do you breathe the air I breathe
Or is this all just me

History repeats it's self more than anything.
This is more than just a poem or a thought. It is a realization.
#on   #king   #fighting   #keep   #martin   #luther   #jr   #donald   #trump   #donaldtrump  

All aboard!
All aboard!
All aboard!
Step right up
To the Train Wreck Express.
You don't have to get your ticket
From Union Pacific.
All you have to do
Is be a citizen of the United States of America
And you will catapult towards Catastrophe
In this fanatical, delusional, megalomaniacal  train
Driven by your new President,
Donald Trump!

Liam Bro
Liam Bro
1 day ago

So if you're feeling too gay,
Grab a pen and take down this.
I'll teach you lessons so ill that the school shooter called in sick.
Skip the sleep so you can't think straight,
Steal your father's whiskey while he's having sex that kinda sounds like rape.
Bash that coon's head in when he shows up to bring your mother on a date,
Unless you want her split apart like a nigger-loving substrate.

Bend over that table,
Spread your cheeks and close your eyes,
Get a fat dick shoved in your arse while your family say it's part of life.
Lubricate so much that you can't see,
Unless you want it dry.
Getting blinded by semen isn't what I meant by eye to eye.

Contract several diseases by putting modern media in your eye.
Stick your D in a woman's V and give her an extra H and I.

Lord save us.
My father can't maintain us.
He's pleading innocent in his trial on account of it was in the anus.
Hit a gay man simply on account of his gayness then go to court the next day and plead innocent because it's contagious.

#cutting   #sad   #depression   #gay   #happy   #black   #murder   #school   #rape   #trump  
A King
A King
1 day ago

the flag, no meaning
baseless and tattered

the president, so deceiving
no savior to intervene

my soul, quite defeating
can't bring myself to care

what is this world
without the truth

was it ever really there

Feeling exhaustion over the current post-truth society that pervades the United States of America, particularly since the rise of Donald Trump.
#lies   #truth   #depression   #politics   #trump  

Millions of brave women take to the streets
To defy the government's tendencies,
The head of the serpent the main oppressor
Set to be severed by those who bring life into the world
Suffering for the other half of humanity,
As they think freely,
Create art,
Dream in philosophy
And sit lonely in scarlet clouds of disdain for the political system ripping out their hearts.

2 days ago

Greetings and salutations,
Mr. President Trump
It's a beautiful day,
and congratulations
4 years and perchance,
Who knows 4 more!

Now the power is yours
to make lasting changes
improve our economy,
reduce our national debt,
And stop global warming!

Thanks for bringing back jobs,
and protecting our borders
Bringing back our dreams,
And making America first

For both Americans  today,
and future  generations
I hope at the end of 4 years,
I can say job well done!

#america   #president   #jobs   #donald   #trump  

Listen, Jewboy,
If you Keep Quiet,
We ain't gonna' mow you down.
We just need to cull off some people
To Make America Great.

I ain't gonna' lie to you, Jewboy.
I voted for Donald Trump 'cause there are too many of them damn darkies on this Earth.
I'm counting on him to wipe some of them out.
I don't really give a damn about much of anything else.

#hate   #racism   #trump  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
3 days ago

America has sworn in a new President
A businessman named Donald J. Trump

His honest and controversial rhetoric has divided America more than united

From the very start of his political campaign - leaving people against each other

The public chanting, "Make America Great Again" - choosing a side - it's only another Civil War

Who knows what the future will hold? Will America ever be restored?
A utopia straight out of sweet dreams its citizens can only mentally create?

Will we be the fabled Golden Nation, a glimmering beacon of opportunity and promise that all the world should follow?


Will we be a wasteland? War torn and forlorn? Only a distant fleeting memory as we speak?

Will we plunge into a dystopian horror as played out like The Purge?!

Only time will tell and heaven only knows......
For now, the public holds it breath and waits

As both America and the world can only hope and pray that Trump will lead us to the promised land as life rolls unplanned

President Trump and America's future
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