Kevin Cote
Kevin Cote
6 days ago

the flag proudly walks in the wind
with the unjustifiable justice
that it seems to portray
freedom no longer lives
within this symbol for me.

stars and stripes
became criminal power
and death for all
as the flag walks proudly in the wind;
but it does not walk for me.

It is not that I do not agree with you,
I always agree with freedom of choice,
but this is a road to ruin.

When they give you BACK,
wonder why?

You can do drugs now,
you can fuck now,
you can gamble now,
are they giving you something,
you do not already possess?


Sharde' Fultz
Sharde' Fultz
4 days ago

HIStory So White  
I'm so sick and tired of hearing about HIStory and its butchery.
It's like every time I go online I'm clicking on what reveals another lie.
Another untold fact.
Another white-washed tale.
Another brother or sister's story to which they said, "What the hell, it's just another nigga. Who they go'n tell?"
But that's not what they teach us "niggas" today
Or the rest of the world
And they smile in our face like its all okay.
History so white, man.
HIS story SO white!
But it simply doesn't add up when we all know this nation was built off the Black man's  plight.
By virtue of the blood sweat and tears we poured into this land we took what we were given and molded it into minds of business and healing and growth.
But HIStory wouldn't let you know.
They saw our creativity and ingenuity and either claimed it as their own
Or conveniently failed to mention us for so long
Not giving credit where it's due until you and your whole family's dead and gone
It's 2017 and we still don't know what REALLY went on.
So no, I can't trust this place.
Not with me and my people.
This U.S.of A. That's supposed to be breaking race
But it seems to me we take a step forward and two steps back
Why are our prisons filled to the rim with Blacks?
I wanna trust you, America. I really do.
But you aren't giving me much to work with.
I know there are worse places to be.
But I don't always feel like THIS place is for me.
Like, its not always also MY land of the free.
28 days of hollow black reverence doesn't do me much of a service
Besides a reminder of how much you deserted US and OUR histories.
Cause HIStory SO white.

I wanted to write something in honor of black history month.

massa asked for forgiveness
massa unchained their ankles
massa cut his farm into provinces
massa gave them freedom they cant handle.

baas made a public apology
baas said he gave his power to his worker
baas watches it destroy the workers ecology
baas smiles as his situation gets worser.

massa and baas are one in the same
massa and baas fooled them into their freedom
massa and baas know the black mans pain
but massa and baas dont hear us weeping.

Grab your pitchforks run him outta town,
only because his skin is brown.
If he knocks on the door don't let him in,
only because he lacks white skin.
Punch his face with a bang and a whack
only because his skin is black.
Pull out your gun shoot him in the head,
only because he grows his dreads.
Lock him in jail for nothing bad,
call him a loser and a deadbeat dad.

If you don't think you've gone too far,
you're wrong you soul's as black as coal tar.

Back In America

I swear,
I’d give away every dollar I’ve ever made to charity,
if it would bring relief to the billions in need at the least,
and at the most I’d hope it could maybe contribute to world peace,

I’m back in America,
writing checks and feeling empty,
skin’s numb mind’s gone,
Death comes for everyone eventually…

have the American Dream with this beautiful house it’s turnkey…

it’s getting intense isn’t it,
but I guess,
it’s always been at least a little bit,

signing checks and paying taxes,
trying to balance,
on a world that’s off it’s axis,
pedal to the metal diesel by the gallons,


and I swear the greatest compliment to any artist,
is that their work is something no one’s ever seen,

a defying gesture of difference,
a creation of something truly original,
a work of art that covers both sides,
both obviously brilliant and intelligently subliminal,

your attitude,

this is Life,
you’re living it,
better be nice,
better be respectful,

hey you,
hello from the other side,
as far as I can tell you’re not Adele,
oh well we’re still gonna ride,

petal to the metal a Freak and a Fellow,
I’ve got it all I swear I’d give it all away,
become a lost prophet that’s lost all but the topic,
on point still so let’s get back to the point I must make,

money doesn’t buy morals,
and God of course is real,
so if you want to really be wealthy,
give more to charity so the hurt can heal,

I swear,
I’d give away every dollar I’ve ever made to charity,
if it would bring relief to the billions in need at the least,
and at the most I’d hope it could maybe contribute to world peace,

I’m back in America,
writing checks and feeling empty,
skin’s numb mind’s gone,
Death comes for everyone eventually…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

An Update...

It’s Too Hot To Not ‘Be Coolman’

Our Elders are passing,
the eldest of our trees have fallen,
the Earth is burning up,
but our world “leaders” are still stalling,

it’s too hot now to not be cool man,
the sun is out and there’s no place to find shade,
the Devil has been crowned king,
I guess this is how atrocities are made,

Trump has become president,
the Free World is no longer free,
see now even when you go out into nature,
the National Park system requires you pay a fee,

no place to run no place to flee,
no solid ground to stand on no water to refresh our roots,
so the ground begins to crack the roots begin to dry out,
and the Ultimate Light of Knowledge is replaced by shady half-truths,

the greediest men have one,
and they’re singing the Earth’s death sentence with pen strokes,
gag orders and monetary starvation for all environmental organizations,
it’s getting hotter every day but instead of putting out the fire the flames are just stoked,

this is not a joke,
though I wish it was,
the Evil is out of control,
with an appetite for destruction and a thirst for blood,

conquering land and continuing pipelines,
substituting sexual impotency with devilish dominance,
Keystone as been restarted and Dakota Access is going ahead,
as Donald revokes and repeals any and every good thing Obama ever did,

the sickness is,
the ignorance is,

cultures that were once preserved,
and we made this bed of earth we must now sleep 6 feet deep in,
because honestly everyone gets what they deserve,

we didn’t vote for our “leaders”,
but we also have done nothing,
except witness as Greed defeats us,

no Jesus just false prophets,
just end it already,
in 2016 I voted for a massive Comet,

no comment,
if you question any of this,
because I’m not interested in arguing,
with ignorant hypocrites,

such as our Elders see what we do,
and they weep for all of us,
but their tears are not felt,

their cries are not heard,
because if a tree falls in the forest,
and no one is around to hear it,
does it make a sound?

The wind doesn’t blow like it used to,
and the sun doesn’t shine the same,
and yeah everyone’s wearing a uniform,
but honestly this is anything but a game,

this is war,
and in war everyone loses,
please what we really need is unconditional peace,
what we really need is what a truce is,

but these pleas seem useless,
because the eldest of our trees are still falling,
the Earth is burning up,
but our world “leaders” are still stalling…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

G. government
O. organization
O. ogle


..yes you are so interesting or threatening to the government that they feel compelled to watch you all day, every day, constantly and a tech company is aiding them in violating a core principle of freedom; the right to privacy.

A tech company is complicit in a tyranny against freedom and individuality while selling you knowledge?

I hope Trump finds the courage to start hanging traitors.

There is not such a thing as democracy.
There is no such a thing as freedom.
There is no such thing as capitalism.
America is a myth.

When a white woman is victimized they'll scour the streets, fan out, stop,
harass, detain, arrest any black man. Any one they can finger for the crime.
They say things such as they all look alike or something to that effect.

A black woman is abused they'll look around, see white males everywhere but they cannot find any suspects? None of them fit the description. Why is that? Yeah, that's right, it is because they all look alike! Too many of 'em. Can't arrest everyone now can we? People have rights!

Yep, I suppose they do...

As long as you consider them, people, -they have rights.

A dawn begins―a
New era erupted inside
An unsalvageable territory
That once stood towering
And proud.

They were Americans,
Mocking the face of
Not creating it.

They were Americans,
Powerful and free,
But who are now
Prisoners to                                                               ­                         
Temptation and greed.

What shall become of
Shall their souls
Be sold to
The devil,
Masquerading as promise?

Fools they all are―
Cowering behind their
Flag and their
Using them as a
Definition of a
True American.

They were victorious,  
Glorified in the
Eyes of war and
Between peace
And harmony.

The freedom fell
In bereft
Abolishing the pride
And glory of a
Once great nation.

They were Americans,
Humble and kind.                                                        ­                               
Now they’re waiting
For the sun to rise
And rid the country
Of immorality.

They were Americans
And now they’re
Just empty shells
Living in the shadows
Of a once great

You see, they were Americans.

Seventh place in a slam poetry competition.
#end   #power   #america   #politics   #free   #greed   #corruption  
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