I stay humble, I work hard, I don't complain.
I do my absolute best. I take the worse and give people the best. Even when I haven't slept I'm happy to do anything for anyone. Then it happens. I'm forgotten, alone to be used by any and all. I want to be a common thought, something that happens right away, at what cost do I have to give to receive it? I've followed my own path but have picked up so many strays that do not replenish what they use. I am forgotten forever to be abused.

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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
1 day ago

To all of the nameless...
faces in the crowd at an event
your unity is endearing
it's currency and time you have spent

To all of the nameless...
wanderers sleeping outside in the cold
your fight to survive is empowering
spirit the only thing that remains unsold

To all of the nameless...
users who've surpassed last call
your denial is where the battle begins
a war cry against substance and ethanol

To all of the nameless...
children who lack a daily feast
your hunger no fault of your own
basic human rights have been breached

And to all of the nameless...
believers giving life to cause
your actions are restorative
but we must hold off on applause

When people are united &
hunger and struggle still exist
efforts must be given
until the problems are fixed

#addiction   #help   #belief   #save   #hunger   #volunteer  
Martin Narrod
Martin Narrod
3 days ago

Heaps of her across the deserted plains, oily fingers reaching up and over the horizon until all of the numbers fill her pockets, her father worried, and her muses covered with goat-head's thorn. Where does she start to fuse her needs with the weapons in their suburban corolla of lilacs and wanton redolence? It's the opacity in her finger nibs and the dozens of names she felt closing over her legs sideways, until she awakens in the night to take the blood dripping cotton tissues off of her face, off of her bed-side dresser table. She can't even paw forward or undress her wetness in haiku. Everyone she knows doesn't know her. Everything she's seen, doesn't seem to be there for her anymore. That's the trade they told her to barter for, the golden seals and vitamin needs she's gobbling up by the palmful every morning by seven.

Seven for the circus or the mimes, seven for the cloves hanging from the door and seven for the queries that strike back her abcesses and cost her seven by the quart and seven for the plastics. Seven dancing backwards towards a rook or a spade, seven inside her chest playing guitar with David Bowie, seven at the doggerel, and seven for the stitch and the obtuse- only a creature of seven might go for her, in a spot of doves, crank, and soda it is poison, seven is her panty line, her sexuality, her sinfulness, and her latitude over and over again. Seven makes her want for tomorrow, seven takes tomorrow and throws itself up against the wall, pledging a game in the summer, seven to a trip of caramel and dukes, seven for the prince and the painting of the two of them, seven for the winter, and for the shadows that stretch curiosity past the breath of a summons', seven for the day and seven for the evening, seven scratches her ears and pulls out her hair, seven is the ring and the blue phantom buried somewhere far, far away, green is what's left, but seven knows which way the rain comes and who is going to follow it through.

There is a numbness that radiates on the fringe, a tickly discomfort not even a narrator could let out or down to a name on the mountains near the nude plateau that conquers her nuance, and shakes the both of them to core of the fight. This is not a flag that costs us in coins or in dollars. This is the worry chiseling our shapes and our buttery hips, a stacked set of crazy in a photograph off the leash of only a few. And it calls them to the night when it's only three of us left, until every cord is untied, until every verb is set in its caste, or ringing out to the tremolos of rapture, and the musicianship of pepper-jacked sneezes in the ambers and umbers that although startling, we've all learned to convert our averages in order to swing under the storm, and baby each of us with an elixir of myriad captures, images, and violent abuse.

While the words can yield, and the festivities can hoard each of the simple new experiences against travels of women, and pictures from Mussorgsky riling up soft drinks and evocations towards the center where all of us sometimes will let ourselves, let loose. Something horrendous and cold plugging into the sugars, something quiet, nearly a friend of reminders, crustaceans and ocean making this top-down beach of faces for all to shake and roll with or set forward a cacophony of abuse. Until in a breath she calls for the infinite intuition sheltering her and our window from the pain of misuse.

That is the photograph where we have been looking to live, here is the memory we spent our minds trying desperately to relive in the shade and in the snafu, against the bark and the piano keys treating our rise. Within our skin and our pupils, our silver bookends and/or the mammals we don't use names for but for whom we've been introduced to.

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4 days ago

at 5 I wanted to fly
soar through the sky
so i could show everyone
that i could do anything

at 9 i wanted to read minds
and learn about all kinds
so that i would never be left out
or feeling unaware

at 15 i wanted to save others
i wanted for everyone to be like a brother
so that the world would be at peace
and love would take over

But at 19 i no longer linger
on just one of these wishes
they change day by day
as they are triggered

Some days I want to fly
high up in the sky
and see all my worries
vanish in the wind

Some days I want to read his mind
know what going on inside
so i could see clearly his worries
and his deepest fears

Some days I want to save others
so I can help those in need
not so i can feel better
but so they can be happier

Today I want to read his mind
Not so I will be all knowing
But so that I know how to soothe his soul
to make his heart happy again
I want to know how to make everything right
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6 days ago

Math class Math class
sarcastic Everybody yell yay
Math class Math class
sarcastic Everybody yell hip hip hooray
Math class Math class
Please save me today.

My thoughts during math class.
#math   #save   #class   #sarcasm   #hooray   #sarcastic  

I am no super hero.

I can't save others from despair.
I can't save my heart from falling and crashing and burning and breaking every single time.
I couldn't save my father.
Or my mother.
Or my grandmother...

I can't even save myself.

But before you deem me an unworthy adversary,

Could you please just leave me the cape.

I'd like to keep putting it on,
And keep playing super hero.

Because one day,
Maybe just one day,

I'll learn how to fly.
And I'll learn how to save the World.

I'm no superman.
#depression   #hope   #hero   #longing   #believe   #save   #make   #message   #super   #cape  
Mar 7

On edge
Frantically searching
Your mind
Your soul
All to no avail
It's there somewhere
You know it is
There are peeks
And glances
Hints and clues
You'll find it eventually
But determined it hides
"Come out
I need you
You'll save my soul"
You plead
It laughs at you
Knowing its won
You forever be searching
Forever not finding

It's clever
Cleverer than you
It knows where you'll search
Where you'll forget
To look right under your nose

09:27, 05.11.16
#lost   #save   #searching   #clever   #unsettled  
Mar 3

I find it disturbing that,
When God created man,
The wise Lord gave us Maths.
But we became calculative and used it to keep tabs.

He also gave us Languages,
But we too found ways to be vulgar and rude.

Strangely, he gave us Science,
Thinking that it would improve our world,
But all we did, was try to disprove him.

Oddly, he created Technology,
For awhile, that worked well,
But even with that,
It now tries to replaces the very humans that he created,
With scraps of metal.

Are we truly on a one way street to destruction?

#sad   #god   #world   #why   #thoughts   #save   #saveus  

I finds cracks on people
who pretend they're whole.
So maybe that's a blessing.
Or maybe it's a curse.
Either way,
I can't save them all.
And there are too many out there
who laugh with broken hearts.

#people   #laugh   #save   #crack   #pretend   #not-a-hero  
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