Arlene Corwin
2 days ago

Rescued Cat
(To Veronica, his rescuer)

This very eve
A cat retrieved
From execution -
(Known as ‘putting it to sleep’
In worlds polite.)

I am relieved.
Others too -
Others who were grieved
At contemplating Mickey’s plight.
(We’ve named him Mickey.
It seems right.)

Every living thing loves life.
Who’d take the life of such a creature?
Harmless, causing not one other creature
Strife?  Well, mice of course:
A course he takes out in the wood,
Hunting out there as he should.

Saved by the bell.
Saved from the hell of being killed
By skilled hands, skilled injections:
“Put to sleep” a healthy, pretty cat rejected.  

Time to cheer.
A darling, eager friend
Consulting friends,
And friends of friends
Until she reached the blessèd end
Of finding little Mick a home.

Cat Rescued 2.15.2017
Cat Book II;
Arlene Corwin

He's saved!
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The best part of a shadow
is you know there's Light around.
For the ones who dwell within
you may be lost, but can be found.


There Was A Baby in A Manger,
Whose divine life was in dire danger,
Of a prophetic destiny born
bound for crucifixion to mend the lives torn,
That biblical Baby in A Manger.

Dec 31, 2016

I can remember from childhood
Was the night of that terrible fever
My bed was a plank
Wooden under my spongey bones
My sharp breaths hit my body
From an invisible assailant
Spiked blows to my mattress
That pierced my flesh clean
And punched wind right through my blankets

Then came the hoods
Surrounded my bed in inky blackness
They blotted out the stars
And smothered my night light
Even a young child would
Expect death after such a vision
Only one last shaky breath left
I was almost certain

Then it appeared
Almost angry and fearsome
My fair golden haired champion
A brilliant figure dazzling light
It punctured that dark shroud
Shred it to absolute pieces
And restored me
Back to this life

This is still the clearest dream I've ever been able to remember, even after all these years.
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Tomorrow's another day, another ful of
Hope. Another day to share love, show kindness
In this world there's too much hate--we need to
Spread love and kindness and

Show our children that we're in this together!
Our world needs us; we
Need our world!
Gather everyone you love and

Share Kindness.
And listen to music!! All different
Varieties of music---
Every kind-- MUSIC is LIFE!
Doing good, showing kindness, and

Much more is what we need in this world.
Yesterday is just a day

Longing to bring peace to this world.
In life, it's to short to worry and
Forever is so for a way, just breathe
Everyday and show love!

T8tle from Simple Plan.
Written from my heart as it came to me.
Music is the best!!
Peace and Love
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
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Nov 20, 2016

my sophomore year of high school
i found God
i found Him in achy bones and ink-stained fingertips
i found Him in late night sobs
and screaming into my pillow
i found Him in grieving
and trying to love again
i found Him in trust issues
and fragile emotional states
i found Him in brokenness beyond repair
God uses the broken, the hurt, the weary
God uses me.

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Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Nov 10, 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

You better watch your back through the
back streets,
the boys aren't in town so just sit,
take a seat,
and watch the horrors that await you,
choose something to serenade you,
don't give into critics that will bomb and then
degrade you,
find fate then confront it putting all you have
into a little canister of faith,
they'll imitate what you say,
they'll spit it back in your face,
they'll take a slice of your cake,
you have to be strong in this situation,
have to be brave,
So I put up with it,
I put up with it til there's nothing left,
I went to bed one night and regretly smelled the
Devil's breath,
Painkillers and an aspirin just to cleanse the
Until I realized that my old soul was just getting old.

Oct 24, 2016

She saved my life
and I have no clue how to thank her properly
I don't think she really knows
or how much she means to me
nor how much she's done for me
and when I try to explain it
I sound foolish and can't get my words to sound right


Oct 23, 2016

You saw the storm in my eyes
You heard the silence in my voice
You noticed the heaviness in my heart

It felt like everything was gonna be okay
once I opened up and started talking to you


Stars falling
my eyes reach
to catch them
as light spirals
in the wind
angels dancing
with hope scented wings
give me strength
to fly again

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