Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
23 hours ago

Rejected. Cast down.
Whose boots to lick
for readmittance?
Wing clipped. Horns ground.
Whose feet to kiss
for readmittance?
Coffers emptied.
Nothing to sell
for recompense
Aim high. Take down.
Plummet from sky
face searing aflame.
Kids are just kids.
Kids will be kids.
Let them learn on their own
Sick fucking joke

Nothing to sell
#fall   #space   #day   #white   #blank   #nine   #sick   #fucking   #joke  
Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
2 days ago

"I'm not committed"!!!
Easy in saying... Deep in impact it leaves!
As a "Tribe" we raise... As a "Tribe" we Heal and Grow!
I don't belong anymore to "Tribe"!
Where do I belong then!
Where my soul will be straying around!
Where will be my home!
That is the quest!
Peace be upon you all!

#home   #fall   #soul   #belong   #grow   #heal   #commitment   #raise   #tribe  

I wanna fall into a life of music and despair.

#life   #fall   #music   #despair  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
4 days ago

Life is flying by
like a feather flowing
back and forth
through the freezing air.
Fall faster, free fate.
Fall faster.

#fall   #faster  
Alana Ray
Alana Ray
5 days ago

Left and right they fallin'
waiting to see how it hits next,
thought it was Spring but
it feels like Autumn.

#life   #death   #fall   #spring   #seasons   #leaves  
Aylin Belrose
5 days ago

fallen love
disappears from sight
gone from view
I'm left alone
nothing to fight for

fallen love
I desperately look for
before I bleed out
searching for soul

fallen love
fell off the mighty steed of truth
true colors show
bright as daylight

fallen love
I once loved
now I'm alone
trying to survive
where were you
when I needed you
when I was left to die
when thr bleeding hearts of some
and the shattered remains of others
screamed for you

it's too late
we are gone

fallen love
now just gone

fallen love

You poets are awesome. Never stop writing. :)
#love   #fall   #gone   #wounded   #fallenlove  
Luna Marie
Luna Marie
5 days ago

There's a new feeling...
It came kind of randomly.
...It's not a bad feeling,
It feels kinda nice actually.

What is this feeling that I'm feeling?
It feels like something is coming.
Where is this feeling?
It sounds like my heart is drumming.

Why am I getting this feeling?
Oh man, it's him...
Is he the reason why I'm getting this feeling?
Woah, the world just went dim.

I don't know this feeling...
He just said "Hi"
What is this feeling?
Am I falling for this guy?

#love   #fall   #new   #him  
6 days ago

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you,
My soul turning bright, beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun shining through,
Beautiful like a diamond dove’s coo,
Beautiful like you.

The winter brings it’s own gifts,
These miracles, all in the form
Of a tiny snow crystal.
I gather these with love,
Holding your cold hand
In mine.
We through it, pass it,
Like we passed our love.
Our love full of memories.
The memories.

The spring rains,
Kissing you in the rain.
Dancing with you in the rain.
It waters, the flowers bloom,
Like our blossoms of love.
The flowers in your hair,
The sight of that
I would give my own happiness
For that
For this indescribable feeling,
For your inspirational love.

The sun shines down,
Warming our hands,
Our hearts.
The cool water splashing us,
Pulling us together.
Sweetness of growing fruits,
We ate together,
Matches the sweetness of our love,
The sweetness of you.

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you.
And as I hold your delicate hand,
We mark another full round,
In our cycle,
Another year,
With you.

#love   #fall   #romance   #summer   #winter   #sweet   #spring   #autumn   #leaves   #year  
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
6 days ago

When we went to university,
There still was a you and me.

Then autumn came.
The leaves,
They changed
Nothing ever stays the same.

All I can think about is how
I never deserved you at all.
The care for you should not have followed
The surplus of pills I swallowed.

It’s my fault…
My heart tends to sink,
When those autumn leaves fall.

#love   #fall   #change   #autumn   #leaves   #freestyle  
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