The world of mine is on fire,
gotta be somebody to become a liar,
for a while as you can't head for your desire as you just fall with the last call

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Maple trees with the kisses of oranges and golds make me feel quite whole.
The taste of pumpkin and spice is really nice.
The gentle fall wind holds quite a bite but I really don't mind. For it is autumn and the pumpkins are bright.
So please, please stay my favorite season, you really are very nice.

This is my poem for my favorite season. I love autumn!
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4 days ago

The spaces between the silence
The absence of your presence
There you stand, too tall
In the crowd of my defiance

Keeping it real our heads held high
Extracting the blue longing essence
We build the walls staying in dark
Blocks of reality cemented with distance

We shed each other like second skin
In the act of withdrawing assurance
Now the idol dominoes fall in synchrony
In the wind of emotions with eloquence

The doors forever closed and windows jammed
Locked out of endless comforting luminance
While the journey lasts a clock ticks ahead
Lingers the fumes of  evocation fragrance

Walk through a Red Parade in Idstein.
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6 days ago

Today, I am the feeling of falling, the
jolt of the unrealised last step
on the staircase.

Feel myself sliding
down a sheer cliff
face,   and turning
my face away from
all   of the       hand
holds and foot hold
s that could      save
me the fall.

Below me is the river, the one
you see in films, where the
crocodiles snap and scream and
the waves are shrieking too,
where the jagged, toothed rocks are reaching
up with their barbed fingers,
they pierce the air with vows to catch the fallen
and the hero can't hold on
for much longer.

But even though i try to shape these words into the silhouette of my descent, they only seem a shallow, shadow-shape i cannot make cement; and shadows cannot beat a heart with violent fear and fierce torment as my heart beats.

experimenting with shapes
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Buddy T
Buddy T
7 days ago

Wind like a lion's roar
My ice heart beats
Toxic tears fall over the things you have done
Spring my never come

The earth will turn like a dog and their tail
As the sun comes up we will forgive
Let the ice melt on our hearts
Like trees in the spring, we can begin again

Let us sleep forever in this clouded illusion
Forgiveness like yellow on a computer screen
The dog days of our lives
We can't say in this haze forever

Time falls as leaves on a tree
I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon
But all fires must turn black
Please change this endless ocean

'like yellow on a computer screen' computer screens are only made up out of 3 colors, red, blue, and green, so theres no actual yellow on a computer screen.

'I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon' each year the moon gets 3.8 cm farther away from the earth and could eventually leave orbit
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Long shadows in burnt browns shorten
The jaw bruising cold of discontent
Left them frozen on the cement
And the evening pigment fades
To bleak apathy. And days
Of a similar disposition.
Clouds that blur in an eggshell indecision
Of a sky are grounded in mournful grey
And the evening pigment fades.

The pulling of the current
And the turning of the river
Know not of fallen leaves
And vice versa

The title comes from a Talking Heads song called 'The Overload' which everyone should go and listen to.
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The mirror held up
reflects, only my hand
holding pen or quill
fulfilling, your demands

A poet, not self defined
within the artistry revealed
painted with, your words and lines
not what is said, but what he/she feels

The relevance of poetry
a personal type of trip
fears and trepidation
of literary fails, and slips

A poet dies only once
a fading of old words
lines of prose and rhyme
remembered, when they're heard

Words to be remembered by, maybe.

Tears steamed down my face
My life was starting to change
People say they're always there
But when I need them
They disappear
I'm starting to feel
Really alone
When no one bothers
To pick up the phone
And when I do hang out with friends
I'm faced with the stress
That is my parents
My parents think I'm always gone
They say I don't help
They don't realize I try to help
But usually homework is keeping me
Sometimes I think they deserve
To be told that they don't help
My life has slowly been flipped over
And small things make me sob
But they don't seem
To ever notice that I'm about ready
To finally fall

My friends have always talked about depression and how bad things are. But until recently I've never understood. I wish I still didn't understand
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Feb 12

I fell,
Down, down, down
into the far reaches of my mind,
down into the abyss
I fell.
I will rise,
from the ashes of who I was,
from the inevitable
darkness that took over me.
Because I am a Phoenix.
I will rise.

I wrote rise so many times it looks wrong. Now I'm unsure if I spelled it right.
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