Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
2 days ago

Astral architecture hangs on the balance of my once fragile mind, now unbound and open to the potential of the Penrose Stairs that I climb. Infinity, I thought, was an innate idea man was not meant to understand, because if the universe is in fact infinite, into what does it expand?

Standing at the precipice of epiphany, teetering at the very cusp of clarity, it came to me in a monumental moment of sibylline singularity:

It expands into itself.

The thought was too profound to perceive, too ravenous to be satiated. Could this be at long last, the answer for which I have waited?

I realized that consciousness operates under a similar uniformity: the brain won't outgrow the head, but the mind will outgrow the body, and our echoes will radiate across the endlessness of existence, for all our forgotten frequencies are oblivious to the concept of distance.

We are all limitless beneath the veil of this perceived reality,
but only there are we human, and only then are we free.

Through the light lanes,
Through the dark lanes,
Through the paths beneath
the sky, I wander,
And the sun a chink
Brilliance in shadow,
In the blue-green-brown speckled
Beauty of her Eye;
Revolving, revolving in ad infinitum,
Dancing in a
Faery dream..
Will she blink?

An exercise in Imagination

I want to melt a wax Viking,
with a piece of sword shaped kindling.
Watch the face drip, sag run into a
droopy frown of fluid features.

To saw the head from a celebrity mannequin.
Watch fall it to the floor,
with it's perfect teeth and face;
plastic smooth skin.
Almost as plastic and smooth as the “real” thing.

To tear the words from the mouth
of a liar, cheat, chancer and con-man.
Rearrange the words to spell out the truth.
watch the eyes and puffy face spasm,
as if possessed by a phantasm.

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Seas of concrete,
with fish climbing from the cracks.
Evil portent.
Growing hands brandishing knives.
Tongues in their eyes,
that slither with whispering intent.

Each whisper grows a wing
and a leg, hops and flaps;
pointless dregs.

Filling each space,
With slashes and wild blind hacks.
Pain important.
Fatally finally stealing lives.
Teeth to their lies,
that leave all life impotent.

Each tooth a flutter free,
weightless fee, rots and drops;
pointless dregs.

Just some nonsense.
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Reality and uncle Neville
always seem to disagree.
I guess he can't see the
tree for the tree.

To him,Truth's a transparency
that he cannot see beyond.
He must stay faultlessly opaque.
To the material certainty,
of which he's so fond.

Reality and uncle Neville
always seem to disagree.
I guess he can't see the
you for the he.

The only things that
are real to him,
are those that can be held,
but not felt.
Each alternative truth
is a tree to be felled.

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there is this pithless entity

circling round my gut

waxing and waning

folding in infinite measures

like stiff cloth finding creases

that fit

and I caress this part

inside which has no fold

or definite pattern

but there is this power

and it increases as the light

of lesser days burn into night

brightly devouring

all lesser fabrications

willing them to speak

in hushed whispers

bathed by blackness

completely surrounded am I

a vagrant soul departed

yearning for this star of gasses

to not combust but

slowly awaken

and you spark that within me

heavy and unaware

a messy cloth of vibrance

washed and wrung and folded gently

with shaking hands and thumping breath

the atmosphere surrounding

all that is real

enveloping my body as it speaks

of glorious wonders

operating deep

within the cosmos

where air is sealed tight

like a vacuum and

I can't help but breathe in

even though

I know

I'll suffocate

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I carved a beautiful statue
in my sleep last night,
but when I awoke I found
that someone had stolen it.
I reported this to the dream police
but they did not want to know.
They said they were busy solving
more serious crimes, and that
I should deal with it myself.
I'll sleep with a gun under my pillow tonight!


Just a little off the wall humour!
#dreams   #humour   #surreal   #police   #statue  
Rose L
Rose L
Jan 7

Do not forsake me the need to ascend.
We, in our platinum form
Do not require mothers, teachers, peers to remind us that one day the red soils will be left bereft of us.
We don’t require reminding.
Look down at yourself and consider your own outline.
We are shaped just so our eyes can compile us as human –
but not so that we require shaping still.
In the end, you can simplify.
Simplify yourself down. Until you are just circles, squares.
What is special about your own edge?
A human line, a form so easily replicated
It can be done by children in crayon.
A human line.
Allow yourself to ascend to your platinum form.

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 28, 2016

Because I was surreally cute in childhood,
And I know that my child will be so cute.
And I am unaware who'll bear my child,
Because I do not think any human can.
Because I cannot ever be so compatible,
And to this fact, exception there is none.
But yes, I want to father at least one child.

My HP Poem #1351
©Atul Kaushal
#father   #cute   #one   #but   #childhood   #yes   #child   #surreal   #dp   #incompatibility  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 27, 2016

I come from a place
Where reality's a dream
We sleepwalk awake
Silent are the screams

Uncertainty is certain
Lies are absolute
Destruction just creates
The vital and minute

Consciously unaware
Of our intended mistakes
Reminded to forget
That giving only takes

I come from a place
Where eyes never see
Through the mists of illusion
Surrounding you and me

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