1 day ago

I love my wife
I love my mistress
They have my kids
We coexist
In sins abyss
What I want next
Is a pilegesh
Hagar my love
Bear me gifts
16:1-3 Genesis
Love, Lust, Mistress
My big penis
Hardens thick
Every time I see a chick
Is this nature
Or a sin
I'm horny for women
Cortigiana onesta she is
Cortigiana di lume if better fits
May she be my courtesan

Cora Pearl my love
My heart crouchs in harmony
With fathers cellos sings
Love and lust bleeds

I guess its too late for the warning ⚠
3 days ago

Your lips,
                my risk

We twisted kiss
  With a heartful wish

And out came kids!


3 days ago

I posted my picture
It was in black and white
Even though it was color

I posted my picture
It was cropped
With the head chopped off
I couldn't get it any better

My selfie didn't have a filter
I dare you to see the real me
With out digital teeth
And a skin blender

I'm tired of hearing the squirrel talk of your voice manipulated by the choice of a snapchat feature

So I deleted your seat in the bleacher

Some social media sites are a pain to set your profile up. I related that with the annoying person in your life you end up unfriending or deleting because they've gone way overboard with the app lol got to love social meed! This message will self destruct shortly!
#silly   #comedy   #trashbin  
4 days ago

There were roses near the fireplace
Champagne bubbling & perfume sprayed
I knew I was in the wrong house
Because this never happens to me
I realized I was drugged and high
Maybe on LSD
Cause everything was blurry
And then vivid like in HD
Suddenly, I heard a woman scream!
Your not the man I'm supposed to meet"
I said I'm sorry ma'am , but I do have meat
I know your dude is late, but you gotta eat!

Then the bats flew in lashes
And we had a few smashes
Before I had to cu...  Run

Now  I'm trippin on acid
On a bus with some fat kid

Telling me that the girl was his mom

#funny   #silly   #comedy  
6 days ago

Country Girl

Up in the sticks, back in the holler
Is a pretty sweet thing, the farmer’s daughter
Just to let you, when it comes to girls
It’s the country ones that rock my world
The farmer’s daughter has spunk and sass
Not to mention country girl class
She is by no means a Barbie doll clone
This country bumpkin has meat on her bones
She is so hot in her boots and leathers
She’ll skinny dip in almost any weather

Down in the meadow late Saturday night
We snuggled together in the moonlight
Drinking some of her grand daddy’s hooch
We began to relax then started to smooch
She rocked my world, country girl style
She did things that made this country boy smile
I reckon y’all have your say about the ladies you like
But I’ll take me a country girl any day or night

I enjoy writing silly poetry
#desire   #girls   #sex   #country   #silly  
Mar 18

Those were the days, a kid forever

As the rain pours upon the mighty Rogue River
I get a warm feeling and begin to remember

My Saturdays as a kid
Watching cartoons till ten I did

Then off to the beach to reel in the perch
Then off again to play in the dirt

Riding bikes all over the city
Having fun and being silly

Never a worry, never a care
Bologna sandwiches and root beer

Riding horses and motorbikes
Shoot’n guns and flying kites

No computers or video games
We played in the sun, we played in the rain

Old age has come and slowed me down
But I’ll be a kid till I’m dead in the ground

#life   #fun   #goodness   #youth   #silly   #kid   #agile  

Under the gazebo,
you sang in silly cadence
while patting along on your lap
you smiled so happily.
You made my heart beat rapidly
and you still do, so easily
even now just remembering
my heart pounds without warning.
It yearns for the memories to repeat.
So often, I'll lay and reminisce,
even so my heart begs me to rewind,
I feel it crying for what's inside.

#love   #sad   #heart   #yearning   #happy   #time   #longing   #memory   #silly   #soon  

Swimming with dolphins
release our endorphins

Pacific sea lions
are seen by Hawaiians

Whales around Wales
are fanciful fairy tales

A no-fin porpoise
isn't fit for purpose

Just a wee bit of silliness
Mar 11

Zombie Fred (part two)-(silly)

Zombie Fred ate the brains of a rock star
Then he started singing and playing the guitar
The snapping of his fingers and his Elvis twitch
Got Fred a contract and made him bloody rich

Fred had the best of every single thing
Zombie chicks in bikinis serving gourmet brains
But Fred was sad and wanted something more
So he decided to start a zombie tour

He went from coast to coast all across the land
Making zombie music and rock’n with his band
If you are living you’ll think he’s quite insane
If you’re a zombie, you’ll sing brains, brains, brains

#fun   #silly   #zombie  

MaybeifIstartto slowdownitwill startto
makesome kindof sense.
There, that's much clearer!

#dumb   #humour   #silly   #nonsense   #wordplay   #novelty  
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