19 hours ago

The grand and roaring ocean.
Brings beasts of fantasy to life.
Drags the unwary swimmer to the briny bottom.
As Davy Jones sinks and dominates the sailor's ships.
Adding their loot to his bottomless locker.
Mighty ocean waves sink whole islands.
Rouge and deadly, consuming the very land itself.
Volcanoes spewing magma and ash forming islands.
As if the ocean itself were some god.
As if the whole ocean were Poseidon and Neptune working in tandem.
As I stand here on the shoreline, exempt from the underwater world.
I remember I have the water to thank. For being able to walk on land at all.

#love   #peace   #anger   #hate   #beauty   #sea   #magic   #rage   #gods   #mystic  

Low tide -
oysters scattered across
the sand that cacoons
our feet

black hot -
we are nothing more
than a forty a day
bad habit

dying -
smoke filled lungs
desperate to swollow

air -
when all there is,
is dust

#love   #death   #loss   #sea  
1 day ago

Broken vessel,
Stalwart beauty
A work of art
Standing alone and bereft

How many voyages
Has she failed to complete?
Starting off so strong,
Only to taste defeat?

Young bright thing
With inexplicable rust
Something broken,
Something bad
A faulty error, a fatal bust

Salt water tears,
So bittersweet
Knowing her cargo
She cannot keep

Turning back for shore
On her final try
Fighting her hardest
Not to cry

#metaphor   #loss   #sorrow   #sea   #emptiness   #boat  
Kevin Cote
Kevin Cote
3 days ago

i hear your screams
and unsung songs
above the flying tide
and in the foam
frothing free
you'll feel my earthly touch

dont push away
from the shore
with hands of grassy sand
reach out to me
with shades of blue
and striping dissonance

and when they mix
to form anew
place alone in time
you'll wonder where
the colors went and
how we learned to fly

#sea   #shoreline   #foam  
Bridgid Blalock
Bridgid Blalock
4 days ago

From under the brumal sea
Rises the being with black eyes
Singing songs no man has ever heard
Stay and listen
Her song is sweet
Stare into the blackness
Her soul is deep.

#eyes   #darkness   #black   #soul   #sweet   #song   #sea   #sing   #deep   #blackness  
Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
4 days ago

The dark, velvet sky envelopes
Us as we lay underneath a sea of stars.
We lay there, quiet as we memorize
Each other's features and souls.
Your eyes are the fire that
Keeps me warm through the night,
Your arms are the home I long for.
Your body wraps around mine
And your heartbeat slows.
Peacefully you drift away
And I fall deeper in love with you.

February 20, 2017.
#love   #fire   #happy   #stars   #night   #sky   #cuddle   #sea   #warm   #pretty  
Adrianna Aarons
Adrianna Aarons
5 days ago

You are cancer cells and
Broken bones and
Shards of glass and
A burnt down home, you
Drowned me out so I couldn't breathe, you
Pulled the rug from right under me, but
I found a life raft out at sea and
Saved myself from everything

#broken   #home   #relationship   #cancer   #burn   #sea   #live   #saved  
5 days ago

She's just a lost mermaid
under this sea of thoughts
begging the sky above her
to grant her only wish
for she's willing to trade her tail
for a pair of lovely wings.

#dreams   #wish   #ocean   #sea   #wings   #mermaid   #ambitions  

Don't wait for me
to come to the surface.
There is a lifetime of possibility
here on the ocean floor.
Let me be
the bottom-dweller
first discovered by submarine.
The darkness is not
as intimidating
as it may seem.

Don't feel around for my body
with your feet.
You won't find me in the shallow end
of the sea;
walk down the gradual slope,
where there is no air left to breath.
Over the mountains and hills
and great plains,  then you'll find me
Seven miles deep
in the Marianas Trench.

Then you'll understand my immense stress.

#dead   #stress   #body   #ocean   #sea   #trench  

Mother had a ship,
With a white canvas falling,
Stretched by the winds of life

We enjoyed her deck,
Watching the apparent horizon,
With it's colours of the sunset,

Darkness faded in dearly,
With the gentle waves rocking us,
Listening to her lullabies of the sea

Of gods and monsters
Kings and queens
Under the lamp of the moon

Some nights were cold,
But her woven cloaks,
Always wrapped our little souls

And when we were hungry,
It was the grains,
Rice from a lost island,

The southern sea,
Merry faces,
Drunk on fish soup

What would a boy need?
Else jumping over the board,
To bath in the salty waters

Of course she wouldn't,
Keeping her dear ones so close,
In her arms of love

Until, one night,
Violent skies
Raging clouds

Howling thunder
Within flashes of lightening
And soaring waves

Slapping the ship's floors,
Breaking her mast,
Within squeaking wood

To finally split,
Choking on gushing waters,
Within our muted screams

Below, it was gloomy
The walls of death,
Closing in fast

Not a good bye,
A last kiss
Or hug

But a freeing soul,
Rising to the heavens,
Before a yank

Gasping for air,
my head peering,

Above the water,
And diving again,

To feel my lungs shrink,
As I sunk deeper,
To the gates of hell

But, a plank
That my hand took hold of
Pulling it to my chest,

In one tight embrace
Dancing to a turbulent rhythm
The hymn of the brave

To finally watch the sunrise
From below,
Up the endless fabric of a blue sky

Swimming, lone,
Following a lost map
In the vast sea of the living

#life   #lonely   #death   #nature   #family   #sea  
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