Amanda S
Amanda S
1 day ago

kisses turn into monsters my
mind can't conjure up
they leave an ocean of pinks, purples, and blues,
yet I say nothing

this sharp - teethed demon
comes after me as fast as
a bullet can go

in my head,
i run rapidly, to the edge of the world,
but physically,
i stay as still as the sea

if I move,
he will come after me at supersonic speed
and i'll drown deeper
under these pink sheets

*for all of those whos consent has been violated*
#abuse   #dark   #ocean   #sea   #pink   #sheets   #assault   #foreboding   #consent  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
3 days ago

Today was beautiful,
I had conquered my share of the world,
Today was peaceful,
With soft so said words,

Today I am calm,
As wind of the carribean sea,
Today was more than I could ask,
And I had the best for me

#words   #world   #beautiful   #best   #sea   #peaceful   #today  
beth stclair
beth stclair
3 days ago

i dream of the sea,
whispering like a wild cloud,
stretching the blue air.

#love   #dream   #sea  
Shofi Ahmed
4 days ago

As wide open as the sea
As resonant as the waves
Splashing on the beach.
For a moment or so one is
Pondering so full as the sea
What has it left to tally
With as empty as the the beach?

#sea   #beach  
Shofi Ahmed
4 days ago

Someone is singing a song, it's somewhere written.
The ocean breaks in billowy dances, the seas open up
Get it off the chests, put a notion through onto the cloud
that won’t just fall, won’t just stop and drop: it will float
to the measured moves, only then will it roll in,
pop into the million blooms, wreathed rosy lips,
set out bowls of colours before the one is pouring in!

A song like King David sang and everyone heard.
It’s the sweet song sang in every mother tongue;
a perfumed speech is heard sweeter than the nectar,
wreaths round each patch of earth as part of a tongue.
In all different variations, directions it’s being sung!

Mathematically composed that rhythmically spans
fashion in both, or you choose science or arts.
It’s a lyric sung with finest curvy swaying dance.
Feel the thrills deep down through the atomic level.
still the variety motions in various directions turn on,  
and nowhere near that looks, drawing a pause!

#sea   #king   #songs   #david  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
6 days ago

My life was like a storm on the raging sea.
I barely get any storm warnings before a storm hits.
Yet, when I do get warnings, I don't have enough time to prepare.
It's like I'm trapped in the middle of the ocean & no one seemed to care.
I was stranded in the middle of the raging sea for years.

For 11 years of my life,
the storm would just rage on.
It began when I was in third grade.
Storm right after another.
It began to calm down for awhile
until my seventh grade year.
The storm stroked again.
Then began to calm down Freshman year,
but started again Sophomore year.
No matter what I tried to do.
The storm would just rage on.
Nowadays, thanks to my Savior,
the storm has calmed down a lot,
with the help of my Savior.
I can live a peaceful life again.

I used to worry all the time.
Nowadays, I don't worry as much.
The ocean has calmed down within 11 years.
I am now walking on deep waters
My faith has been made stronger,
with the help of my Savior.

My life was like a storm on the raging sea.
I don't see storms on the sea anymore.
Jesus reached out his hand to calm the raging sea.
Jesus calmed the storm in me.
I am now free.
I am Seizure-Free.

I wrote this in honor of being seizure-free for almost three years.
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
6 days ago

It's like my heart can't contain you.

It's like I've let go of what was needed to let go of

to let you in.

And it's beyond my expectations
like slipping my feet into the beach

and finding my toes
underneath soft, warm sand
warmed by the sun.

And for so long I've denied myself

And for so long I've forced this picture that what I want

is better than what I truly need.

And I'm trying to understand why I had to give up one failed romantic relationship

in order to find another that is a hundred times better.

I realized that I had fallen

in love with my own poetry

I'd fallen in love with myself again and again and again

never truly allowing myself to fall
in love with anyone in reality
because my fantasies were so much better.

And then I met you

the beach, the sand, the cold lip of water lapping against my ankles
the submersion of water, salt, seaweed, and foam

your warm hand in my own
fingers latching

the beautiful sunrise
softly, strongly touching
a horizon stretching so many miles away but in one swift look

I saw balance. I saw joy. I saw the colors I've always loved and hoped to see one day.

It's like my heart can't contain you.

And the ocean is calling me home.

That giant expanse of glistening water reflecting the sun's willful welcome as a new day begins

so daunting so beautiful so overwhelming in its stark grandness

so familiar this feeling.

It's like I've known you for a very long time.

It's like I've found myself smiling with the waves now pressing against my gut

white sea foam dissolving quickly
tickling my torso
making me laugh
loud belly laughs
mouth stretched wide and daring
teeth showing
eyes crinkling
body shaking
legs trembling

The ocean of your love

is calling me home.

Am I ready to dive deeper?
Am I ready to submerge not just my torso but my head as well?
What if I can't breathe underwater?
What if I can't open my eyelids?

It's like my heart can't contain you.

But then I touch my neck

and find gills.

But then I touch my eyes

and find goggles.

And then I know

that I'm ready to dive.

#love   #heart   #eyes   #happiness   #balance   #diving   #ocean   #sea   #paradise   #paramour  
6 days ago

i was also once told
about the tale of night and sea

the sea so blue and captivating
calm, peaceful, and very charming
the night was drawn to his unique beauty
stealing glimpses became her duty

day will come and then will end
then darkness of night will then blend
sky filled with stars, a full moon
the night emerges and starts at noon

holding on for hours and hours
sharing peaceful warmth and tides
sea met night time and it felt right
embracing each other with all their might

but time is cruel and they both knew
the day will come, it will do
night cries tears of dull dead stars
leaving the waving sea with scars

#love   #life   #heart   #break   #stars   #night   #sea  
hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
6 days ago

o my sea ...

i slept last night while i'm waiting your gift...
what you have brought to me in this wonderful morning...
through your great lovely waves....
the sea says...
i brough the most wonderful letters...
those letters which you really adore...
carried them on my waves and put them there...
there on you beach where you always there...
but still one letter missing...
its not with me...
its with only one...
the one whom you need...
go to her..
give her those letters which i'v brought to you...
and ask her to give you the missing letter ( Y )...

yes it's you ...
my love you are ...
whom i miss always ...
whom i dive within her seas ...

by :  hazem al jaber ...

#my   #sea   #o  

Ocean currents flowing from the upper twilight of,
The flowing unending seascape.
To depths and darkest abyssal zones,
Where beasts of fancy and fantasy fight for survival.
Places where time exists almost halted,
Upon husks of great ships, and caverns of ancient animals.
Preserved by the lack of man and mother nature's intervention.
Evolution stays stagnant-slowed.
The ocean depths preserving things of man and beast.
Even whole societies, islands, and villages sucked into the icy depths.
Marked now "property of Davey Jones".
In his treasure-filled, and soul filled locker.

#time   #blue   #song   #ocean   #sea   #flow   #ship   #beast   #stagnant   #halted  
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