Listening as the
Sea hears the moon--
                           Cascading flow or
Pulling away--
                               Melded in
                            Tortured ecstasy.
                             A thousand words
For every birds
                                Eye picture--
My body giving
                                 In to my mind.
My soul somewhere
Silent worlds
                               Of unseen eyes and  
Inward  probing.

                               This neurotic moon
Swaying visceral waters.  
                                 Deeper currents not
Complying  as yet in
                                   This cosmic
                                   Light & matter      
Darkness & void
                      Affecting only the surface--
Pulling back
                          Only waves.
Pushing them back
                                 To the ever-changing
                             When affecting
Only the surface  
                                   It appears to
Be dull monotony
                             At the beck and call of the
Moon's every whim...
And other orbs play
                           Their part with her.

But infinitely deeper
                            Dramatic ebb and flow
Cannot be witnessed
                           By the seagull's gaze.
The thoughts of the soul
                                Are faint or nil
In the patterns of
Our bodies
                         Listening to this galactic
Dialogue seethe
                            In stagnant waters
When the mind like the
                             Moon is all she hears
Or whatever brings
                                In a stronger signal.

We have taken her away
                            Kept her estranged as
Mutated cells eating away
                                  Conformed to the
Image of an empty shell
                                  Of a neutral network
Caught in a degenerative loop--
                                    A dense
Gravitational pull slowly
                                Leading her along
Into the vortex of the
                                        Absence of light.

Yet something our minds
                               Cannot understand as
Yet is developing
                          Out of sight-mind   after
The imploding of her
                                  Beautiful mass.
                             The burning-out of
Countless worlds.
Even the farthest reach
                                   Of the poetic eye--
A genesis beyond Eden
                                      Attempting with
Greater resolve to
                            Orchestrate the divine
Purpose of the
                              Primeval garden
                            And tuned to higher
Orgasmic harmony
                                           The new
Birth of soul leading
                                        Body & mind--
Her voice
                   Being the gravitational orb
Swaying visceral
                     Waters and deeper currents
Complying this
                                 Time around.

                    --Daniel Irwin Tucker

Feel the ebb and flow.
#moon   #soul   #sea   #spirit   #tide   #void   #visceral   #cosmic  
Amory Caricia
Amory Caricia
1 day ago

There was a young man who sat by the Sea
Without fail, everyone knew, he would go every morning
The youth sat there to think and it made him feel free
Free to dream or not dream. When in bliss, when in mourning

He loved the Sea for its surface
Wind-kissed waves distorting starlight
He loved the Sea for it's depths
Churning into thick ink when absorbing the night

A love that began in small boyhood
Burying tiny toes within her cool sand
Though with the strong passion of man
The first time her wet silkiness tickled his hand

Oh, how he adored her! Through torrents and sun
Her whispers and shouts only separate intensities
But he would not go into her, for he feared just as much
She had told him, one by one, of her darkest propensities

So a sailor in heart, but in soul a wise lover
The boy, now a man paid respect to her glory
He and she, now and then, liked to play with each other
But she kept him from harm where she showed others fury

This went on, sunrise, sunset,  and day after day
Until all the young man's friends were stooping and gray
Still the lull of the sea seemed to pull him away
From reality and back into it, he'd gone mad, some will say

And the time had come finally to confess all his desires
To do what he had refrained from for so long
On a particular eve that seemed wilder than any
The hour to usher in his destiny, and feel her sea-song

The storm caused curling foam,
Both entrancing and detestable
But to him, it looked like home
Like a restful sleep, quite testable

He thought, could this tumult be wrath of the Father?
Or is this a sign--the return of the Son?
Perhaps, 'tis a warning from the Holiest Ghost
He was wrong, but just right. 'Twas all this, but in one

And nearby sirens sang
For the bravery of their hero as he was swept from the shore
And far-off sirens rang
For the fate of the old man, the sailor, who watched the sea no more

Dedicated to my friend NB. Thank you for everything.
#life   #death   #insanity   #ocean   #sea   #shore  
Crystal June
Crystal June
1 day ago

You and me set out to sea to chase the setting sun --
But it set too soon, so we caught the moon
(Still a great prize to be won).
Though, it changed the rhythm of the tides,
And all the waves they churned.
It came that you and me soon learned
We never could return.

Do the risks outweigh the reward?
#sun   #moon   #ocean   #sea   #waves   #learn   #sail   #risk   #consequences   #reward  
1 day ago

Let them speak, let them talk.
Will they preach if they spoke?
      Give them pens, hand them papers.
   Let them in the world of writers.
      See them learn, watch them grow
   Using metaphors and similes too
    This my love is a sea of words, the sea you're slowly diving in

#words   #writers   #sea   #pens   #papers  
2 days ago

The fish they claimed to be in the sea.
Were all to similar for me,
So I ran upon the land,
And found myself a love,
Better than those fish,
In that sea,
Could offer.

#love   #sad   #happy   #real   #emotion   #feeling   #ocean   #sea   #fish   #acceptance  
Paul Butters
Paul Butters
3 days ago

The sea has gone to sleep:
Become a mirror of the sky.
Lapping onto the land
With subtle churnings.

It’s a brightly sunny day,
Uplifting the spirits.
Hardly a hint of breeze
As the tide creeps out.

I slumber in the languidness of Willy’s beer.
All angst buried as I settle down to sleep.
That mighty, massive ocean is so still now.
Its monsters have been well and truly put to bed.

Blue sky
With lightly painted clouds upon the horizon.
My porch is warm today
In the golden sun.

Paul Butters

For Jayne Parrish, who posted a beautiful video of Cleethorpes Beach on Facebook this morning.
#peace   #sun   #ocean   #sea   #calm   #beach   #relaxation   #becalmed  

In the cool mist of the city, I walk behind her
There is only one thing on my mind, never to be flustered
The glint of her long, shiny raven hair and silent demeanor
Has infatuated me, smitten me and utterly enraptured me

She adjusts her glasses, quietly observing the chaos around her
Only permitting a small smile or a nod here and there
I am perplexed, confused and thoroughly engulfed
In a very deep and powerful sense of yearning

Yearning to be with her, to understand her
To know her every secret, her every emotion
A zealous hunger to know every perfection and imperfection
Her moments of depression, moments of exhilaration

Her whole being is a mystery to be explored
For she is a beautiful island to be castaway to
A lush and dense forest that overruns my heart
She is the deep blue sea where I lose myself
And drown myself in the wonder of her reality

She is an insurmountable and laborious sierra
I, the foolish cragsman trying to climb her bosom
And thus I shall fail, tumble and fall with no one to save me
Such is the fate of men like me who are foolish enough to try
and tempt the gods to favor their deepest aspirations

She is the lone star that illuminates my deepest nights
But her radiance is different for she does not shine harshly
Hers is but a gentle glow, a quiet aura that permeates my soul
Alas, the human condition is a sad and ugly reality

That as humans, we aspire for that which we cannot have
That even if futile, we yearn to see and hold our special star
We dream, we write, we fantasize about it
But everything is for naught, as the fates dictate it to be.

#love   #infatuation   #sea   #mountain  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
5 days ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  
Ellie Sora
Ellie Sora
5 days ago

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost unconscious.

Your body craved to be exposed
To the cold winter air.
You could almost hear
As your bones were trembling
Underneath your dry frosty skin.
The waves were calling you,
Beckoning you towards your future.
They stole your future.

As you were embraced by the water,
Your head was already filled
With nothing
But dread.
You almost fought for survival.

Submerged underneath,
The water was singing your name.
And you were dancing to the melody
That had you drowning.
And you were willing
To give it your last drop of air.

Your body
Was not yours to control.
It was already consumed
By the Sirens of the sea.
And your purple lips
Were singing
In sync with the Water Nymphs’ song.

And you were enjoying every second of it
For you have had enough
Of everything going wrong.

Your attempts
To go above water
Were more than plain hopeless,
For you had already soled your rightful place
In the world of the living.

Your skin was not yours anymore.
It was hardly even human flesh,
For it was blue like the sea.
You almost looked like a Nymph yourself.

Your teeth cracked
To the exposure of the winter air.
You were not welcomed above anymore,
You were to be endlessly in water.

Your whole naked body
Was chained
With invisible shackles,
Pulling you down,
Showing you mercilessly
Where you were now belonging.

Last attempt.
And the bottom cried your name,
Melting your fragile
Naked young body
In the icy depths.

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost alive.

And you seem to be pleased
With how the waves play
With your unsteady corps.

You seem fine
With the way they spin you around
Until you can’t understand anymore
Where is up
And where is down.

You don’t seem bothered
By the way the water
Mashes your head in the rocks.

You seem okay
With the sea draining your blood.

And you don’t seem to care
How the cold winter water
Takes your empty life.

You reached to Heaven.
And it reached to you.

You were endlessly searching
For something
More Than This.
And that consumed you.

This was inspired by a book  (Patrick Ness - More Than This) I read few months ago. It was very emotional for me, since I found myself related to the protagonist...
#suicide   #death   #boy   #winter   #this   #more   #than   #sea   #patrick   #ness  
5 days ago

The Nomad

She sat in the shore of the sea, she needed to breathe.
She wondered if the waves that kissed her feet, were the same that waved his ship.
She thought back at his body’s silken glaze,
And how it would luster on the linen shades.

He wanted a lady, fresh from a family home
But he had no idea about her nomadic soul.
And little did he know about the abyss in her heart,
And how she dreamed of discovering the stars.

He got a woman possessed by the world,
And all he had built for them was never her home.
He found her lady, but she wouldn’t carry pearls and a cross
For the crowds was her peace and in their wonder she would get lost.

One night she took a road trip to the beach,
Hoping that the sea would satiate her gypsy dreams
And as she touched the salty water, she wondered if he could see her face in all of those ports,
For she whispered her good-byes and hoped the waves would deliver her love.


#love   #sea   #waves   #sailor   #nomad  
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