Shelby Azilda
Shelby Azilda
Jun 24, 2014

Where did the romance go?
The dreamy eyed people,
With smiles that glow,
Have become endangered.

Why has the world become so listless?

I have noticed that the world has become so angry, melancholy, dreamless. It is really bothersome.
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Cori MacNaughton
Cori MacNaughton
Oct 16, 2015

A dying romance
given love and care blossoms
loving rekindled

The third of four Haiku written about 3AM on 15 October before I went to sleep.
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Oct 7, 2016

What is true romance,
If not the acceptance
Of each other's collection of scars?

Copyright © 2016 Oby. All rights reserved.
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Mar 18, 2015

Twelve years ago, a group of angsty young men set out to destroy the world.
Twelve years ago, the same group of young men made music that could make your heart cry and your body quiver.
Twelve years ago, I never thought that My Chemical Romance would end.

First poem, I guess. I'm aggressively not talented. This isn't even a poem. Excuse me, please.
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Jun 2, 2014

... What is the life?
Without staring at your EYES

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Jan 4, 2015

Isn't it ironic?
The purest love
I've ever found
is platonic.

Honestly the best relationships I've seen all year have been Bromances XD
Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
Mar 9, 2015

No matter how logical of a man one is, it all goes out the window if he's a romantic, around woman held close to heart

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