Gracynn Hunter
2 days ago

I wish I could only see you
in black and white,
as the fog settles and you walk quietly
in the streets,
tranquil and graceful.
I wish I could only see you
in black and white,
where you dance in the rain puddles in red boots,
tinted grey by
the black and white world
you would exist in,
only in my head.
I wish I could only see you
in black and white,
for when I see you in color,
you are too exuberant and blindingly vibrant
to the extent where I cannot comprehend
or appreciate your being.
I wish I could only see you
in black and white,
for I know that color is not where you
belong, and not where I can
admire you to your fullest potential.
I wish I could only see you
in black and white,
for you do not belong in my present,
you belong in my past.
That does not make you any less beautiful,
for things seen without the use of color
prove their authenticity.
Seeing you
in black and white
depicts you as something so magnificent,
color is not needed to enhance your being,
for you are beautiful enough
without it.

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Julia Mae
Julia Mae
Mar 15

we didn't have a honeymoon phase
you did
i didn't

if you find the girl who haunts me in my dreams, tell her I love her.
tell her how even when I'm wide awake, I wish I wasn't so that I could be her lover.
how I miss her love, and her deep blue eyes.
I hate to see her go, I only get to see her from sunset to sunrise.
the stars shine so brightly when she comes to invade my sleep,
she welcomes me with a soft kiss upon my cheek.
oh how I miss the girl who's got me so in love,
for when she smiles I swear I'm floating with the gods above.
her lips are soft, they taste so sweet, I can't wait until the next time we meet.
I smile when the sun begins to set, and my heart pounds in my chest
because I know who I'll see, and I won't be lonely because the girl I love will be lovin me.

-I'm dreaming of you, darling.

20.12.16 // 9:58 PM

-estrella x

New Message.
I'm beaming
The minute I see it's you.
Click Click Click
Message Sent
Just a simple
How are you
New Message
How was your day?
New Message
I miss you!
New Message
I love you!
Click Click Click
Message Sent
I Love you Too!
Click Click Click
But not the way
You love me
Click Click Click
I want to kiss you.
And date you.
And hold you.
Backspace Backspace Backspace
Click Click Click
I'm glad we're friends. :)

You've stolen my heart.
It's no longer mine.

Where have you been all of this time..?

As our lives begin to change, I hope our hearts remain the same.

Until our lips can touch,
Please remember that I love you this much.

Distance isn't forever.
But will my soul forget?
For you love,
The answer is, never...

They say when you are in a panicked state of mind you have to center yourself into the room in order to calm down
You were there one night
As my wildest emotions overrode me
You told me to count to 5 and it would all be over
Everything would be okay
1, 2, 3, 4... 5
It passed, those five seconds
They just
I began to use this method whenever I'd begin to go into an emotional frenzy
1, 2, 3, 4... 5
Things began to pass and I became to realize nothing could be bad forever
Especially after the countdown
Days passed between the two of us and things did not seem the same
As we sat in your car arguing about the little things
You said the words
"it's over, get out of my car"
I sat there
Shocked, panicked, so flooded with fear
So I began to count
you yelled at me, "STOP" you said
you wouldn't stop screaming "I'm done with this, I can't anymore"
you stopped screaming and began to pick up my purse and jacket to hand to me dismissing me from your car
you said "this will not pass"
it didn't

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Thoughts of you keep flooding in
My heart has become home to a flash flood
I never fell so quickly for someone before
But you flow through me like water
Making me love the taking of the tides
When I used to feel like a piece of me was taken away
But now
I'm drowning deeper and deeper
In love
with you

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Mar 2

You asked me to lunch
You asked for a dance
I'm lying here, Sad

Stuck deep in a trance

You called me pretty
You called me a doll
I'm lying here, Sad

Staring at the wall

You wanted my face
You wanted my hips
I'm lying here, Sad

Biting on my lips

You forced me quiet
You forced me in bed
I'm lying here, Sad

Bad thoughts in my head

You fed me sweet words,
Made me feel absurd.
I love you
I love you
Only sounds that I heard.

Quickly, I matured
Quickly, I hid pain
I'm lying here, Sad

When'll I be okay?

#sad   #pain   #evil   #iloveyou   #rape   #imnotokay  

If a poet falls in love with you,
Don't take it for granted;
They don't write poetry
For just anyone, you know.

February 24, 2017.
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One of my favorite things about you Is the fact that I still get butterflies whenever you are near.
Don't mistake my silence as a means to push you away or the fact that
I don't have anything to say.
It's just that I am still in complete awe.
That fluid motion that doesn't complicate anything.
That selfishness that has lost track of exactly where our kisses have landed.
But still craves to have more to compensate where the others have went.
That somewhat nervous jitter that occurs with the slightest touch.
Your mouth crashing against mine.
Lost in a tidal wave of tongues.
Cheeks relaxed in steady current.
There is nothing gentle about how well we conduct ourselves, except in the calm before the storm.
A floodgate of teeth raising in euphoria.
Releasing the echo of emotion felt from one body to the next.
A complete unison of waves lost in gentle current.
Our eyes closed in search of the light seen across the wave of tongues.
Watching it fade to black, soon to reappear.
The light that flashes behind our eyes.
An eclipse of heads following each others motion.
Our ears like seashells, resting along the coast of us.
Hearing the sounds, cleansed in the current of waves.
This wave that longs to be near you.
The complete awe of becoming apart of something more than what's presented.
Although expressed physically.
This depth of emotion swims in schools of love.

#love   #need   #iloveyou   #infatuation   #light   #ocean   #waves   #currents   #forher  
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