Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
5 days ago

One of my favorite things about you Is the fact that I still get butterflies whenever you are near.
Don't mistake my silence as a means to push you away or the fact that
I don't have anything to say.
It's just that I am still in complete awe.
That fluid motion that doesn't complicate anything.
That selfishness that has lost track of exactly where our kisses have landed.
But still craves to have more to compensate where the others have went.
That somewhat nervous jitter that occurs with the slightest touch.
Your mouth crashing against mine.
Lost in a tidal wave of tongues.
Cheeks relaxed in steady current.
There is nothing gentle about how well we conduct ourselves, except in the calm before the storm.
A floodgate of teeth raising in euphoria.
Releasing the echo of emotion felt from one body to the next.
A complete unison of waves lost in gentle current.
Our eyes closed in search of the light seen across the wave of tongues.
Watching it fade to black, soon to reappear.
The light that flashes behind our eyes.
An eclipse of heads following each others motion.
Our ears like seashells, resting along the coast of us.
Hearing the sounds, cleansed in the current of waves.
This wave that longs to be near you.
The complete awe of becoming apart of something more than what's presented.
Although expressed physically.
This depth of emotion swims in schools of love.

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Maggie J
Maggie J
Feb 12

One last time
I got to see you one last time
The last time I'll hold you
The last time I'll hug you
The last time I'll kiss you
The last time I'll love you.
we both know that last part's not true
Or maybe only I know
God I'll miss you.
I missed you before but I miss you even more now
Because that was the last time
It was a good last time.
We returned to our home, our battlefield, our Cove,
for one last glimpse
before we left forever
for good
We touched our old things
Dust-covered but still full of meaning
And breathed our old air
Stale but still charged
And we looked at our mountain.
Cold but mine and yours
You returned for a minute
My favorite you
For one last goodbye.
God and I loved you.
I let that you see me
One last time
My heart opened to you
One last time
Because that's the you
Who loves me the most.
And I got to talk to her
One last time
And this
I will treasure.
I will hold dear
When I miss you
but you longer exist
Because I got to see you
one last time
And this
I'll love

Feb 11

If only I found it easy
To express my love for you
Why don't the words flow
Like they used to

You are my strength
And always there for me
I wish I deserved you
But that will never be

You've never left me
Even when pushed away
Despite my self sabotage
And harsh things I say

I've let you see my dark
Others only see my light
Yet you stayed with me
And held me every night

I don't often say the words
I love you
My heart is scarred by the past
But you know, I really do

Sounds like I'm terrible to be around. But I'm not. Just was once and sometimes I am. Everyone has darkness, even those who shine everyday. How else could they shine so bright?
#love   #heart   #dark   #iloveyou   #light   #expression   #scarred  
Jan 25

I love you, said the boy
Watching his brothers nap
I love you, said the girl
Rocking her pup on her lap
I love you, said the movie
That two people watched for kicks
I love you, said the man
As he gently kissed her lips
I love you, said the woman
While she nibbled on his ears
I love you, said the father
Giving his daughter away in tears
I love you, said the dad
To his newborn baby girl
I love you, said the mom
Who had all the love in the world

#love   #man   #girl   #lust   #boy   #mom   #dad   #iloveyou   #woman  

tainted memories

wipe clean my slate

let me rest in the arms of love

here in my garden of eden

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

Do I really love you?
Or am I desperate for attention.
I fear to be alone
But I fear too leave you too
I want you to be mine

But at the same time

when I have you
I forget how to love you
I crave your affection
I really do.
I just can't love like you used too love me.

#love   #broken   #heart   #hate   #alone   #iloveyou   #cold  

I don't need to be right.
I just need you to know.
That you aren't perfect and right.
Everytime we argue.

I don't wanna end up like my mom
Loving somebody so much
fighting them everyday
over the smallest things
just to end up getting nowhere
and mad
and hating each other.

At some point, I truly believe that my parents loved each other flawlessly.
Well maybe not flawlessly. But as flawlessly as they-as very flawed humans-could get.

But now
silent dinners
too tired to even have the passion to argue with one another.

The only comforting thing that will come out of this poem I'm writing is this:
I can never end up like my mother.
because I drink like my father. Anger, extreme mood swings, hating losing to the point of ruining a nice time. We share more than just a birthday.

Pretty sure I put two poems together but I don't care it kinda works
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I called you sunshine
You rose in my life
Lit my way and guided my soul
You warmed my being from the inside out
Melted the ice walls around my heart
Left puddles where they had stood
I basked in you
Let you brighten every day
You told me I glowed
Love the glow in me is the mere reflection of you
But sunshine you have gone
And like the moon I still reflect you
But sun and moon were never meant to be
So you be the sun
I'll be the moon
I will glow for you
Because of you

Her eyes widened,
Not once did I stop to notice that this was the first time
These words came from my mouth.
Through action yes but never once did I stop to pay attention that I've never said it before.
The words that caused this sudden hesitation.
I mean throughout the course of the day I've thought it.
But until I seen the look on her face it struck me.
Of all things how could I possibly forget that.
It wasn't at all a bad thing, as most silences accompany something bad,
Though silence filled the air the look on her face was in disbelief.
From that moment on I sort of questioned a lot of other things, the kind of things that lead to if I did or didn't.
I never was one to pay close attention to detail.
The subtle hints that I very well might have overlooked.
I suppose I do deserve to be hit in the back of the head
As she stopped in mid sentence, I suppose just as shocked as I was.
In the back of my mind I was really hoping that she wouldn't ball up her fist and hit me up side the head.
All things aside, I was never good at this type of thing and on a daily basis she deserves more than what I can give but she takes it all in stride.
But seriously I hope she doesn't hit me up side the head for taking this long.
She is a bit violent and on top of that she is a midget, going to get a step stool would only make her madder.
Her eyes now widened, eyebrows relived of any crinkle that stretched down to her nose.
Leaving me without a thing to say but the words again.
"I love you"

Jasmin A
Jasmin A
Jan 16

There were certain things he couldn't hide from
like the fact that the ocean only loves him when he's drowning
like the fact that rope fit best on his neck
and the fact that razors sing louder than his crush whom he heard as he walked by the rest room

He didn't know that

There were certain things she couldn't hide from
like the fact that she gets closer to her mother when her veins leak
like the fact that alcohol tastes better when it's fighting to go down
and the fact that the ground wants her more than her crush does when she's five stories high

It's Saturday morning and he cuts his wrists over the ocean and ties the rope tight on the dock and jumps.
It's Saturday morning and she cuts her wrists on top of her five story apartment building, breathes in two bottles of tequila and jumps.

They found each other as their souls headed forward.
Funny, they thought as they told their stories.

"I didn't have to jump"

#love   #suicide   #sad   #happy   #funny   #iloveyou   #crazy  
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