allow our minds to collide in a kaleidoscope of thoughts,
fear and love intertwined like overgrown ivy vines racing to the moon arms stretched out grabbing at the beams bursting.
peacefully we lay here in our own silence.

#love   #moon   #lovers   #different   #minds  

Minds dreamed ...

my tears blended with a rains...

rains increased more...

so,i cried more...

cried ,because you were there...

there,not with me...

so...i slept...

slept to get you so close to me...

slept to dream about you...

its a decision to get you into my dream...

its a choice to live together into our dream...

to create a heaven to our love...

there was no another choice...

its the only way to get away a loneliness from each other...

so, we started,in a same time...

as the way as we met always...

our minds met...

our naked bodies got to the other...

bodies danced as a one as a harmonic...

danced and got it's power from the voice of thunder...

exchanged a love through a making love...

got their carnal appetite through a greatly melt...

more greater than a fusion...

bodies sewed and tried to give a lust to the moment...

to get a great love,that no one ever heard...

showed each other ,how must a love should be...

and promised one the other to be in love forever...

by: hazem al ...

#minds   #dreamed  
Nabarun Roy
Nabarun Roy
Dec 19, 2016

What does it take to
Change the world?
What does it take to
Make you answer
To all my questions
With no aggressions?

How much it will take to
Improve myself?
How much it will take to
Do the work
And change your mind
To make you see the world unlike a blind?

When things will start to
Go according to my dream?
When you all will start to
Treat each other with a cream
Keeping a smile always
Which forever stays ?

Where should I go to
Find a place unique?
Where should I go to
Start my trip
With a herd of sheep
And not having a relation cheap?

Why you act like
You act like you don't care about what I say?
Why you always get fooled by
Yourself, assuming your life is free
While seeling yourself with a price
By the Ellites, who just roll the dice.

Have you ever thought
About those question's birth?
How I always feel
About the people of earth?
I love you,
But It's not that I don't hate you.

To everyone of you :|

They bleach our brains
Forming a blank canvas
Painting thick brush strokes
Of their beliefs
"Its a process of a growing mindset"
They claim

We are blossoming wild weeds beat with chemicals
Alive on the outside but drained inside
we start to wilt
They spray some more
Until we complain
no more

Going through a pile of exams and deadlines, my thoughts and feeling about school right now
#sad   #flowers   #stress   #school   #brains   #minds   #tension   #studies   #mindset   #feeligs  
Nov 28, 2016

hazy through the curtains,
bridges the gap between our worlds
and our realities gently collide for a moment,
as we lay together,
only being.

I’m not sure who you are,
or where it is you go to inside your mind,
but i’d follow you there if i could,
and sit at the back,
wondering why
even your light
is so heavy.

We are tangled here,
you and i,
inside this Wednesday morning,
and although i have no words to give you,
i would stay here by your side,
as long as your body is against mine
and your fingers are on my neck,
softly setting me on fire
in the most pleasant
of ways.

#peace   #bed   #people   #light   #touch   #sunlight   #morning   #minds   #gentle   #eerie  
Cherie Nolan
Cherie Nolan
Nov 15, 2016

As a burning fired heart rages,
as I write again,
in crumpled & yellowed,
writing wisdom left,
from wise imparting sages,
given down throughout the oldest ages,
take us through the next,
of necessary stages,
we earn our way,
paid a poor man's wages,

Please free us,
free us,
from these painful,

Cherie Nolan© 2016

Peter Kiggin
Oct 25, 2016

Find me time.

Imprisoned in my minds time
Forced to move forward when thinking of the past
A thought from the crystallization you defined
The future is a cloud of thoughts waiting to last
Yesterday someone stole me like a crime
You'll find it when a signal is cast
Mystical happenings unlock the person you are to find
I am a Captain of my own ship but the winds and the mast and I sail forever and that is my task

find wisdom from loneliness
#time   #in   #my   #minds   #imprisoned  
Oct 23, 2016

i just want to know
how everybody else thinks

to see what they see
and their repetitive regrets and fears

just to know that there are minds
existent alike mine

#think   #like   #minds   #everybody   #mine   #existent  
Oct 19, 2016

She stands in the kitchen,
while I slice her flesh away,
eroding a parasite, she's
the perfect picture of decay,
I'm birthing something new,
extracting the real me
from my sinews,
I've killed the girl you knew,
It looks like she's
psychopathic like me too.


#love   #poem   #thoughts   #new   #minds   #flesh   #anti   #butcher   #extracting  
Ashes to Ashley
Ashes to Ashley
Sep 24, 2016

How unique are all these beautiful minds, to see beyond the flaws and yet somehow finding solace in themselves.

Anjum Choudhary

#beautiful   #flaws   #comfort   #minds   #beyond  
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