Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

I see the way
My father’s arms
Are wearing out
And breaking down
Underneath this daily weight
And I am afraid
Of my own day
Which is yet to come
But will not stay away

Welcome to my world. :p
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Zoe M Cripe
5 days ago

You'll always be my entire world,
Even if you'll never be my girl.
You'll always make my heart whole,
Even if you never know.
You'll never be all I need,
Because you and I just cannot be.
You'll never make me cry at night,
Because I realized you're not worth the fight.
You'll always be the one for me,
Even if you're deadly.
You'll always make the end known,
Even if the beginning is shown.

#always   #her   #him   #you   #together   #never   #us   #forever   #deadly   #mine  
5 days ago

How can you not see,
That I’m hurting constantly?
I have gone through life,
Worrying about others. But, what about myself?
How can you not try,
Try to help, comfort, support me?
I have to carry others, while I carry myself.
After a while, that carrying becomes too much.
And you have to decide,
Drop others or drop yourself.
And for me,
It’s always myself.
How can you not see,
That I’m constantly hurting?
From the pain of carrying,
Constantly caring,
For others.
Never myself.

#poetry   #sad   #blind   #deep   #caring   #really   #wow   #hurting   #mine   #constantly  

He's my
playful lion.
I swimmingly
make him purr.
Making music
by his majestic,
magnetizing gaze.
Mane-tain constant motion,
transfixed in his grace.
But stroke his royal fur,
watch me roar
the hairs off your face


Happy Spring! Just a playful write dedicated to my husband, my Leo. I'm a Pisces, so there's a little of me swimming in here.
Thanks for reading! K:)
#love   #king   #lion   #mine   #zodiac   #roar   #leo  

A heavenly glimpse
I saw you, spinning there
In a field against the 3 o' clock Spring sunshine
Hands outstretched at either side
The encapsulation of pure bliss
The rays of sun illuminated the slopes and curves
Of this angel dancing before me
Cicadas and crickets played their symphony as you danced
The dandelion wishes were your partners
I called out to you in pure elation
And you faded away with the breeze
An aberration
A figment of my imagination
Are you alright where you are?
Oh how I wish you were here with me
Death has robbed me of my heart
I'd give anything to see you dancing in a meadow again
Without a care in the world
Death, give me back what's mine
I, a selfish girl, want nothing less than what belongs to me
And she was my love

She's gone and it frustrates me to no end. I love her and always will. My grandma loved to dance anywhere and everywhere.
#love   #anger   #pain   #sadness   #death   #loss   #frustration   #family   #loneliness   #mine  

So in the wee hours,
Up I am early on many days,
Chased by demons in nightmares,
Chalking out an escape plan,
Unto the depths of hell,
Bray she may in her realm,
Unto my stiffness she takes me,
Sucking mine in the nightmare.

Memories bring the nightmares and the nightmares bring the succubus.
Nothing to do with anyone on Hello Poetry.
My HP Poem #1465
©Atul Kaushal

I look at the dismay
of my so called day
When everything seems
to be falling apart
I find myself collecting the sum
of my parts
Putting myself back together again .

With a grin !

#time   #of   #friend   #a   #is   #tonight   #tough   #mine   #having  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 13

Its the flowers..
They remind me of colors with no name,
Words that will never be said,
Emotions that are buried inside of me,
And of times I've hesitated to take your hand,

Do you ever see people?
For how the react towards you.
Not for what they look like or walk.
But for their emotions buried deeper than any truth,

I wish I could just reach out.
And touch your heart like you do mind,
I wish I could know for sure,
How you see me inside that beautiful mind,

I want to see beyond the smile behind your "hello",
I want to feel beyond your soft voice of " I'm okay",
I want to not just touch your life and go,
I want to be here for moments unseen and times after today,

If I tell you of what's been eating my heart..
Would you embrace me?
Would you come and stay here?
Would you reach for the piece of my fragile heart?
Would you make this step with me and forever never part?

Would you love me?
Like I have done all this time?
Would you grant me what I wish?
And let you be mine?

#love   #feelings   #girl   #flowers   #me   #emotions   #mine  

What am I supposed to do? As I feel you slip away?
What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say?
I just wanted to be yours, I just wanted us to last,
but now all our forevers, just feel like moments in the past.

But I want to wake up with you, and I want to be your love,
and I want to make it through this, and I want to rise above,
So please don't up and leave me, please don't be gone for good,
you make me so, so happy, like no one ever could.

#love   #sad   #lost   #cute   #her   #sweet   #forever   #yours   #mine   #the-one  
Mar 9

I must apologize for my eyes.
It's really difficult
For me
To get mine
To leave yours.

#love   #eyes   #you   #me   #sorry   #difficult   #yours   #look   #mine  
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