3 days ago

This cell becomes division
an idea a split a incision
a night and a day
Black and white
But in this division
We can see, we can envision
Identity pouring forth
The tiny flame
Of a name...

This tree becomes a seed
It moves it bleeds and breaks
a part of itself of itself to move forward
and yet it is not how it started out
however it doesn't lose it self to doubt
We branch out wards like this family tree

This fire becomes a spark
It lights another flame
Who could tell it from the fire
and yet it has its own desires

The human becomes a egg
Hatching catching its mothers eyes
One day it will be fully grown
Will it still feel the sting of being alone?

This ocean becomes a drop
A drop that drips from a leaf
A raindrop that settles on the ground
In the cycle of Gaia
Repeating on and on
We are not separate
We move on and on..

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Knowing you need help for it
But having it stops you from getting help

#life   #disorder   #anxiety   #scared   #crazy   #help   #cycle   #anxious  

As the grass grew
I cut it
I didn't think about it
I just shaved it

Have you ever been outside?
It's slow.
Have you ever seen the grass?
It's slow.
I watched the grass for an hour today.
I didn't see any change.
Yet somehow the grass kept growing
Just to get cut down on saterday
Because when grass stops growing,
It dies.

Every week when i cut the grass
I looked in the mirror
I shaved my beard
I didn't see any change
Weeks whent by
I didn't grow
Am i alive?

Shitly worded feel free to take the idea and make it better. Just link me in the desc. if yours and link me yours in the comments of this
#love   #depressing   #life   #hate   #dead   #growing   #grass   #inside   #cycle  

I thought of the boy who has yet to be the best of himself. I thought of how the love I felt for him seemed like a crooked line, wanting to bend and curve into any shape possible. I thought of how his words enraptured me like a tornado with its never-ending cyclonic movement; a cycle of feeling the rush of breathlessness. I thought of how the boy has my heart and mind racing in a circle. I thought of how he was soon to grow into a hurricane, ready to captivate others beside me. I thought again of how he has yet to be the best of himself; give him a thousand rotations of the clock to grow. But I realized how much better I can be for him by then, when now he has already gotten the best of me.

i was given the words best and circle, and this was what came out of those two words.
#love   #words   #cycle   #tornado   #circle   #hurrican   #cyclonic  

Impervious to the oscillating fans of time
It ran into all man made obstacles
The question burned on the final cross
“Were you the real master all this time?”
Until I staked it with the sword of progress
Soon enough, we turned into rats
A sense of humor was well written
Into the natural order of all things
But I still had to pick off dead skins
From my head onto the winds
Leading me to self-deprecate
I wondered, what was the point?
Grasping at that marage of me
Burning homework in fifth grade
Pillars of bright fuzzy bliss
Surrounded the flames around
I climbed and I climbed up one
Until I reached a pulsating hue
I touched it and the bell rang
I looked down to see superiors
Laughing, for I had to fall down
Then, I felt the rope burn

#ending   #trick   #cycle   #finality   #undoing  

With the moon I change night in and out continuously through cycles of light and darkness, through tides high and low. I alternate between every shade in between but never purely black or white. I am flawed, and I am god. I am hidden, but I radiate.

January 30th, 2017 - 14:05
#moon   #change   #cycle   #manic  
Mel anie
Mel anie
Jan 11

So your gonna go out tonight?
I just need to know if I'm babysitting?
That's why I didn't put away all my stuff.
Your psycho!
You're having a manic episode..
Wow, I wouldn't give you soup I would've given you macaroni.
Please stop screaming in front of the baby.

Making grunting disgusted sounds

You need alone time? I gave you two hours today!
This isn't a relationship.
I can go.
Good because I have things I need to do anyways..

Your not answering?
You're leaving me here without a phone?!
I'm taking her with me then!

#power   #and   #control   #equality   #cycle   #vicious   #fairness   #wheel  
Jan 3

Fell the Christmas tree
for us to dress
and pine-scent our homes
in weeks of Nativity.

Discard the Christmas tree,
as January blows in
and the council men come
to clear the needled streets.

Forget the Christmas tree
as we start again
and media’s ‘Blue Monday’
brings the suicide spree.

Grow the Christmas tree
for us to dress,
pine-scent our homes
and delay unwelcome reverie.

#suicide   #depression   #life   #death   #media   #time   #winter   #ignore   #cycle   #christmas  
Dec 25, 2016

it's peculiarly strange how
in the beginning
I was the one in a state of uncertainty about life
and every other things
I went all like,
"I just don't know how..."
you've kept me composed all along,
sure-fired me that I was not alone
and somehow, definitely,
I believed you were here, for a reason

the later part, unforeseably,
came like a trigger warning cycle
and it twitches my heart a little
when you began to say those words, wistfully
just like how I did
and I still wonder why yours sounded
like an adieu


Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
Dec 25, 2016


I'm doing it again
But with others now
I thought it was exclusive
But somehow
I'm doing it again
I'm not being a good friend
I'm not being a good friend

Instead of pushing
I crawl into a hole
Shut and lock the door
Knock but I wont hear you
I chose this but I didn't mean too
I deserve to be alone
I deserve to be alone

I feel unworthy
They're such good people
With futures I don't see myself in
Because what am I?
#sad   #friend   #repeat   #cycle  
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