Parmida Rezai
Parmida Rezai
2 days ago

Dansende på det glansende terræn,
Finder man den mest kvalificerede hane,
Som dog ikke egner sig til den røde svane.

I græsset ses en hjort,
Med horn
Der styrer frem med et håb om befrielse,
Den er villig til at gøre brug af sine horn,
Men den kan ikke,
Så den kigger,
Og hopper,
For sig selv i det høje græs,
Nyder sit eget selskab og den eftertragtede klang af mening i det indre øre,
Som du ikke har.

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4 days ago

I put in too much
and yield little crop
like an over watered garden
the intention was there
I gifted all my effort
there was no lack of care
but the fruit came up bare
and the vegetables drowned
so my little garden failed
like a reflection of my work

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Seedless fruit

sprouts from genetically

modified pods

that forego conventional germination and

say, "fuck the free world" and

do what the fuck they want

simply because they can.

Plants are anarchists,

and as such

are not held back by your vague moral


and instead they take what they want,

as long as no one is hurt.

But even the best of plants hurt others

and herd resources -

the natural conclusion

to free market horticulture.

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She wrapped her arms around me,
Then drew my eyes grandiflorus
We are,
She is the "princess of the night"
Upon the lava lights
Like a Moonflower  
Burning ambergris

Her scents of aphrodisiac
Hold the usufruct of lend
   Is this dithyramb of poem
    A Song unto the wind

The chorus grass
Beds lad and lass
Under nights of bloom & cactus cast

My Honolulu Queen
Your vines grow so lovely
Plump juicy tunas
Delight my thirsting

For tonight the moon
Shines beams of showers
And we fall laid
Unto these powers


We grow under the nights eaves

A flower
is a thing
but within
a sphere
of control.

You take
care of

You water

to flourish.

Fertilize, propagate...
and you love


I found a heart on my doorstep
And rushed to bring it inside
To put it in a new pot,
With good soil from the nice patch of grass,
And fresh water from the tap,


who could ever have thought
That I was responsible enough
To care for something like this
When they could see all the planters by my door
Have withered away to dust?

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Dhaara T
Dhaara T
Feb 23

I told you,
didn't I?
If you don't water the mint plant
It'll die
Oh alright,
I can see it isn't dead
But plants are like love,
my love
They'll bear fruits
Even non-fruit-bearing plants
Will gift you something
But you cannot keep taking
and not give a thing in return
You need to tend to them
Nurture them
Talk to them
Give them your time
Then watch them flourish
Into something beautiful
And perennial
Spreading their fragrance
All around
All year round

#love   #leaves   #plants   #analogy   #mint  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Jan 21

More than just drops of water
The life giver, the energy re filler
The rain, I stopped running away
And gazed, on drops that fall on leaves
A closer look, and thoughts lit up
It's a refreshment, a zillion angels
Descending, giving life to the dry souls
Defending drought from wiping out joy

The soil absorbed the gift
Awakened her offsprings
The trees, herbs and flowers
Replenished their needs
Now, the payback to their care takers
To let them be thankful to God
For what they haven't destroyed
For they have become humans

The nature will unleash, the beauty
The food, the medicines, to relax
And to inhale life, the oxygen
Then after, the silly droplets
That fooled around on huge petals
Soon, to drop on her fulfilled heart

The rain is a miraculous refreshment
#life   #flowers   #rain   #nature   #people   #green   #human   #plants   #refreshment   #herbs  

An amazing and rare piece of antiquity
Secrets of the Voynich manuscript
I find So Mysterious yet so captivating 
A beautiful language not revealing
Uniquely expressive are the paintings
Somewhat exotic are the drawings
Leaves one with an astonished feeling
A  castle grand under a starry light
beyond  a dragon enjoying the night
And seven sisters soaking in a spring
As herbs and dainty flowers sing
Foliage green and blooms in blue
Stems standing tall, strong and true
Colors are vibrant bleeding through
Palms, and fronds and ferns, too
And inky blue with leaves of six
Roots partitioned into pieces and bits
Sunflowers and tiny red flowers
O' and a divine constellation shower
beauty imagined, beauty redefined
Oh this beauty I alone have found
amidst a poetic language unknown
penned with a quill by a poet of long ago

.....hopefully the poet would be honored with my tribute
Alyna P
Alyna P
Jan 4

yesterday, I learned of a thing called
a terrarium
a human-made environment, where plants
can bloom and grow with a bit of sunlight,
unaffected by snow and other
natural hazards

now, my experiment begins
i’m going to build one of my own
crawl inside it, make it my home
because i want to grow
because other people
like to stamp things down before
they ever get a chance to breathe)

these structures called terrariums
they have glass walls, so i’ve built those too
(high enough?
well maybe,
i mean,
they go up to the roof)

but there’s something i forgot
to mention about terrariums
the things inside
can only survive with love and care
(they must be watered and maintained constantly)
this is where it gets a bit tricky
because the seed i want to plant inside my heart
requires not easy or intermediate level care
but an incredible amount of time
spent watching over, doting on
loving and looking after
until it can finally
peek out from beneath the dirt inside me
and I will name it happiness

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