kenny Diamond
kenny Diamond
1 hour ago

Your  beauty was  more then
Your beauty was never understood
Your beauty was  not just one night stand
Your beauty didn't  tell whole story
Your beauty was  then just face
You were more then just beauty

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kenny Diamond
kenny Diamond
1 hour ago

I  got  say something
Words ment to be said
You never took the time
Let this unwind
Such  lack  respect
You were just sheep
Lost  in world  that  you see

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Your  brokeness  becomes  my grief
Your  rejection becomes my reflection
Your  hurt  becomes my pain
Your  coldness  becomes  my   soreness
Your  tone  becomes  an arrow

I  either  walk away
Before  you  draw me  under.

#illness   #stress   #being   #care   #well   #behaviour  
2 days ago

I wanted to text you
to see how you are
because being who I am,
I always care,
but I know if I do so
I'll fall back down that
hole of trying to be in
your life again.

#love   #life   #heart   #fall   #friendship   #falling   #heartbroken   #old   #caring   #care  
2 days ago

All I do
is care
about those
who could
care less
about me
I guess
that is

#friends   #broken   #okay   #friendship   #heartbroken   #old   #caring   #care  

for nine days
dust has smoothed it
this worn cup

sometimes through disuse, for a little while, those things we thought familiar and essential are shown to us, perhaps and perhaps not so; and in either case in a new and unexpected light.
#love   #peace   #joy   #understanding   #care  
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher
6 days ago

Oh wise worry, weep not for me,
keeper of my words and memory,
when you think of me, my works,
the phantom of I that still resides,
my shadow that falls, cast on walls,

oh wise, wonderful worry, weep not,
I would not need your wanton tears,
instead, think upon the years I was,
my smiles, those silly, willful laughs,
times filled with wiles, wise worry;

Do not miss me, or mourn me, love me;
Bring back those blessed days of before,
kiss me tenderly, hug me, even if bitterly,
time is bent, you see, so return to me,
embrace me, oh wise worry, weep not,

we have nothing but eternity.

#loss   #time   #memory   #eternity   #tragedy   #care   #remembrance   #london  
Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
7 days ago

This time, when I say it,
I want you to know it will not just be for attention.
The world has finally shut its doors,
And I stand outside, alone in the darkness, yearning for affection.

The gatekeepers snarl and snigger each time I get close,
And my mind races, it's roaring above my heart.
Instead of attempting to regain entry, it spits out hatred,
And pulls itself apart..

"I can do this on my own", it speaks out,
"Who needs love, care.... hope?"
"I don't need your pity, your crummy hands to hold me.
I can do this, I don't need anyone .. I can cope!"

And when my minds' voice bounces into the airy silence,
My heart grabs an opportunity to say:
"Hear me instead of these lies that my mind's feeding!
I've never truly wanted to be out here all alone.. I want to go home where loving arms take the darkness away.."

22 - March - 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
#truth   #heart   #alone   #hope   #denial   #care  

Have faith in me and what I do,
have faith, and believe in me.
All which I ask for is just one chance,
All I want is an opportunity.

Don’t be blind, naive, or sympathetic,
Do only what you believe.
But how can I have workplace experience,
Without just one opportunity.

I’m not disabled, depressed, or distraught,
I’m not born with any superiority,
Without privilege or right,
We, we need opportunity.

I won’t plead for a chance,
I won't plead for the job,
I won’t plead for opportunity,
I just won’t plead.


Just open your eyes,
Your mind and heart,
And see,
Everyone needs an opportunity.

I care,
But sometimes I wish I didn't...
I wish I didn't know how cruel the world is,
But I do.
The more I know,
The more I hate people around me,
Hate on people who don't even try to understand,
To see,
To care,
But I also envy them,
I remember how much easier being selfish is,
When you simply do not know better...

Can I proceed perfectly, both empathically and practically?
Am I too weak?
Too selfish to surrender to my ethics and moral?
Will my life be better if I suppress what I've learned, ignore my inner voice and follow blindly the path ahead, no extra thoughts or worries?
Just living, simply being, following instincts that's been taught upon us,
Because that's how it's meant to be,
Even when it feels as fucked up as can be,
When everything inside you screams it's wrong,
But your selfish mind pulls you in,
Convinces you to continue to sin,
It's like you'll never win,
Because what's comfortable is safe,
What's safe is comfortable,
So you try to forget as good as you can,
To continue to live for you,
Not for them.

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