I have so many musings
my hands they are complaining,
cuz we can't get them all right,
an so quickly jot them down,

An I feel that I'm connected,
to all my friends and my dear neighbors
an all that I can hear is just is that sound!

Of sweet snowflakes as they're falling,
in the silence sweet n pure,
an so softly as I hear them,
touch the ground,

An soon I'll imagine,
oh a winter wonderland,
in a covering in all you see around,

Those lovely floating wisps,
are so intricate-amazing
those parachuting sprites,
here they abound!

If you ever catch one close up,
well you really really oughta,
cuz the labyrinthine in sight
it will astound!

They are happy little ships afloat,
with an octagonal shape,
landing on all  life,
once sorely browned,

Every child and adult,
is now looking up in awe,
as there smiles turning up ,
instead of frowned!

I thought that I was lost,
an I'd never get to see,

but in poetry it seems-
that  I am found!

Ma Cherie © 2017

Happy poetry! Yeah!?  Lol ; ) ❤❤❤ hope you are all well!
#love   #poetry   #life   #imagine   #musing   #snowflakes  
Feb 27

imagine if everything was simple
we're all happy and living the life we desire
and we're all content with what we are given

and that satisfaction is genuine
nothing artificial or insubstantial
that's how we all wish life could be

maybe in another life, we would meet
maybe my hand would be in yours
maybe our hearts would belong to each other

if life was that simple, maybe we'd already know each other
maybe i would already mean something to you
but nothing is that easy

yet, i'm still happy with just the thought of you

because my thoughts keep me going .
Jan 24, 2013

Just imagine, me,
between the earth and the sky,
cradling the sun

This was written after seeing the evening sun low in the horizon......
#sun   #sky   #earth   #imagine  

If  I could walk a mile in your shoes,
Would  I look as sad as you,
Are you alone in the world too?
What would a kind person say to you?
Cheer up, look on the bright side,
It doesn't cost anything to smile.....

Feedback welcome.

You have always wondered what darkness is,
You have always hoped to see it,
You even asked me to show you,
But I know if I gave you the gift of darkness,
(For I indeed Know darkness)
You would burn it,
And say,
"That is not darkness...See how much light it has made"

Jan 8

The moon is sitting
hauntingly beautiful
on her window
lovely wisps of pink scattered sky
glancing at her behind the trees
she imagines your hands
on her night skin
and she wants to write poetry
on your palm
she wants to write anything
about the oceans and the stars
and she wants it all
to mean something.

And tonight
she misses you so bad.

#love   #poetry   #sky   #you   #miss   #imagine   #tonight   #hand   #scattered   #oceans  
Joe Black
Joe Black
Dec 28, 2016

You stand on

Busy street corner

And imagine,

That you are not here

That you do not exist.

People are walking,

Cars beeping,

Shops are getting open.

World continues to live without you.

It is painful to understand that.

But necessary...

#people   #you   #street   #live   #imagine   #understand   #car   #corner  
Allena Iris
Allena Iris
Dec 27, 2016

Smile and I swear you
I can't carry the whole world in my hand
But it's here to see you now
Smile and I see you
I can't afford seeing another life
Yet my life is so beautiful
Smile and I beg you to stay
Tell you I've found somewhere to dwell
So you don't have to leave now

This poem is dedicated to no one
#love   #dream   #life   #girl   #boy   #smile   #flower   #imagine   #care  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
Dec 18, 2016

I dove in head first--
didn't think about it
let the huge bubble
around me burst--
ignored the warning signs
of shallow water all around
not the least fearful
of landing on the ground
instead of the murky, watery sea--
but the ground came fast
and slammed right into me--
still I got my ass right back up again
and climbed that huge ladder
all determined to be the one to win
and jumped this time feet first--
and yep,
still made that bubble burst,
but this time I landed smack into the sea
and swam far, far away from here
seems it was finally my time to just be free!

#free   #sea   #imagine   #swim   #persistence   #determined   #climb  
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