Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
20 hours ago

I'm taking this pain away from you and from me~~
I'm going to put it somewhere safe
perhaps under that huge oak tree
and place it there because I know the oak is strong
and will trust it to mold this pain
into a gentle, soothing song
and we'll no longer allow it to cause grief and harm~~
for when you plant the pain deep into the earth
and allow the roots of an oak
to give it new birth
the pain gets buried forever and a day
and turns into song and gentle creatures at play--
do you hear the birds chirping,
do you now see?
Those squirrels, those birds all in that tree?
That's our pain, my sweet brother~~
taken away from you and from me
and bringing new life and joy
to our beloved oak tree...
©Pamela Rae 02.26.2017

I was talking to my amazing soulsister downunder and she said I should stop carrying all the pain with me of watching my brother die and trying to take on his pain. She suggested I envision burying the pain under a strong, sturdy tree and letting it turn into something positive...this poem is the result of that wonderful suggestion she gave me...
Thank you for caring to read, for your kind thoughts and prayers!
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1 day ago

See that tall oak tree with the skinny branches
Sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the rest,
Barely holding on to its place on Earth
Swaying side to side like a drunken sailor
If a tree could talk would it question it's purpose,
Or would it rest peacefully at night
While embracing it's right,
But offer no sound in sight ?

Melisa Bernards
Melisa Bernards
3 days ago

The father is the trunk standing tall and firm
Showing conviction to the young, by his example they learn.
His roots seek nourishment, he never stops to rest
His family wants for nothing because he gives his best.
He patiently endures, and meets all demands
His strength is impressive, mighty and grand.

The mother is the branches stretching her arms to hold her child
Firm and flexible, strong and mild.
Her leaves of protection give shelter from the rain
That are the tears of rejection, injustice and pain.
Her pearls of wisdom are like ripening fruit
Sweetly teaching in her great repute

This family tree gets taken for granted
So many children grow up empty handed
Even though at times they may all disagree
There is nothing more essential than the family tree.

#father   #mother   #tree   #family   #children  
6 days ago

I’m a twisted knobbly old tree
At least that’s what people are calling me
But I’ve stood through storms
And driving rain
Lightning strikes with limbs aflame
Witness of war or a lovers tryst
Bloody duels – oh how tender she kissed
Now here I stand as you see
Bowed but not broken
Little left to worry me
Wise but old
Twisted not cold
Knobbly I may be
But I am a proud old tree.

Another Old Man poem really.
#tree   #old   #age   #poetree   #apoetree  

Temptation need not be confused with conviction.
Of course I feel the pull of wicked ways,
But the lure is not my Oddessey.
I could write a thousand sins,
Repent, inevitably repeat, and lie
I am ruled by a crooked rage
A poisoned oak in a forgotten wood
Rotting, to the grave I wear this facade.

#self   #lies   #tree   #liberation   #facade   #duality  

I don’t really know who you are.
Kids use you like a monkey bar.
You let them bask in your cool shade.
All of this without being paid.
A tree, unappreciated.
To this dull life, you are fated.
Unknown, unloved, longing for change.
You are limited in your range.

Dear tree, I now know who you are.
Your love shines as bright as a star.
They'll try to shake you; don't be swayed.
If you fall, I will be dismayed.
Give up? I'll be devastated.
Be more than you're estimated.
While although they might call you strange,
do not become disarranged.

Dear tree, you are big, strong, and tall.
Do not let them be your downfall.

Take a walk until you find a tree you identify with, and then write a poem using the tree as a metaphor for yourself or your life.
#metaphor   #life   #tree   #trees  
Dhaara T
Dhaara T
Feb 15

Under the naked tree
They saw each other drenched in silver moonlight
Revelling in a mad dance of love
Echoing moans through the night

Two lost souls
Had found one another
To lose themselves
To each other

They'd found their spot
Where not a being would intervene
So there, they reunited, each night
Sparking a silent fire, in this place so serene

Under the naked tree
Revelling in each other's sight
Began a mad dance of love
Echoing moans through the night

Tides rose, and winds spooked passers-by
As from him, sweet kisses, she stole
A soul, free from the binds of its corpse
Had just found another, to make her a whole

#love   #tree   #spirits   #ghosts   #haunted   #spooky   #poella  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Feb 11

What slender strength once attainted to
reach forth, but now its feathers of life
have collected like a funeral pyre cremating
their existence to embers floating in limbo.

Her virtue swaying with every expiration,
cartilage falters dismembered from her form.
Hollow and barren. One moment of existence
still hangs on she is not yet gone.

That faithful breath falls on this day, a lonely
woeful tear leaves the nest. This inanimate effigy
now a husk of memories rings once worn now
stained. She died standing up... she died alone...

A trees final moments....
#breath   #nature   #tree   #live   #rings  

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but words may never hurt me

my heart is cold,
of ice and stone
sitting alone in a palm tree

words whizz by
and my steel heart lay stuck,
in this little brown tree

forever wonder if the
world spinning by
will ever stop to notice me

I'm just lost and
in this cold world I'll find you
standing there holding a key

Unlock my heart
and spill my secrets out
out for everyone to see

I finally get away
From being locked up inside
myself and finally be free?

Am I just dreaming
Are you already gone
far away from me?

It's sad but without you
my heart's still lost,
cold and dying out at sea

steel drowns
though, for now, I sit here
waiting in this little palm tree

Come back to me...
#heartbreak   #broken   #heart   #alone   #ice   #tree   #you   #me   #us   #cold  

Your cherry sweet and juicy is
once bitten, tongue my, palate burst
in pleasure, but your stone-hard pit
is what my mouth in heaven turns.

I like to seize it, gently, feel
the bitter taste of nibbling bead,
before bite cuts into the root,
releasing secret tang of fruit.

And next time when I'm back for more,
new cherry hangs on summer bench,
I pick the red gem - with my lips
and eat it, eager, to the core.

You never said stop to my play,
new fruit hangs always from the tree
for me. I think you love the way
I treat your cherries - and your pits.

#love   #poem   #garden   #tree   #cherry   #erotic   #pit  
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