Eric Lewis
3 days ago

Writing on The Walls
A bloodstained handprint
Are you alive to see this
Do your eyes pierce now?
Where the soul sees a mirror?
Oh God why cant they see
Why can't they see
The writing on the walls

Wed like to stay blind
But the rest wont last
Time to break a flatline
And wakeup from your bed

Pray now
You fall on your knees in grief
Do you see what you've been doing?
Do you see what you have left?
Another bloodstained hand print
The writings on the walls

Wed like to stay blind
But the rest wont last
Time to break a flatline
And wakeup from your bed

Press your face to the floor
Don't leave your posture
Don't move a muscle
Your eyes see it now don't they?
You can't hide
The Writings on the wall
The Writings on the wall
The Writings on the wall

The Writings...

John 19:37
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Jan 9

Thorns are lovely
their sharpness.

Fallen leaves are beautiful
despite their decay—
nobody cares that they will
next year’s trees.

Tomorrow would never be
a better day,
if nature hadn’t
planned things today.

8:02 PM
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Dec 25, 2016

come with a price,
just like roses have

iamthe_avatar ©2016

Mar Somera
Mar Somera
Dec 19, 2016

You barged into my life like you've been there all along
You didn't even bother to take your shoes off
You loved me when it was cold, but then summer came and you melted away like the million pointed stars of snow--
leaving me squinting against the sudden light and wondering how the hell I managed to live in the dark for so long
But then, this is how it's always been
I longed for everything when I could have settled for something
You gave me flowers and I brought you spring
And I say:
You're a knife I pointed at my own throat
You're a dream I'd never fully wake from
And now that I can't live without the roses,
I'd have to settle for the thorns.

It's been so long since I wrote something and thiiiis is really bad. I feel like I'm going to cause myself deep pain by posting this but life is suffering anyway (thanks Buddha), so I'm putting this up as a reminder to stop slacking and start writing.
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Debra Lea Ryan
Debra Lea Ryan
Dec 3, 2016

Rose Without Thorns
You Are  Kissed
By The Sun
A Beautiful Flower
I Truly love.

Rosa senza spine
Si sono baciati
Dal sole
Un bel fiore
Amo veramente.


#love   #kiss   #sun   #beautiful   #flower   #rose   #thorns   #truly  
Nov 30, 2016

Dopamine dreams
Scream escape.

Is it too late to confront and accept
The fears that have crept
Into this weeping mind?

I don't remember much of my childhood
Ignorance is blind
The adult doesn't mind
But my child self dreams of trauma
It's thorns burrowing in.
But where there are thorns
Roses can bloom
If I fight I can give happiness room to grow
For through knowing the lowest heartache
In the spectrum of pain
can the sunshine and rain
Nurture the roses of happiness and joy
Because the contrast will buoy the soul
and love dwells in the heart that has seen both joy and tears
and empathises both with people who know despair and joy
for there is truth in both sides
and their worlds sometimes collide.

#roses   #worlds   #mental   #madness   #health   #thorns   #empathy   #trauma   #collide   #dopamine  
Nov 26, 2016

"There is a lack of redamancy, you haven't let me open my mouth for at least a month. You had a lot to purge out, I guess. I want to tell you I love you, more than he ever will, I want to tell you I'm a part of you, more than he'll ever be. You are superlunary, I don't compare to you. But please remind yourself, I'm keeping you alive, though I am not God. But in a sense, I'm locking you here on Earth, I reside in your gut, I am the reason you're not giving up. All those plans and checked off to do lists, all those goals and visions...we make them just so we've got multiple anchors to make sure we do not sink. Every substance we use, every material, is a little helper: "you should stay alive because of this." Though my tendency is to hate, I have no hate to spill. Only admiration of how far you have come, of how much you have stripped me of any malice I contained. I came in hungry, ready to devour you, but you tamed my jaw with thorns you've watered for too long, and oh darling, I beg you to stay strong."

- Anti

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Lillian Harris
Lillian Harris
Nov 7, 2016

She clings
With lonely hands
To thorn-ridden
And yet
She is
When her hands
Begin to

#sad   #confused   #sadness   #alone   #roses   #flower   #bleed   #bewildered   #loneliness   #thorns  
Oct 18, 2016

But how can I see if there's too much smoke? she pleaded, latching onto my arms with thorny tenacity.
How can you complain when you create that smoke yourself? I combatted question with question, fisting snow into the grey nosy wisps.
It's your fault. Liquid roses dripped to the snow.
Steam kissed the smoke.
I know.

#roses   #blood   #smoke   #snow   #thorns   #snippets  

Your winsomeness and your sensual appeal
Take  me to taste you in real drizzling rain
Let us allow love and beauty to have the deal
Let us play love game without loss and gain

You want to conquer me and to annex terrain
I want to be under your command and control
For your sake I am ready to bear all the pain
My heart is totally injured just please console

My sweetheart love and beauty are but same
Please do not drag me on the scattered thorns
For your sake I am bound to take just all blame
My soul is just in trouble and my heart mourns

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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