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I am a flower.
Hard to handle
At times
Because of my thorns.
However, I am strong,
I can grow, and
I’m beautiful

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When a rose chided the long standing Cogon grasses for hiding her beauty away from human, the grasses spoke for once…

“Why do you want to stand out, Rose? Why are you eager to be praised for your beauty? They gonna kill you later, or you’ll wilt and die on your own! Why do you even have thorns?”

Rose replied, “My purpose is to make human happy. They love me.”

The grasses didn’t reply. As silence goes by, Rose had been thinking.

They were right. What is love when I am picked, kissed, molested, and left to die? What is beauty when I’ll be thrown away when I start wilting?

And my thorns, aren’t they supposed to guard me from these humans?

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Mar 1

Trapped inside a human body,
A rose with extra thorns,
A victim of a world that didn't care that she was born.

Rebirth served her well,
Now her spirit is not as torn.
Strength grew like weeds under the armor she'd worn.

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You always had a way to take the darkness and make it light;
Perhaps that’s why you had me shining so bright.
You saw me in all my darkness and saw the way I adored,
But this beauty was unlike anything you’ve seen before.
It was a gear slowly yet surely spinning out of control,
For I was a wildly flailing untamed soul.

You were a rose and I forgot you had thorns
So now I suck my thumb to numb the pain you bore.
You were light but you could not be contained;
Even through my clear skies, you still found my rain.

Soon you became a storm
And I still tried to climb around your thorns.
I didn’t care if there was blood pouring from my veins;
Hoping that your light would shine through and stop the rain.

You had a way around my darkness and I thought it to be your light,
Only it was your light that dwindled my flame that once burned so bright.
You were not a rose and I knew,
But I had hoped that you would still keep the day skies blue.
That was how you kept me from blooming in the storms;
I was the rose, but you were my thorns.

Spare me the pain of heartbreak.
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The lies choke me,
constricting my throat with their icy tentacles.
Vines riddled with thorns,
twist and scrape inside my airway.
Blood running down my trachea
pools in my lungs,
Each burbling breath
a disturbing reminder of the webs I've woven.

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Feb 12

Rosie cheeks,
and a heart full of thorns,
She planted herself in his mind,
with roots deep.
She promised beauty,
and pain.
But he didn't mind.
He loved her entirety.
He'd always longed for a rose garden.

While others had cared for her only with the use of thick gloves,
he held her in the palm of his bare hand.
and utterly amazed.

She had always desired a man who was not intimidated by her strength,
but delighted in it.
He spoke words of admiration,
so much so,
that one might say,
her thorns began to soften.

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Jan 28

Roses have layers
and they have thorns,
yet they are a symbol of love.

#love   #sad   #depression   #sadness   #roses   #romance   #rose   #thorns   #walls   #layers  

A rose is beautiful to behold
Its stem a pain to hold
Though easier to hold
Is a rose without thorns
Really a rose
Pristine and true?

This poem came from listening to my professor talk about trigonometry. Much more entertaining to focus on this, I think.
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Writing on The Walls
A bloodstained handprint
Are you alive to see this
Do your eyes pierce now?
Where the soul sees a mirror?
Oh God why cant they see
Why can't they see
The writing on the walls

Wed like to stay blind
But the rest wont last
Time to break a flatline
And wakeup from your bed

Pray now
You fall on your knees in grief
Do you see what you've been doing?
Do you see what you have left?
Another bloodstained hand print
The writings on the walls

Wed like to stay blind
But the rest wont last
Time to break a flatline
And wakeup from your bed

Press your face to the floor
Don't leave your posture
Don't move a muscle
Your eyes see it now don't they?
You can't hide
The Writings on the wall
The Writings on the wall
The Writings on the wall

The Writings...

John 19:37
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Jan 9

Thorns are lovely
their sharpness.

Fallen leaves are beautiful
despite their decay—
nobody cares that they will
next year’s trees.

Tomorrow would never be
a better day,
if nature hadn’t
planned things today.

8:02 PM
#hope   #nature   #fallen   #tomorrow   #thorns   #decay   #seeds   #laves  
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