Finally finding my
Place in this world
Talks with God have
Me wondering what
Is next as my ego tries
To escape and be the best
Many have missed out on
This realization but sometimes
Bridges need to be burned..

He came back to me in vicious cycles
He knew where I lived, and where I learned
No matter how many times I screamed at the top of my lungs in his face that his power was useless,
My screams only tightened his grip on my throat
I knew I couldn't be free
I had to end the vicious cycle

-E (c) 2017

Vicious Cycles is my concept for a book that I intend on writing related to the abuse that my ex-boyfriend inflicted upon me. It's not even remotely close to being done, or even being formed. These are the premature sketches of what is to hopefully come.
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Monotony is the key,
To my own Insanity.

Jan 23

Many moons pass by as i walk toward the edge of the earth-
the sun shines hard
my eyes squint for a shade
a strong salty breeze twirls my stance for a dance
as my eyes stare at rocks with unfamiliar faces sail towards me
and a door swifts open- a gentle cloud welcomes me to see what this world has left me to be


caption for painting i made
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The meadow evolved with the wind,
loving how the breeze caressed everything.
Moving its thin stalks and delicate petals
in lulling, knowing sway,
gently letting go of tiny seeds –
now floating off and far away.
The day fades in spectrums of brilliant light
and delights in all angles of the blooming field
as it reveals the shadow, the colors,
the life that flutters and reels within the soil,
toiling beneath the sleek grass.
The challenges of being, seeding, eating
all come to and then they pass.
It is everlasting: the scurry, the shift --
billions of tiny creatures that feel and live.
They sift through instinct,
they take and they give
back to the warm, doting earth.
They are unconscious participants
engaged in divine work.

And the spiral keeps on twisting --
the movement persisting, beckoning.
A silent whirlpool spinning without restraint
in all souls, in all bones resting
deep within the ground.
The old growth withers,
then silently falls down
with a most graceful ease.

And so it all vanishes away.
But the light remains.
It stays.

The buds grow infinitely, intimately with the sun --
overcome with delight, blessed and ripe.
Blissfully, they sway and then peacefully fade.
Forever safe.
Unafraid, the field abundantly lives.
It does not resist.
It gives itself instinctually, freely to love
even as it comes undone.
It never dwells upon, nor does it succumb,
to wretchedness.

J.M. 2017

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Coincidence, the purest form of Synchronicity,
an Energy Hypothesis of such simplicity,
that a Planted seed given enough Rain
remains not Stagnant, but grows again.
The Gate-way for the Lightening mind,
Liberating the soul, 'pon the Moons decline.

© Pagan Paul (28/10/16)

#moon   #nature   #cycles  
Jan 6

Another day in the life
A shadow cast upon the earth
Cold atmosphere caresses your skin
Warm blood is the gift of birth
Iron flavor coats your tongue
Swallow the cum, for the next of kin
Begins again, and again, until
You learn life's final lesson.

Some just begin to rise
Others begin to fall
People's sleeping changes with dusk
Heeding the night's call

The early bird tucks in for sleep
The night owl wires up for fun
As people continue their daily cycles
With the disappearance of the sun

nina babic
nina babic
Dec 24, 2016

i thought i knew about
the waves,

i thought i knew about
the melancholy

of how the moon cycle
did curse the seas to

fold in and fold out
on command until

everything did pour out
onto the beaches;


a slave to cycles, they said!
well, the sea and a woman

they were always equal,
in that respect.

i thought i knew
about the internal

sense, how we do
anticipate tides of

distress to greet us
every so often by moonlight.

i expect it now; to
come home and weep,

but only by harvest moon,
and only by God’s hand.

so, here it comes,
the big one.

hormonal, chemical, awful
sickness; i wait for it.

no surfer skill could keep
me from falling prey to it.

nervous, so nervous
about the sea, pounding.

tricked into thinking,
that foresight was valuable.

that if i knew of its arrival,
i could yield, taste grass

instead of sands, coral
craggy beaches

where i am stranded
until spring rolls in.


here it comes,
the big one.

written on: november 8th, 2016
#metaphor   #depression   #anxiety   #the   #angst   #ocean   #sea   #waves   #cycles   #anticipation  




Natural selection
Prolonged ascension
Make no mention


Our cycles go on and on
Human beings are quite the phenomenon
Amidst the chaos and fear
We still find ways to become clear


Evolution of consciousness
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