Timothy hill
1 day ago

For you war forged it's on held truths.

A man of honor who is he.

Brilliant and smart in the same instances.

With aim there quality was mint to seek blood.

Thirty solders clicks out in a hot desert breeze.

With sand dunce full of prechers.

Man of sin, and man of hate, leave this Earth yet you linger your scars of faith.

As you approach the valley of bullets.

The Earth was opened and a scary sight was then seen.

Green, colored beings where at the station of a machine, with arms made of anti matter construction.

Flee from this place, our machine will eat your city's and fall your lady.

So the men all perk, up even more ready for there conduction.

One of the beings taller than the rest came to there level of height.

Who here is the leader of your squad.

Me a beared man says!

The being hold out your left arm.

Do not be alarmed, for we are each from a far.

Life beyond earth desert sand dunce sun hot warm bright constrast
#life   #hot   #weather   #sand   #changed   #spin   #climate   #particle   #rotaion  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
6 days ago

Whatever the weather
we ignore it, never
for many an obsession
a form of digression

When meeting a stranger
we fear no danger
providing we tether
ourselves to the weather

Wonder whether the weather
should be called "whether"?
whether rain or shine
the weather's in decline

Whether it's climate change
which Trump seems strange
or whether it's mankind's folly
never visit Manchester without a brolly!

Yet another pun on Mr President's name.
*brolly - umbrella

Little white clouds are
The young pups, bouncing along
Tripping on their paws

The stronger, large ones
Grey, matte fur tails brushing
Through the hunter's sky

The darkest elders
Follow, howling quiet when
They return to earth

While some are alone
True to their nature, the clouds
Run their packs through skies

#haiku   #nature   #weather   #animals   #wolves  

The sky is crying
Fluffy white tears
Unique crystallized droplets
Of small icy shards
Blanketing the earth
In its cool embrace

Winter wonderland
When is the ball?
The trees are decorated
In beautiful splendor
The night lights glistening
And shimmering

The dance floor
Laid in black ice
Twirl in the middle
All are invited
To partake in the festivals
It'll all melt away soon

JM 3/15/17

#ice   #winter   #snow   #cold   #weather   #frozen   #freeze   #cool   #slippery  

I am convinced to my very core
That my thoughts control the weather.
My heart reflects the skies
And my eyes, the storming seas.
I wish there was more sun
In my soul that I could give to you,
Instead of Summer days with overcast skies.
More cherry blossoms
and autumn harvest.
Endless sunlight and gentle rains.
Rather my heart brings floods
And whipping winds that cut your flesh.
I could end droughts and nourish the ground
With the storms in my mind.
I could eradicate germs and disease
With my icy, bitter touch.  
Instead I seep into your home and slosh in the grass,
I frost the sidewalks at night,
freezing over your morning commute.
I cannot control the raging weather of my mind,
Or the biting sting of my frozen tongue.
While I send out thunder and lightning
Acid rain drains my brain
And hail storms attack my skull.
I long for Spring and live in Fall,
I search for light and walk in haze.
Craving the days I don't have to see
The air take form from my short exhale.
The days where the sun escapes
Past a lonely cloud on a random Winter day,
And the grass peaks out from the melting snow beneath.
Instead I cry with the rain and rage with the storms.
I breathe with the wind as if we are one,
Neither one knowing who's in control.

#self   #feelings   #rain   #nature   #thoughts   #sky   #weather   #deep   #inside   #inner  

The winter may soon be gone
Some ecosystems have started to go
Who knows what'll happen to crops and lawns
But at least we'll have sun glinting off snow

Instead of a sun shower, we just had flurries while it's sunny and nearly 50 degrees.
#nature   #beauty   #weather   #climate  

I was quite proud of the weather today.
It was better.
You know, better than yesterday.

I didn't have to tilt my head in shade for that perfect lighting.
Or settle for the insecurities of a mess.
It was that perfect.
Somewhat like those yellow limes I often confuse for that ball I use for stress.

And then there was that centered daisy thing which completely complimented my skin,
Hassling it's persuasion of confidence in a glaze
Reiterating it's point like those quins I met yesterday.
Today was just about everything, but perfect.

I went from that almost comfortable feeling, to nothing.
To nothing, when I had to imagine that cute outfit I helped her pick out yesterday...
Being ripped off, for her to be fucked.

I went from that warm weird feeling, to nothing.
To nothing, when she got a call...

I'll be right there."

And at that point...
I realized I was simply that to her.
That guy.

I was quite proud of the weather today.
It was better...
You know, better than yesterday.

Today I wanted to tell her.
Although it was yesterday...
Today I wanted her to know for sure.

And suddenly...
That centered daisy thing began to shallow.
And at that point...
At that point I realized.
I was nothing.

I left my girlfriend...
For a thought.
How terrible am I?
Mar 7

In the morning is when I like it most.

When you've just woken up, and you forget where you are.

Yes, the morning  is when I like it most.

When it is dark and quiet, when no one is a wake.
The cloudy skies and the cold represent my mood for the day.

The morning is when I like it most.

After the sun rises, the people rise too.
The day begins anew, but my peaceful morning dies too.

Yes , The morning is when I like it most.

A small gust of chilling wind brushed against my face

In a glimpse, all my sorrow dissapeared without a trace

Step by step, I walked another quarter mile

Wondering what I've become, after all this while

A small gust of chilling wind brushed against my face

Repercussions of my past left me lost in a maze

Years may have passed, but the thoughts and memories still remain

Another chance, and I could make it all great again

#peace   #solitude   #weather   #wind   #random   #windy   #tranquility   #bla   #blabla  

Showers mixed with hail,
Tis the sting in winter's tale,
God’s creatures bemused

Saw a hedgehog today already out of hibernation... and could be snow forecast this week... JB
#nature   #winter   #spring   #weather   #animals  
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