1 day ago

A breathe of fresh air
Or a simple breeze
But when Doris is scorned
She will strike with ease
Tearing a path through a well planned day
Ripping apart that what gets in the way
There is no mercy, no leeway or pity
An invisible force, she can level a city
Wreaking havoc and damage untold
No heed for the stupid, the brave or the bold

#weather   #storms   #hurricane   #doris   #gales  

An imperial flat
round circle autocrat
where dipper yesterday
only quash their goad  
though doldrums there dock a yacht
for deeper waters afloat
let me take her far away
to the mellifluous island strand
with coral sand and coconut butter
as sea whips up in royal flush
to whisk her eventually from horse latitudes  
while temperate hold sway but
the moon air breeze with lavender
and stella star light again.

Renée Brookes
Renée Brookes
4 days ago

Cold rain makes me sick,
snot trickles out from my nose.
Oh please, go away.

My first haiku! / Inspiration: Cloudphaser
#haiku   #rain   #sick   #weather  
6 days ago

The smell of burning leaves in the fall moonlight
The sound of the traffic, as it passes by my place
Watching the kids running around, having fun
As I’m watching the news and drinking a beer
Fall weather, there’s nothing like it my friend
Beautiful sunsets, bonfires, and warm hoodies

Back in high school, I remember it quite well
Football games, hanging with friends, such fun
Weekends in town, seeing my girl, just being kids
Never knowing what was ahead, didn’t care to know
Thinking about the moment, enjoying it while it lasts
Girlfriends come and go, as do the friends, some stay

You hang on to the good times, they were so fun
You try to forget the bad times, as they hurt too much
You try to remember things that you forgot about
You remember things, that you completely forgot about
You want to go back, and ask that one girl out
The one you were too scared to ask out

Great weather brings back a mixed bag of memories
You never know what to expect, it can get interesting
Some may be good, some bad, some to make you laugh
Just remember one thing, you’ll always have them to share
Hang on to them good, hang on to them tight, they’re yours
Write them down if you must, journal them along the way

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. For some reason, it seems to spark a lot of memories, growing up.
7 days ago

Why do I feel like this?
Like I can't breathe when I'm alone
Like I can't be in my own skin for very long
It must be December or I'm catching a cold
Why don't you believe me?
I'm so close to the edge
At my breaking point while you still push me over
I can't feel anything but can still feel everything
I'm in a fog
Didn't wake up from my own nightmare
I was born in April and that explains my eyes
But I still can't find anyone to explain the way I feel
I can't do this anymore
My heart is gone from me
But no matter how hard I beg
God won't let me feel the relief

Gray sky above
Rain hitting the stones
Lost is the love
That warmed my bones

Wind swirling around
Leaves go up in flight
In this storm I found
My reason to fight

Snow is now falling
The cold wakes me
To a life worth living
One where I'm free

The sun is shining
The clouds up higher
Dreams are brimming
Passion on fire

The weather in Illinois changes too much
#life   #fire   #passion   #sun   #rain   #snow   #weather   #wind   #cloud  

Chest tight as you depart
into the foggy grove:
A black speck dissolving
into forest green.
Sitting on a stump,
willing we cross paths,
again. Calm as dew.
cools a warmed heart.

Wrote this on my way to rainy SF :)
#nature   #green   #water   #longing   #weather  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
Dec 8, 2016

On windows
And on skin;
Telltale translucency
Are you
A window as well
With a chance of opening?

#eyes   #rain   #thoughts   #window   #soul   #skin   #weather   #glass   #observation   #invitation  
Jan 30

Her eyes blazed like fire
The same fire that he told her he loved
Yet different
Less contained
She was chaos personified
With the rage of a summer storm
And a heart as deep as an ocean
Stubborn and strong
Like the winds of a tornado
Yet breathtaking like the rainbow after
Her silence was the calm before the storm
Building up over time
With glimpses at the fire within
And when it broke loose
You better watch out
Because she will destroy everything...

#weather   #storms  
Jan 20

You don't really want to be with someone like me, though

And it's true

My heart has been broken too many times

By too many things and too many people

I would try my best to be there for you, but sometimes, I wouldn't be

Sometimes, I'm not even there for myself

There are days when I am filled with dark grey clouds

And others when all I speak is rainbows

You would probably suffer on both kinds of days

Knowing, on the somber ones, that my own thoughts were suffocating me

And then, on the good ones

Knowing that the weather might soon change

I have no choice but to endure the weather of myself.
#sad   #nature   #weather   #honest  
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