2 days ago

You don't really want to be with someone like me, though

And it's true

My heart has been broken too many times

By too many things and too many people

I would try my best to be there for you, but sometimes, I wouldn't be

Sometimes, I'm not even there for myself

There are days when I am filled with dark grey clouds

And others when all I speak is rainbows

You would probably suffer on both kinds of days

Knowing, on the somber ones, that my own thoughts were suffocating me

And then, on the good ones

Knowing that the weather might soon change

I have no choice but to endure the weather of myself.
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My heartbeat increases with your gait like swan
My sweetheart I am ready to give my life in pawn
What a beauty of universe she is a perfect paragon
She takes me on from night till pure perfect dawn

What a beauty which has cordoned love all around
When together we are neither on sky nor on ground
The moment I saw you I am in trance and astound
Your charisma carries along your beauty traits abound

My beloved come in this snowfall to play together
Our romance will bloom in a beautiful silly weather
We will whisper for every question and every answer
You carry the beauty of universe and I am the claimer

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

Weather of heart has different facets and shades
When it is good entire world seems to be colorful
But when it is taken over by sharp , blunt blades
Beauty makes love beautiful like a beautiful angel

Beauty makes world like a heaven and paradise
Without beauty world is the ugliest ,dirtiest place
Life is nothing but continuous set of a surprise
Let me take you hand in hand and just face to face

My beloved your beauty is my asset, my treasure
You are my soul's solace and my heart's satisfaction
You are really my constant and continuous pleasure
Without you I am in pieces you bring me perfection

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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Robert Ronnow
Robert Ronnow
5 days ago

Quiet morning.
Successful surgery.

No tv!
Watch weather.

Do nothing.
Be nameless.

Suppose cows.
Scare crows.

Harmless habits.
Armless robot.

Like a delusion.
A late night movie.

Expect to forget
and be forgotten. Information.

Toilet seat.

How soon after cryogenesis
can one cry or ejaculate?
#life   #cry   #movie   #delusion   #quiet   #night   #forget   #weather   #morning   #robot  
7 days ago

It is morning. I glance up at the sky
I nod to her, acknowledging that she
knows the weather better than I

Our duels are unforgiving
She is graceful in her delivery
And I am left shoveling up the remains

Her coldness no match for my warmth,
my skilled hand. I create a path, boots
Weighted against the latticed snow

I remind her that though she has
a power to wield, I have my own


everything's blacked out,
reigning over me are dark clouds,
incapacitated in awe and standing still,
nimbus clouds rain on me as I sleep sound.

lackadaisically waking up,
yawning as I walk outside, finding,
labyrinths of an ideal reality,
enamored with self-confusion and insanity.

roaming around aimlessly,
obfuscated in perpetuity,
maddened and under the weather,
adamantly rejoicing in the sorrowful rain.

Sleepy acrostic feelings of unnerving confusion amidst a rainy evening. The sky's clear as day yet it feels as if it's raining in midnight,
Jan 13

Last night I wanted 6 inches
I wanted it really deep
I wanted it coming all over me...
But that fucking snow never sticks round here

#funny   #winter   #snow   #cold   #weather   #humour   #comedy   #rude   #doubleentendre  

Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end

They say you are a rainbow, that you need
that lost beauty which cascades down in the
winter winds to reveal you. They say a
smattering of colour sprayed on the horizon,
which can be seen even on the clearest
of mornings, cannot be true, or have any
sense of clarity. They say that without
the rain, you would be dulled and colourless,
but I do not think you need the thunderous
awakening of the clouds to brighten my sky.

~~ For you, Grace. ~~
#rain   #beauty   #weather   #sense   #colour   #wind   #rainbow   #thunder   #cloud   #clear  

By Arcassin Burnham

How you been,
How's the weather treating you all on this end,
I repent,
For the day I get to see your face again,
It was sin,
That combined us , intertwined us through our touch,
It was lust,
Sealed and sending us in a sexual rush,
Blaming fate,
For the arguments and lying that took place,
I regret,
All that I said to you trying to maintain,
Its At rest,
All we worked for thinking you'd forget my name,
You were cruel,
Knowing our friendship will never be the same,

Bad intentions don't bring happy endings pacing back and forth
In a dark room where I reside to be alone,
No matter what I do , I've told you about my situations and my family,
And how they don't care about me,
And now you don't care about me,
Its apparent that this was all for nothing,
Just to give me something to deal with,
And you know I don't need the bullshit,
Don't really have remorse for you,
I'm so glad that we're through,
But I'm wishing I could hold you in my arms for a day or two,
The warm embrace of you.

#love   #words   #hatred   #life   #hate   #loss   #relationship   #breakup   #warm   #weather  
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