Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
15 hours ago

A drop-dead gorgeous young lady,
With the eyes of an angel she looks,
Her gaze met mine in dark of day,
My thoughts are just like clay,
Getting molded as whatever she may say,
I feel my senses waning off,
For she is My Chloroform.

My HP Poem #1450
©Atul Kaushal
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2 days ago

The light around me was all fading..
It was all fading into me..
All except for one..
It stayed in front of me unharmed by any of my darkness..
It shined and shined..
It was . . . . . . . .

I could not control myself.. I had turned into a black hole.. I was taking everything away..  The more I tried to stop it the stronger I became.. The darkness princess continued to laugh..  Her world was turly coming back to her..  Nearly everything was dark.. All except for one light.. It was not very bright but bright enough to make my eyes squint..  It was right in front of me now.. It would get right into my face and then back away.. It did this many times..  The darkness princess looked confused.. She tried to extinquish the light but could not.. The light slowly made its return toward my face..

" COME ON KID! "  I awoke to coughing water.. It seemed endless.  So much water was coming out of my mouth! I finally took a breath! There was a light in my eyes the entire time.. I then realized that it was a head lamp that was mounted on someones cap.  I then heard a voice..
"Sorry let me take this off and quit shining it in your face.. Kid I thought you were dead! I gave you c.p.r! You fell into an old reservoir pool and you must of hit your head..  My weenie dog Angel found you and barked her head off.  When I came to see what she was barking at I found you.. Your lucky I bought my dog fishing with me.. I guess she was barking OVER HERE HE IS OVER HERE! I called 911 they should be here any minute! "   The paramedics showed up and took me to the hospital where I stayed for a week.   I thank god for an angel that found me. Our at least a dog named angel.  And I swore to never become a black hole..  When I do finally leave this life...

Back on the trail..  And sticking to it!    Thanks everyone for coming off the trail with me and bringing me back!

Mornings are glowing red and gold,
Streaks of white paint tossed on a blue canvas,
Yellow Forsythia glowing,

A girl sitting alone on a bench, at the ocean's edge,

Passion in my heart, flourishing,
Her guitar sound, her soothing voice,

My Soul calmed,
Her dress fluttering in the sea breeze.
A sparkle in her eyes,

Seagulls flying above an Angel singing hymns,
Filling my Soul, with hope,
While I whisper,
What is your name,
My pretty daydream?

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

I don't know by SunKyum
2 days ago

Celestial being.
Gossamer wings envelope.
Light permeates soul

2-20-17 (C)

I heard the phrase "celestial being" and was inspired to write this Haiku, which is 17 syllables: 5, 7, 5 if you pronounce "celestial" in 3 syllables. I believe both pronunciations are acceptable. I'm strict on myself for following the rules when writing a specific type of poem.

Thanks for reading! K:)
#haiku   #angel   #guardian  
Shawmar Lynch
Shawmar Lynch
3 days ago

Caught up in my sleep
Thinking what to dream
Sometimes it's the sky's themes
And when the sunlight beams,
Into our eyes...

Sitting here to take the voice to follow
Listening to the words echo
To it's mind of a sleep dream
And the angel shines for us below...

Walking to the sunset
Staring at the angel
I have been so heartfelt
Since the scene came,
To us... Silence....

Caught up in my sleep
thinking what to dream
It's enticing than it seems
And from now on... Dream fades.

#dream   #peace   #angel   #soul   #sky   #fades   #themes  
3 days ago

every day i am told to grow up
implying they mean to make an immortal child die
as if growing up gives comprehension
on why the sun reflects onto the moon
as taught by oliver
my child eyes see a universe within the sky
people of self-same age do not fathom
that maturity is not measured in age
rather a gathering of self-confident knowledge
and spirituality

my angel knew these traits
long before the birth of his being
a naturally wise soul
in a community of people
stuck in an endeavor
to learn purity

whilst the physical entity of oliver
is not within physical reach
all must remember
immortal children
with child eyes
never die

for my friend Oliver who died February 16th, 2012
i love you Oliver
#sad   #angel   #cancer   #child  

You've been crying over him again.
How many times has this happened?
It hurts me to see you this broken.
I would never have let this happen to you.
Why do you stay?
Why do you let this man
b r e a k  you?
Over and over and over,
it's become routine
for you to break down
when he's not around.
He isn't capable
of treating you
as I once did.

It's times like this
that I can feel you missing me;
that I can feel you calling out to me.
It's times like this
that the two of us wish
that car hadn't crashed into me.
It's times like this
when your tears
make me feel alive again.
It's times like this
that I desperately yearn
to let you know that
I am here.
And I am watching over you
as I always have.

But this boundary
between life and death -
So thin, yet still so paramount -
keeps me away from you
even though I am always just a breath away.
So do this for me, my darling.
Think about yourself.
Think about the number
who can love you
and would be glad to sacrifice everything
as I once did for you.
As you always do for him.
Wouldn't you like the feeling
of resurfacing and catching
a breath of fresh air again?

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #life   #death   #crying   #angel   #romance   #unhappy   #guardian  

Tonight, I dream of her cherry red lips,
Her Cougar-eyes shining in the night.

Wrapped around each other, so tight!
In reflections of love and beating music.
Wishing for a sip of love, from her persimmon lips.

Adorned with white silk.

An exquisite Angel,
Wraps her wings around me,
Smothering my Soul, with eternal love.

I press my lips upon her neck,
Tasting the heartbeat of a loving Soul,
Wrapped in each other's, Spirits, never letting go.

Love chimes cry loudly,
As we hold, each other.
Once again in our dreams;

Our Souls never separated by life and death.

My dreams guide me across the bridge of Lonely Souls,
To my lost love, a Heaven's Soul.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

STEPS CUBIZONE: Noir♥Ikilola - I fell In ♥ With An Angel
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
6 days ago

As I look into your beautiful eyes I see a beautiful woman from Lord Jesus Christs kingdom no other female has a magical glow like you your beauty is truly perfect an Angel from heaven your truly a magical angel oh sweetheart I'm truly in love with you.

David P Carroll
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
7 days ago

It had been a moonlit night then,
Watching the towed flaccid raft,
I thought that I had seen her resting,
Exhausted there on the wooden craft.

I called her out unbeknownst her name,
"Hey young lady," to which she responded not,
She had looked up once in anguish & collapsed,
I had thought that I had seen despair in her amber eyes & must help her.

The crewmen had then been doing the padles after resting,
I had called my captain and asked him if he could see a girl in the raft,
The captain had just smiled and said, "You should get married commodore,"
I must have looked apprehensive so he had said, "There's no girl."

True he had been as she had just disappeared,
I had then started thinking of my sleep needs that day,
I had again looked around hoping to find the girl,
I had surely compromised my routine as the commodore.

Then I had immediately realized it to be my wild phantasm,
Surely that had just been a tired sailor's mind's illusion,
For no mermaids ever existed in the real world and were fake,
I had then turned back towards the deck to go back to my bunk for sleeping.

As I had climbed down the stairs to enter my room amazed and confused,
I had seen her standing as she had been waiting for me by the side of my bunk,
I had accepted the my mind's delusion & started to lie down,
She had said, "I'm as real as your thoughts, don't fear me."

She & I-me & her, had the best time that night,
In the morning she had been gone & simply gone,
Disappeared into thin air while I was asleep,
Each day I so dearly longed for her to return.

My HP Poem #1442
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #angel   #night   #remember   #whole   #make   #remembrance   #made  
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