This tattered soul fallen to earth
His mighty God he displeased
Evil surrounding this once innocent

Fire from the gates of Hell burning this fallen
Angel while he weeps
Love from the heavenly Father
Lost for all eternity and beyond
Enlightened but the time has passed
Never to regain favor of the heavens

Another being of light challenging the force of
Nature that was created by the mightiest hand
Grace was once given freely
Exclaiming "hallelujah" one final time the fallen angel
Languishing away into the darkness

#lost   #angel   #fallen   #soul   #acrostic  
2 days ago

i don't believe you know you're destined for great things
mishappen collection of supposedly broken parts
souls of shards and borrowed hearts
do not fly away so easily

junk angel
don't you know
you are not damaged nor irreparably dismantled
underneath your suit of armour
there you are
beautiful and breathing
you are alive

junk angel
remember your origins
and look at how far you've come

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2 days ago

I have always known how to breathe, but around you I am breathless.
I have always known how to feel, but with you I can’t place it.
At times I feel safe with you, I want to hold you close and never let go.
Then other times I want to hurt you or myself or anything else to keep from screaming.
The sun and the moon were always set to collide, but I have never felt more at home in your shadow.
You call me magic but you are wrong.
I am no god or angel or otherworldly being, I am human, it is all I have ever known.
Gods and angels would know how to feel or they wouldn’t feel at all.
I may have power running through my veins but against you I am powerless.
Blood may flood my chest, but if you are the cause then I will call it nothing less than ecstasy.
I was always the boy with enough air in my lungs, but with you I am utterly breathless.

#love   #god   #angel   #eclipse   #breathless  
Brian Densham
3 days ago

An Angel took me
By surprise
With languid eyes
And winged away
Before … I asked

Reason argued ... But could not win
Fancy ventured ... But would not stray
Heart seized ... But did not grasp

Am I?
Or am I … only?

I dreamt that …

Life began a story
That ended in a dream

… Whose dream?

Copyright 2003
Violet Rose
Violet Rose
7 days ago

He has a tall stature, a muscular build, and holds a posture like a Greek god. His shoulders and jaw both perfectly squared. He has a profile that would inspire Michelangelo. A nose sculpted from clay, his eyes of arble, which reflect an ocean's light. A sharp-shaven chin and waves of silk on his head. Messy curls fall in place with a painter's still perfection, enframing complementary angles of his cheekbones. His gaze is gentle, but crystal. Eyes the color of teal water rising up on the shore. There is no doubt he was crafted in Heaven, but why does an Angel like him rest on such wretched ground.

9:04, March 22nd, 2017
#god   #angel   #him  
Mar 19

She is an angel…
With dark wings,
been through bullets, arrows, and tyrannical things.
She is an angel…
With crooked halo
and beside her was danger
with an eyes like a narrow hallow
her soul is shallow.
A lifetime lies
was all you can see in her eyes
every time she closes it
she sees dark paradise.
She is an angel…
replacing her sun with a moon
the night is her day
and crying was her tune
because the pain in her heart always stay.
She is an angel…
thought that life is the sweetest delight
but transmogrify into endless night.  
She is an angel…
her lips are fatal
her eyes was lethal
She is an angel…
fallen from heaven
but experience more than hell.

#hell   #depression   #pain   #anxiety   #cry   #dark   #angel   #fallen   #danger   #fatal  

I'm lifeless without love
i'm hopeless without help
i'm lonely on my own
i'm scared i'm not myself

there's no one beside me
its been half past 10 years
my glow is now fading
without her i cant hear

i cant hear my heartbeat
i cant hear my life
i cant hear my family
the're all out of sight

and then the big bang
that sprung me back from hell
her skin is so beautiful
and elegant as well

she saved me from death
not physically, but of the mind
and now i'm a poet
and for her- i will rhyme.

i'm alive with my love
she helped me to see
now i understand family
and what it means to me

She is the one who saved me
Mar 14

if he is such an angel
then why do i see him
in my nightmares?

i know he rules over
sweet dreams and
fantasies, but he is
not in my dreams.
only in my memories.

so the moon rises
another night,
and i say to him,
hello there,
the angel from
my nightmares.

this is the eclipse

When your fingertips brush against my facial construct,
& your gentle lips break the barrier of my self control,
I can’t help but see the angel inside you.
It wooshes over me, filling the air i breathe.

And all i can think is
I love you.”

You are an angel.
Blissfully captivating and effortlessly flawless.
Your essence fills my nose and I fall.
Deep into the depths of your soft skin,
Into your light blue eyes..
And your perfectly shaped lips
I fall for hours, days..

I am so in love with you.
Your angelic nature bonds me to you.

#love   #poetry   #boyfriend   #nature   #angel   #deep   #bliss   #companion   #angelic  

Landing in the cage with broken wings,

All he had left were these futile things.

Roaring in defeat and screaming in pain,

The angels had won and the monster was slain.

#hell   #angel   #heaven   #fallen   #lucifer   #devil   #angels   #morningstar  
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