10 hours ago

an angel for soul
a devil for an heart; you
took me to heaven,
and made me fall my way down,
and it hurt like hell, you see.

a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
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I was a Christian
Then I lost hope.
It turns out he never left,
He sent my angel to keep me safe.

I thank you now,
For the angel kept me safe.
angel of the lord,
I will always remember
what you did for me.

it' true, i learned about it
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Bridget Allyson
Bridget Allyson
2 days ago

I am an angel,
Floating above the earth high up in the sky
Where no one can see my tears of happiness and grief
Yes, even angels cry

You are a spirit,
With feet stuck in the ground
Your memories latch onto your shoes and they pull you
They pull you down

My eyes met yours
And it was like a kaleidoscope of everything you’d ever regret
Your brain is an all-out war

I am an angel,
Who came down to save you
I rip your shoes from the concrete
Wanting you to save me too.

#love   #sad   #angel   #heaven   #spirit  

Lay your angel rose on me
Lay it soft
Lay it free
Let all love surround both we
Let it go
Let it be
Remember all the words we shared
Remember it all
Remember it cared
Grasp all hope I gave your heart
Grasp it tight
Grasp it's art
Release all the hate that began to win
Release it now
Release it's sin
Lay your Angel rose for we
Lay it soft
Lay with me

#love   #life   #angel   #together   #rose  
hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
6 days ago

Are you my angel...

angel from above...
came to me from a high sky...
follow her all stars...
came through my dreams...
to wake up me...
and ask me to sleep again...
to create together that dream...
that dream which we both run after to live a reality...
real dreams...

are you the angel...
or a ruin...
are you a happiness...
or a gloominess...
are you the destiny...
a happy destiny...
or a woeful one...
who are you...
why you stormed into my life...
and why me whom you choose...
please tell me...
because i saw you,before i met you...
dreams shared with you,before i know you...
felt your hearts' beat before i hear you...
please tell me who you are...
from which sky you came...
and how into my heart you got a seat...

sweet angel...
if a lover you are...
please give me what i deserve...
if a happiness you are...
please give me more as i need...
if a destiny you are...
please be a happy destiny for me...
be my lucky chance...
be the my sky...
be my sweetheart...
so my sweet angel who came from above...
i am writing to you...
and penning all my feelings to you...
writing and drawing you into my sky's' dreams...
my sky which i watch by every night...

hazem al ..

#angel   #are   #you   #my  

Daddy angel
She is wrap in
a pink blanket
She is my everything
she is wrap around
my little pinky
Daddy angel
Daddy angel
Daddy angel
She is wrap in
a pink blanket
She is my everything
she is wrap around
my little pinky she is
my world she is
a daddy girl
Daddy angel
Daddy angel
I love hearing her
calling me daddy
and she is all
grow up now
Daddy angel
It is like yesterday
she was a baby
She will always
be my baby girl
Daddy angel.
© Amanda Kay Hill

#angel   #daddy  

"Look! An angel!" she said pointing her finger towards the sky.

"Where?" he raised his head and frantically moved his eyes in search for the sight of angel. The plain blue sky was not even holding any bird.

"Where is..." his words stopped when he felt her hug him from behind. She rested her head over his back as if she was trying to hear his heartbeats and then placed her hand right over his heart.

"Right here, inside your heart."

#love   #heart   #angel  

This anger is nothing short of divine
Angels can only wish to be this terrifying
I feel holy, more than any god ever could
I feel wholly, which is more than gods can do

You’ve never seen a bruised god, they can only be broken
But I can break and I can heal, like no god can
My rage is more real than a god’s anger
And it is more worthy of worship

the concept is that people can send me three words and I try to write a poem with them
#anger   #god   #religion   #angel  

Do you ever feel like
someone watching you
and when you look at a
pic or a stuff animal or a
statue and feel like
someone watching you
Guard Angel
Guard Angel
Do you ever feel like
someone watching you
and when you look at a
pic or a stuff animal or a
statue and feel like someone
watching you because I
believe in guard angel
because when I feel like
someone watching me I
believe it is my guard angels
watching over me so the next
Time you feel like someone
watching you it is your
guard angels watching over you
© Amanda Kay Hill

#angel   #guard  

If I am an angel then where are my wings
If I am of grace why do I feel so far from heaven
If I am beautiful why don't I see it
If I am God's favourite then why do I resent him
If I am the one you worship, stop
Because I fell for a reason and that reason is sin

#love   #sin   #beautiful   #angel   #falling   #lucifer  
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