Chloë Fuller
Chloë Fuller
3 days ago

wrapped around each other closer than sheets to a bed
fuzz. eyelashes. teeth. soft skin.
you completely disarm me.
i will give you all my guns
just grab my limbs.
envelop me.
the way your legs get tangled in my anatomy like a sapling
that's eager to grow larger.
pelvic bones crashing together so perfectly clumsy.
you are my ocean. my beach. my sun, sky, and stars.

R A Lee
Jul 12, 2016

Green as clovers,
his eyes make me feel as if I'm his lucky star.
With an embrace stronger than any ocean current, he  holds tight to our dreams.
Stronger than Atlas, he carries the weight of both our fears.
My love for him rivals every god in the heavens;
the perfect offering for Aphrodite.
He makes my cold heart burn with desire.
He is my person and no one else's.

Why is it
I feel most alone
in bed with you,
then on my own.

An Laige
An Laige
Mar 17

"Where is your heart, my little love?" you asked me.
With you.
Always my heart is with you.

This was the beginning. Always with you, darling.
Happy "I love you's."
Innocent jokes.

Things were fine.
Until I couldn't handle the stress of my tormenting past.

"Where is your heart, my little love?"
It's not feeling well today, darling, it's a little blue so it's laying in bed for a while. Don't worry though, it'll pull through.
Family was getting worse.
Happiness became sadness,
Laughter became tears,
Fun wasn't truly fun,
Jokes weren't as innocent as they once were.

I still tried, though.
But the more I tried, the further you went from me.

So one day, I reversed the question on you.
Where is your heart, my darling?
"My heart is with her, but you don't know that.
You started sneaking around. You started lying.
You stopped looking at me when I asked you where you've been all night.

You almost seemed to feel bad.
So you told me something I believed.

"I'm sorry, little love, I'll try harder."
You played with my heart from then on.
Telling me that you loved me, when you were telling her the same thing.
Everything you told me from that point on was a lie.

Then we broke up.
And I asked if you would stay.

"Of course I'll stay."
I still love you, Jack.
no answer
I'm sorry.
"Don't be sorry, it's not your fault."

I'm depressed at this point.
So you asked me something that made it worse.

"Where is your heart, Jordyn?"
I got angry then.
How could you be so stupid? How could you be so blind?
Can't you see, you moron!?
Can't you see this gaping hole in my chest?
Sometimes I wonder if I even have a heart anymore.
So I don't know Jack.
Where is my heart,

And what have you done with it?

Still plagued with the poisonous thoughts of you.
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An Laige
An Laige
Mar 17

I want to be in love.
I miss the feeling of being in love.
I knew what I wanted to do in my life when he
was here.
But now that he is gone, I still feel lost.
I think about him now and then,
never missing him, never angry or wishing he was still mine,
but missing the feeling that he gave me.

I want to be in love.
Some will tell me that I'm too young to know what that is.
But I'm not.
He was my star in the desert sky,
and I was the moon of his life.
I miss feeling like I'm number one to someone else.

I want to be in love.
I want to curl up next to someone when I sleep.
I want to feel warm and safe and secure.
I had that once a few months ago, but he would never love me solely because I'm not 18 yet, but anyway...

I want to be in love.
Maybe not for any of these listed reasons..
Maybe I just don't want to feel so empty all the time.

Where is my heart and what have you done with it?

Dreams suck
Because you can have a dream
Where a boy kisses you
And you really, really like that boy in real life
Just to wake up
And realize that he didn't actually sleep over
He didn't actually post a video of you guys kissing for the first time on YouTube (?)
You were just

-E (c) 2017

#love   #dream   #kiss   #boyfriend   #dreams   #boy   #boys   #girlfriend   #kissing   #unfair  

When your fingertips brush against my facial construct,
& your gentle lips break the barrier of my self control,
I can’t help but see the angel inside you.
It wooshes over me, filling the air i breathe.

And all i can think is
I love you.”

You are an angel.
Blissfully captivating and effortlessly flawless.
Your essence fills my nose and I fall.
Deep into the depths of your soft skin,
Into your light blue eyes..
And your perfectly shaped lips
I fall for hours, days..

I am so in love with you.
Your angelic nature bonds me to you.

#love   #poetry   #boyfriend   #nature   #angel   #deep   #bliss   #companion   #angelic  

The sultry evening falls like the silk upon my shoulders
                   I kiss your throat as you write to your mother
It conflicts you, does it not?
                   The memory of her weeping and the very act of your hands
One clutching your pen, the other gliding over the inside of my thigh
                   Both ever so foolishly stained in the purest of black
It certainly conflicts me, my love, for all my tender heart longs for is this:
                   Stain me
Grip my hair, press me harder onto your lap, blacken me
                   Let me see the sweetest stars—
And may they be sweeter than the relish of raspberries upon my mouth
                   Write to your mother about me
I shall kiss you for it
                   And thus, as we clasp hands dreamily, become your muse

spring is approaching and I am happy and this may be my best poem and I love it dearly
#love   #boyfriend   #mother   #stars   #romantic   #you   #muse   #evening  

I had to call the cops on my ex-boyfriend last Thursday:

Stop looking at me like I did something to you.
I have campus police on speed dial, if you do not leave, I will call them.
You need to stop pretending like I did something wrong to you.
I am dialing the number right now.
Look at me. Look at me! Stop looking at me like you're a victim! I didn't do anything wrong to you. I don't deserve this.
Look, it's ringing. You need to leave.
First, you need to stop looking at me like I did something wrong to you.
No. Leave.
Look at me!

You feel a special kind of guilty when you have a stalker. You don't want to believe that someone you ever loved would to this. You really don't want to believe that someone you were ever intimate with, or someone who has pictures that you painted for them in their room would do this to you. You don't want to feel vulnerable. And you really don't want to feel that every few seconds, you need to be looking over your shoulder for them. You just want them to leave you alone.

This is pretty personal, but whatever.
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Dear Scott
You're the reason for my tears
And the reason for my smile.
It's three years
And you're the one I see for miles.
Even you can pull me down
But I won't care
Cause you're my frown
But also my air.

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