1 day ago

I'm observing my life through a sheet of Saran Wrap wrapped tightly around me.
It's suffocating me silently, when you touch me I feel pressure but not sensation.
I want to sense the world;
But so many things are fake.

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Let me fall asleep,
See him one last time,
Feel his heart beats,
Blow him a kiss,
Tell him all the untold,
Hold his hand closely,
Under the thousand stars.
Let's see those dreams again,
Let's make no promises,
I will let you go,
And never look back,
You will remain with me,
In my treasured memories,
Let me fall asleep,
See him one last time.
One last time.

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Mara W Kayh
Mara W Kayh
3 days ago

What is it about you
that makes my desire
an open wound,

sealed with only
compassionate touch.

What is it
that makes me wince
with longing,
haunted by thoughts
adorned and quelled only by you

Paint me like a master
With traces of  your stained hands
along my gaping silhouette,
heal me with finger tips tainted by my own blood.

Draw me into your murderous self
love me ecstatic
And caress me back to life.

Spontaneous write from a heavily beating heart
#love   #heart   #desire   #lover   #feeling   #loving   #believing   #painter   #imagining  
4 days ago

Since the day I met you
Everything seems to change
Feeling like all is new
Wonderful yet strange


To be continued.. ;)
#love   #you   #feeling  
6 days ago

I thought
I got over it
But you are still here
I thought I forgot
But I didn't
I thought
I was through with you
But you simply stayed
I thought I asked you
To leave my heart
More than once till today

I thought
But obviously
I was wrong
I didn't know
That I still longed
For the smile
And the touch
That you gave
But me
I asked for something
That was far too much
And never meant to be

I like to think of it
This way:
You're not the one,
I like to say,
Because the one
The real, the true
He's meant to stay

And that's not you.

Noticed feelings waking up from a sleep again, trying to survive.
#love   #heart   #desire   #feeling   #strong  
Luna Marie
Luna Marie
6 days ago

Well that feeling was fun while it lasted.
And to think of the nights I wasted,
Thinking about you...
Man, If I only knew.

When were you going to tell me?
Was I blinded by the way you said "Marie" all lovingly?
I guess I was just desperate for someone to hold me safe and warm.
I'm such an idiot to think a love could form!

You didn't even say goodbye,
But that wasn't the part that made me cry.
She had always been there
But you certainly did not care.

I see that picture frame in my dreams.
And I tell myself that maybe it's not what it seems.
But then you said, all casually,
"This is a picture of my fiance and me"

But the way you held me so tight,
Seemed to me that you were loving me with all your might.
Did I just picture it all in my head?
How I wish I was dead.

Maybe then you'll remember me
and you would be able to see,
I'm better fitted for you
Than she is wedded to you, you have no clue.

What am I thinking!
There's something here that I'm not seeing.
I've fallen really hard...
Little pieces of my heart broke apart, shard after shard.

Was I mistaken, or just taken for granted?
Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan
7 days ago

I sat here to rest, but
Without my permission
Some thoughts came with feelings.

Those feelings took over
And now I take off, What a shame.

I lost what I had, but
What wasn't worth keeping

All that I knew, but
What wasn't worth teaching

Then I had come
To the grandest conclusion.

Just what you'd expect
From someone who’s losing. What a shame.

#dark   #mistake   #shame   #feeling  

I can’t shake the feeling
that when I look out into life,
life is actually looking in.
Peering into my mirror eyes
to find out where it’s been --

to see itself and understand
the ways in which it lives
as a universe consigned
to the confines of mere mind.

Willingly it dons this brute disguise
of soft and shivering skin.
To realize its deepest truth inside
life creates forms to go within.

J.M. 2017

Look outwards and feel the exceptional, heightened awareness that surrounds you.
Mar 20

He likes the bare necessities and the feel of nude skin rubbing
against fabric on a quiet night.
He sees the beauty in raw flesh fitted on armored bones;
he likes the way his veins cross paths and the way his tongue moves.
He closes his eyes and extends his fingers to touch himself,
fresh out the shower,
as he fantasizes of other disrobed bodies.
He sees her in his dream of ecstasy,
the colors of the rainbow filter their tangled bodies,
dim lighting and the smell of lilacs and the feel of warmth.
In this vision, her hands skim over his elongated neck
and his sallow fingers paw at her umber belly
under the shadows of his silhouette
and under a canopy of steam and the moon.

She's seen it once in a dream;
a castle of euphoria and bliss.
In a dream where they're nude,
making her privates speak and her feet yell;
making them glorious and making her feel him inside of her.
Bringing her to a place that smells like her favorite flowers,
to a place that has his favorite color painted onto walls;
loving her while he makes her body holy in his name.
The heavens are in tune with her and him,
and each new day brings their bodies to a praise.
The majestic magic that his hands and tongue work
feels so amazing.
And he will color her in and his word so sure,
tasting sweet upon the tongue,
glossed and glazed.

I knew it was him all along,
lying there in his nude glory:
washed-out skin, rosy under eyes, swirls, solid eyes, and pink lips.
An almost perfect man, lying there with blissful thoughts
of ebony collarbones and soft black spirals stuck to an enchanting face.
Blissful thoughts of two conflicting bodies -- one ivory and one ebony --
that complement like yin and yang.

He likes to touch himself.
6 days ago

I th016ink there's a g015litch in my co014de.
I'm tr013ying, but I st012ill feel alo011ne.
A010nd, my he009art?
It's bi008tter cold t007o the touc006h.
I wi005sh this l004ife w003as eno002ugh.
Li001fe is to d000ie.

it reads;
"I think there's a glitch in my code.
I'm trying, but I still feel alone.
And, my heart?
It's bitter cold to the touch.
I wish this life was enough.
Life is to die."
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