Timothy hill
2 days ago

The blanket of space, where never rased so "placees after hours" you listen the blank taste settles there hate.

Conflate, the reams of the varibles.

Disagree, with the hammer of dawn.

Dust mist the area.

Immunity, was parched the thrist it needed a pass to enter with grain on hands you go to your converters.

The build began, its safety features include "secrete safe" house concepts.

So don't be silly or nodding because the scale use there own grips.

The yard puzzles most as Un seen.

Cars pass by yet no one sees the area.

How was this able to occur none will know.

Many men and women, praise there skills made in full detail.

Don't look away as the sun will change its pace more than just metaphorically.

Day after day the music, was played to the person of high grade, sheilds.

As shadow's came we light his path or aura enegy.

Disburst there attempts with tricky special ops.

Codes were recited, to open the plasma coil and the power was as is.

Above* the words read Care Is To Be Used!

Misinformation, spell to Earth, as Kings and Knight, change there views and faces.

Here as rain starts pain grew and Plains redone.

Illicit, there plains where yet with grim details Un masked.

Poker hands faces look easy.

Oh, dear lord it is that of pity.

Black ships and twister of reality.

Shade there (Egos) and stain there display.

Decate, as we go to the other room he begins his home made craft.

Shoulder, heavy as made precession, was resized for the purpose of matter displacement.

This is of course a novel.
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5 days ago

wake me up when i die
and yell at me for wasting time
i'd sell my soul for all it's worth
but it still wouldn't make it right
i'd say i'd sort it out
i'd write a thousand words
but i'd waste my time
i'd waste my time
because of my mind
it traps me in a room

3 - 22 - 2017
#words   #death   #mind   #soul   #room   #diary  

One. Two.

Is this thing turned on?

One. Two.

I can't see even a few feet in front of me.



There's nothing said back from the void.
Disapproval. Deification.

What difference does it make,
Whether withheld or spoken?

Shadows show well on the walls
Before Netflix in my home at night,

The futon

Eyes overflowing with lust

They're waiting for facial on tongue.
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No wonder how I hate my distance from her!
No wonder how I hate my sickness of being away from her!
No wonder how I hate the silence in my room, in my car, in my papers!
She is a hope with the simplicity living in her and with her!
She is the light that let me close my eyes in peace!
She is the gentle that i touch when I'm confused with my thought!
She is... The Gift!

#love   #peace   #hope   #her   #silence   #distance   #room   #gift   #papers  

I'm letting the past rest in peace.
I won't try to repair it anymore.

That which has been broken
Can never be perfectly flawless
Ever again anyway.

He was simply a visitor who
Came through the door of my life,
Peeked into the room of my heart,
And then abandoned both.

A part of me only hopes that,
Although now complete strangers,
He will remember the shelter
He once considered home.

#peace   #heart   #home   #hope   #past   #breakup   #stranger   #room   #shelter   #visitor  
Stewart barns
Stewart barns
Nov 4, 2016

Locked away all you see is four walls
A locked door,
Laying down wishing you was home
Phone calls, but no ones ever home
Try again tomorrow
Mail seems never to appear
They said they wrote you
But it never made it here
They threw away the key but
Couldn't take my mind
So every other night
I let my thoughts roam
I let my hands write
Let my soul rest
While I watch the time fly

#mind   #free   #room   #cell   #jail  

Insanity is running into the same wall,
And Over again.

You're stuck in that same room,
With those same people.
Crying out,
Screaming out,
Pounding your first on that door.
That door that is locked.

So you quit.
The door isn't opening,
Those people are still talking,
Blissfully unaware.
Unaware of the suffocating trap they live in.

So I will find ways to mingle,
In this lonely, isolated room.
I will find ways to smile.
My coping mechanisms will stay behind closed doors,
And I will survive.

But when that door opens,
And chaos finally breaks loose,
Hell hath no fury,
For what I will unfold.

I'm in a  vengeful mood today
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The controller opens up a world in the Television.
Places far off unfold before my eyes.
Remote locations, of grandeur and beauty.
Peace is the only thing felt when there.
Yet here I sit.
Before a flickering television.
Weaving between commercials.
As I expose the madness of mine own design
To the nothing and no one that surrounds me.

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You can see it all from my window;
open wide, no blinds,
all at my window.

The show has begun.
Every night I headline,
dress then rewind; so fine.

Moonlight on skin;
sin invites our minds.
You strive to remain in hide,
outside my window.

Lust drives me and you.
Slow, ribbons flow down to my shoes;
heels, a seductive red.

On my bed, I relax.
Be my witness to climax,
from outside my window.

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kill all artificial lights
no natural causes but
natural darkness
fake lights for true dark
blackest of blacks
like charred tree bark
leave but one imposter
glowing in the gloom
just pale enough
to write onto
and that's my door to you

a piece of text from several months ago;
a low-quality first attempt at audio: https://soundcloud.com/blaze-ashful/1st-2-chord-background
#dark   #screen   #night   #writing   #light   #gloom   #room   #conversation   #communication   #dim  
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