Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
23 hours ago

She spins him round, a story so true
exhausted release, when she is through
her body, her art
each, and all parts
a fresh start, here comes round two

Yup, down in the gutter, once more :D
#sex   #humor   #limerick   #adult  

I'm not a great lover of cake
(especially those that I bake)
but a doughnut's my dream
and when oozing with cream
is an image to keep me awake!

#humor   #limerick  

That's the signpost up ahead, yup, this is Austin town
no crazier the venue, looney, coming round
keep Austin weird, the motto
keep on buyin, for the lotto
cuz a win on the morrow, out of Austin, bound

Yup, the best place to live in the country, unless, ya live here.
#humor   #limerick   #austin   #looney  
Feb 14

When I was just a little nipper
I dreamed of being a stripper
I started my dance
tugged at my pants
got my pecker caught in my zipper

I'm sure this won't get me any new followers, but it sure is fun.
Feb 14

Desperate in need of a Valentine
I offered a meal some cake and wine
We were strangers
I didn't see the danger
We were drinking from the Matrimony Vine

The Matrimony Vine is not a grape, but a flowery vine with a very tart berry.
Feb 10

The ground bubbled up like a stew
Nobody knew what to do
It was running away
Like the month of May
As the whole sky tumbled in too.

© Copyright SE February 2017

A simple ballad for the broken
words and deeds, unspoken
straining to understand
a no immigrant, command
as blood paid, for worthless token

This country is built on immigrants, but they should all be legal one's too *shrug*

Never in all of the world
was there ever, a happier girl
today she was wed
of her bride she has said
she's an expert at finding, the pearl

Yup, kinda a two way type limerick, maybe, sorta.
Hey, it's legit in a lot of states now!! :D
#humor   #limerick   #adult   #snarky  
Feb 4

A poor boy entered the shop
His eyes were ready to pop
Surrounded by riches
With holes in his britches
Only to be handed a mop

© Copyright SE February 2017

Feb 4

She came like a thief in the night
Whispering words of delight
She went down on her knees
Not trying to please
But to make us both the same height.

© Copyright SE February 2017

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