4 hours ago

Her fingers flutter across 88 keys
Of black and white colors light as a breeze,
She lives safe and sound
In the music she found,
Where my passion for her rests unseen.

1 day ago

You've said "it can't happen here" for so long
Yet even you know that's just wrong
For no matter the place
The time, or the race
If unchecked, it can always come along

Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
2 days ago

The truest tale of Little Miss Muffet.
On a trip to the moon soiled her gusset.
Creaming her jeans in space,
bought her such a red face,
she steadfastly refuses to discuss it.

© Pagan Paul 2017

A little light to hold back the Dark :)
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
2 days ago

There was a serial killer lady in California
don't say I didn't warn ya
a black widow of fame
as results always the same
the husband she'd blame, falling asleep, in the sauna

2 days ago

It's called march madness for a reason
I don't know what it is with these season
Whether it's climate, pheromones
Or that we finally feel at home
There are couples everywhere you can see them

When march rolls into my school, half of the kids are in relationship and a third are crushing hard on someone.
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
6 days ago

The childish me dreamed of being thirty
Buying all the things I dreamed
Sweet candy and ice cream
As far as the eye could see
Now I dream about being three

First Limerick if you could give me any advice I would appreciate it.
#dream   #life   #adventure   #funny   #childhood   #humor   #limerick   #ironic  
Zoë Lamaze
Zoë Lamaze
7 days ago

There once was a lesbian named Zoë,
Who was born in a month quite snowy.
She has glasses on her face,
Enjoyed a warm embrace,
And her smile was big and glowy.

I just came out to my English teachers using this poem.

There once was a he-man named Donna
Louisa DisTampon Melāna.
   He spanked it and dirked it
   And yanked it and jerked it
While reading The Gods of Pegāna.


Mar 17

Normally I don't celebrate a one day holiday
But it's a drinking holiday, so celebrate away
Drinking green beer
Spreading good cheer
To the Irish and non, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't really drink beer. I usually just stick to the hard stuff.

But waiting to get off work, going bonkers and berserk.

The feast of Ireland's patron saint is here
celebrated wildly with whiskey and beer
fictitious leprechauns turn mighty this day
if you annoy them or get in their way
expect a slap and a clip around the ear

A St.Patrick's day limerick
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