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4d · 57
what a loser!
to leave your allies
who helped you achieve
your often-boasted victories


against their well-known
overpowering enemy
is abominable betrayal

a crime most foul!
On the occasion of the American betrayal of the Kurds in Syria who were instrumental to reduce IS - now rising again thanks to the Turkish-US "deal."
4d · 386
this day
why is it
that this day weighs heavy on my mind
though nothing special has occurred
except the usual bad news
     of deaths and fighting and catastrophies
     greed and abominable politics

my private life is safe and fine
remote from all the global strife
it runs a fairly pleasant course
with just occasional disturbances

could that weigh heavily on my mind?
Sep 25 · 104
I have had it!
Mr. Trump,
supposedly president of the United States
with three milllion fewer votes than your opponent
thanks to the GOP-rigged electoral colleges

after your speech
at the General Assembly of the United Nations
     for which you apparently
     had a better ghostwriter than usual
     and stuck to the script

I have had it, nevertheless!

you refuse to honor
international agreements
from the Iran nuclear deal
to the international postal service agreement

your sanctions create even more misery
in the countries from which
the refugees at the U.S. southern border
come to escape the terror at home

you destroy long-term international agreements
shouting „America first“
destabilizing politics and the global economy
and long-term alliances

      just to demonstrate
      that you can do it
      because you are now
      the president

not even to mention
all the silly an detrimental orders
you issue at home
to lift climate regulations
     or  pollution laws
     or the protection of national parks
      etc. etc.

I have had it!

with your erratic agenda
your great alien friends
    Putin  Duterte  Modi Erdogan
    and the Saudi Princes, etc. etc.
who help you win your elections

I live in a small country
at the heart of Europe
and I sincerely resent
     to suffer
from your *******-up version
of nationalist identity politics

so I suggest
YOU go home
where you
     and your ancestors
      came from

and I sincerely hope
that the German immigration officers
will act according to the rules
your ICE applies
to the refugees from
Middle America
Sep 21 · 72
word & image
emojis we send
assuming images say more
than our words
make our feelings visual

they say
a picture says more
than a thousand words

yet often
inspire pictures
words pictures emojis
Sep 16 · 184
weather report
it is a lovely sunny summer day
and yet the atmosphere feels different

as if a chilling haze had cast a net
over the luscious green of nature
darkened the pond‘s bright sparkles
made flowers droop their faces to the ground
trees sway their branches somberly
people look strangely serious

I guess it is the news that reaches us
along the ether waves
feeds our mobile phones  tvs  and radios
all about deaths  corruption  wannabe dictators
catastrophies  lack of support

no wonder the views of our world
are rather solemn
even on the brightest days
Sep 9 · 102
as days keep passing
at times I wonder
how to make best use of them

not sleep too long
so you don‘t find
your mornings are too short

structure your time
try not to get distracted
     too much by the morning news
     on mobile  TV  or pc

shop economically
    every third day   or so

remember your morning exercise
     your pills  your grocery list
     your medical appointments
     your telephone calls
     your social appointments
     & cetera

all that effort surely deserves  
a day on which I just sleep in
do none of the above
let gladly pass the day in all its glory

simply enjoy
an evening after no work well done
Sep 7 · 102
do we know
when we start our day
how it might end

whether we'll see
our loved ones again
after we say goodbye to them
in the morning

wheter the world
will kerp on turning
as we know it

we do not know

yet we asssume

a world built on asumptions
is the only one
we have
it seems that Trump  Johnson  and Putin
are not really free of that gluten
which  though it be healthy
tastes only for the wealthy
like something not to dispute on
Aug 21 · 290
global mess (Limerick)
look at these global convulsions
all free spirits pursued with expulsion
as if a sly demon
had squirted its venom
and then turned away in revulsion
Aug 19 · 695
would we not
if we could
be someone completely different

at least for a while

child to adult  woman to man
asylant to millionaire  president to farmer
human to animal or tree

or vice versa

we can imagine all this
in our phantasies and virtual worlds
yet we are missing essentials

to BE a mouse  a bear  a shark
a president  a film star  a tree
is to feel  think  sense  suffer
live in their alien worlds

maybe even understand

at least for a while
difference  alien understanding j
factual or fake
terse or sensationalist
trying to be as objective as possible
shamelessly partisan and polemic

or simply hate speech
esoteric remedies for all problems
cat videos and personal snapshots
on asocial networks

whether we believe it or not
it is difficult to avoid it
in our great age
of real-time digital information

the abundance of unreliables
is almost legendary    
     like hearsay in the Middle Ages
     when wandering minstrels
     spread the tidings
        more or less

a challenge to all people with brains
not yet oversaturated with daily trivia

to decide what to believe


do follow-ups
Aug 7 · 332
no ruth
impervious to experts
untouched by suffering immigrants and workers
heaping vile insults onto all opponents
remarkably ruthless in praising himself
at every inappropriate occasion

a man only in love with his own self
of whom many hope
he'd soon follow
the story of Narcissus
to its classical end
[Even Narcissus might  turn green with envy
facing such a ruthless egomaniac]
Jul 11 · 219
how do I get to know this me?

ask my friends
     or enemies
who I know
     are biased one way or the other?

find myself in meditation
     with a guru
     or just with myself?

what if I discover
     there is more than one me
     that I have many selves?

must I accept
     all of them
or can I choose the ones
     I like best?

life is difficult ..
me myself myselves
Jul 9 · 258
whiff of green
a whiff of green

promising to bring back
the god old coal mining jobs
drilling and fracking for oil
on federal land
loosening pollution standards

does not really jive
with sudden claims
to work for the purest air
and the best crystal clear water
of the whole world

yet another pathetic attempt
by a pathological liar
to make facts
fit his egomaniacal fictions

that whiff of fake green
does not smell good
between the two halves of his brain
in the left there‘s nothing right
and in the right there‘s nothing left
Inspired by a pun of Bill Maher.
Feel free to apply it to any politician you think qualifies for it...
Jun 29 · 159
island of the blessed?
right at the center
of a somewhat stormy europe
my little country
     at times
     with a touch of gallows humor
struggles to maintain
the venerable illusion
that Austria remains
as we have thought for centuries
     an island of the blessed

amidst the brexit troubles
the growing voices of dull nationalists
     masking as patriots
authoritarian visions
     of „illiberal democracies“
         even at home

heart-breaking fates of refugees
     unwanted anywhere
spineless politicians
     who change positions
     according to the winds
     of not so presidential twitters

follow deniers of the climate change
     though they are sweating
     through the highest temps
     since measurements began

      etc., etc.

sometimes we may be wise
remembering poetic words of yore
like those of dear John Donne:

„No man is an island“
Jun 23 · 1.0k
do we really want
our country imprisoned by a wall
and all the seasonal Mexican harvest workers
locked out?

California and other
southern border states
do not seem so enthusiastic
about this concept

legal or illegal
they need the (wo)man power
to get their fruit and vegetables
to the (super) market

therefore, dear ICE
& other border guard units

get your act together
do NOT separate children
     from their parents    
try to use your brains
      rather than follow your orders

and act
like good Americans would
ICE, immigration harvest Mexican  children
Jun 22 · 293
there are moments
when in the daily busy-ness
questions slink into our thoughts
making their way slowly
through the distracting perma-noise
of our world

     what will there be
     after all obligations
     tasks  projects  jobs
     are no more

do we fall
     into a blissful black hole

find ourselves stymied
     by the absence
     of the pressure
     to accomplish

do we slowly fade away
     feeling un-needed
find our private obsession
that keeps us occupied
until we breathe our last

who knows
Jun 22 · 150
I have the blues
sitting on my loggia

on a balmy spring evening
   after a short return of winter
a drink on my side
the birds chirping their evening song
the sun slanted
straight into my eyes

my favorite radio station
has declared jazz day
so I have been enjoying
Dizzie Gillespie, Charlie Parker
    Joe Zawinul, Benny Goodman, & cetera


yet I have the blues

I had to take
my woman to the airport today
she’s now miles away from me

she mailed me
she arrived safely

I am glad to know

but she still is
miles away from me

I have the blues
Discovered this verse that had gotten stored in the wrong directory of my laptop quite a while ago .... digitalization has its pitfalls ..
Jun 11 · 758
out there
once you let your poems
fly freely
out into the world
anything can happen to them

and it does
poems free world
Jun 6 · 285
below expectations
if the results of your negotiations
remain below the expectations
of your great leader

you better write your testament
say goodbye to your loved ones
and prepare for death
instantly or piecemeal
in one of those well known
penal colonies

whereto the great leader
relegates those enemies of the people
who fail to give himself
     and his good buddy Donald
the precious soundbites
they need to announce
over the global media

to demonstrate
their nuclear good will
Jun 6 · 158
china shops
people there are
who manage to be
elephants in china shops
even visiting good old England
May 29 · 730
the art of brevity
has been appreciated
      over centuries
proven by epigrams and haikus

but the technology
      of our time
has made it mandatory
to express yourself
     in as few words as possible

in order to save
      space & time
on smartphone screens
throughout the world

no matter how transmogrified
     thinking may have become
by this enforced simplicity

complexity of thought
has gotten out of fashion
and even nations‘ leaders
have fallen back
on simple black & white
intentionally abusing
the KISS principle
KISS principle:
May 17 · 1.4k
when almost everything
feels rather new
almost every day
May 8 · 970
rain's beauty
drops falling steadily
upon a misty world
far more than fifty shades of green
dazzle your senses
make you
trees  bushes  flowers
drinking sustenance
dancing in the rain
Apropos a nice rainy day in spring
May 7 · 172
it seems that our earliest ancestors
already felt the need to advocate
existence of such beings
     larger than humans
     yet created in their image
they could adore  
     pray to  
          ask for help
in their hard life‘s exhausting chores

     Egyptian  Hindu  Greek
     Roman or Jewish  Mayan  Christian
     Islamic, Orthodox or Puritan

they all see leader figures
     mostly male
     and patriarchal hierarchies
as necessary for the survival
of a firm belief and their religious values

where there are many god(esse)s
earthlings in need are able to appeal
     and donate gifts
to more than one

     other religions offer fewer choices
     or none

yet all are born from the conviction
that we need help from higher sources
we have created ourselves

out of distrust
that we could master
life‘s challenges
on our own
May 2 · 214
your dreams
the things you dream
are yours only

     nobody else
     has a clue

unless you tell them
on Freud‘s couch
May 2 · 174
when you are pensive
looking for ideas
to write convincing verse

just think of all those idiots
in politics in our days

your pen will glow
a scathing red

with what you have to say
Apr 28 · 624
the time your feelings
are only at your back
    and not in front of you
it may not be so wise
to start another tryst

emotions hanging in mid-air
suspended in a cosmic cold
might gravely chill
whatever the new fire

make your attempted new desire
Apr 19 · 374
word games...
no collusion
is an illusion
to sow confusion
against factual evidence
Even the redacted Mueller report should make it very clear that Republicans and their deplorable president have been lying up and down the ladder over the past three years and beyond! - Sorry for not keeping my word about not writing a political poem for a month, but Barr's shenanigans are just abominable! -Of course - if I were as brazen as his boss, I would not bother to apologize ...
Apr 17 · 617
times of transition
we do not really know
what to expect of times to come

those who dare say they do
are more or less intelligently speculating
and their assumptions usually don‘t exceed
foggy predictions read from crystal *****

so what?
the problem is not really new
all our ancestors
     some more desperate than others
were longing for the certainty
they thought would go with knowledge
of all things as yet to come

     fact is we have survived without it
     for some million years

even if our digitized society
     obsessed with quantifying everything
     from time to work to *** to pleasure
seems mortally in fear of lack of data
     about the future

the one thing we can say for sure
is that life will be different
because the only constant in our world
is change

     know it
     and get on
The last two lines are borrowed from U.S. author and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison in her reply to a question of what to do about unpleasant news/experience.--
Apr 14 · 525
uneasy laughter
if he were not
the president of a superpower
     that claims to be the beacon of democracy
we all could laugh more easily
     and openly

about the way he lies with almost every utterance
uses foul language, insults & invective
openly shares his racist views
lowers the level of accepted public speech
     like no U.S. president before
snuggles up to monarchs and dictators
and does not understand
     they play him for a fool

antiquated ideas of trickle-down economy
add nothing to his silly promises
of making his country great again
     (no real need, has never been small)

after two years in office it is clear
his retrograde policy
leads what once used to be
a democratic nation of great promise
    quite independent will
    and vital multicultural diversity
into a world of yesterday
    not to a better future

all it does is make him
     and the whole nation
the **** of wary global laughter
the kind usually given to the joker
in superman movies
I promise not to write about (U.S.) politics for at least a month ...8-(
Apr 10 · 2.9k
power games101
Spread claims you are the only one who can stop corrupt politicians and their dependence on the rich (even though you yourself belong to the rich)

2. Spread lies and insults about anyone who might look like a serious opponent

3. Once you are in power, continue 1. & 2. and put your rich friends into influential positions in state offices and courts, give tax breaks to the rich and claim that everyone benefits from them. Declare any information that runs counter to your lies „fake news“.

4. Invent threats to the security and well-being of the nation and then claim you are the one who can solve all the problems by strict measures, like building a 2,000 mile wall against those criminal immigrants that threaten your people – what the „fake news“ reports as a few thousand refugees from neighboring countries who flee from misery and persecution and crime and hope to get asylum in your country of 350 million.

5. Cut your aid programs for the home countries of those resfugees so that the situation there worsens even more and even more people will try to run for a better life, and you can rhetorically justify inhuman security measures at your borders.

6. On a different field, isolate your country internationally, be the elefant in the china shop, break or end international agreements, destabilize whole regions, and then threaten to send the military – all of which, you tell your voters, makes your country great again.

7. Start trade wars with old global partners, accusing them of taking advantage of your countrty, and when your own economy suffers from such idiocies, calm your afflicted followers with federal subsidies that jolt the nationl deficit to singular heights.

8. Fire (or mob into retirement) any critical person in your government until all your officials speak with your voice.

9. Look around for a worthy cause to be the focus of your consoldidated power.

10. Start a world war and lose it.
Apropos certain current global developments ....
Mar 26 · 248
ruthless ignorance
unburdened by knowledge
or traditions of polite civility
some powermongers
demand attention of the media
force their way onto title pages
assuming that bland lies
     combined with contradictions
     and outrageous stupidities
     mostly echoing sycophantic TV news
will satisfy their followers
ensure their loyalty
and even guarantee
their reelection into higher office

     there is a tendency
     to underestimate ‘the people’

they usually take their time to watch
and talk  and reconsider
     after all
     one does not lightly
     throw away the expectations
     one has projected onto the preferred

then comes the point
when ruthless ignorance
      and greed for power
become too obvious
      too much

people no longer do approve

the powermonger tumbles from his throne
his reign remembered as a somber blob
in people’s history
This is a bit of wishful thinking, but who knows ....
Feb 20 · 758
you want to build a wall
to make it high and tall
to keep them out
them all
you fear because they call
with different voices
different words
wear different clothes
in brighter colors
have darker skin  
who knows
may have darker souls within

and you don‘t see
they only flee
from terror and lethal poverty

desperately hoping
that the Statue of Liberty
still remembers her promise
a shop sells spirits and flowers
for Valentine's and Ballantine's
it's owner's face quite happily shines
Feb 1 · 512
would I cry?
and would I cry
were I to lose you

my light of many decades
dimmed beyond return
would make the world
a dreary place

filled with the shadows
of our dark imaginings
we‘d kept at bay
with our love and joy
and our laughter

without you
they would gather force
draw closer

     a pack of hungry wolves
     sensing a weakness in their prey

I would cry
were I to lose you
Jan 26 · 2.0k
thinking in quiet
at the end of a busy day
about what you have actually done
can yield sobering results
Jan 25 · 2.0k
beyond sleep
they told me
my father died quietly
in his sleep
at 2 a.m.

with his pain-ridden last years
I think he was not unhappy
to go farther for once
return to the cosmos he came from
wake up painless
     at peace
floating in the universe
he had admired from mountain peaks
all of his life
Jan 21 · 581
the state of the union
is simply abysmal

no speech needed
With the longest government shutdown in US history, the obvious incompetence of the government needs not more words, but deeds!
Jan 10 · 1.1k
joy (a delayed xmas poem)
I think
what saves today’s commercial xmas hype
from being absolutely nauseous
is the wide-eyed joy of children
when they open their gifts
and find their dreams come true

a faint echo
of the joy in the eyes of the Kings
when after their long travails
they discovered the baby of their dreams
had miraculously become reality
he has blood on his hands from Yemen
surrounds himself only with yeah-men
leaves his allies deserted
boasts he has converted
all ISIS to civilized laymen
Dec 2018 · 834
new year
the year is new
most wishes old
and have been told before

yet hope dies last

and so  
    my HP friends
let‘s have a blast
    offer a toast    
    to all times past
and a hearty cheer
    to the incoming year!
after a tasty  lunch
& and extensive joyous afternoon chats
     with her women friends
while he was doing the dishes
she had no words left for him

so they started
       their smart phones and Kindles
and relaxed in their separate worlds
Nov 2018 · 935
art international
colorful paint
on a blue canvas
runs down in strings

crossing borders & languages
flowing into hearts and minds
at ease

the bottom end
of the canvas
is not the end
of the message
Inspired by a computer graphic of Waltraud Mohoric at
Nov 2018 · 663
new world Italians
lost in alien space
posted their home culture
and worked for it


and the whole western world

would starve to death
without pasta pizza
and Michelangelo
Inspired by a graphic of Renée Gadsden on
Nov 2018 · 228
grey and black
and powerful

its pointed cone
***** in
all shapes and colors

we do not know

they come back
Inspired by graphics of Moje Menhardt on
Nov 2018 · 556
black on grey
against their dark weight

wings beating
to avoid
the crash
Inspired by a graphic of Lei Feng on
Nov 2018 · 439
a colorful river of words
flows out of the cave
towards an ocean
under azure sky

will it diffuse
in the blue
waves of the sea


stake out
in distinctive colors
a current of meaning
Inspired by a computer graphic by Maria Luisa Grimani on
Nov 2018 · 790
women shapes
woman shapes
in shades
of red and black
invite you
to a loving

to go back
you came from
Inspired by a graphic of Bahman Kalantari on
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