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when i'm in a crowd
doesn't matter where
it can be waiting in line
at the grocery store where
the sound of coins hitting the
counter is suddenly deafening
when this hypervigliance kicks in
like an unwelcome superpower and
i'm fully aware of where every single
person is, what they are doing, and
all the sounds mix together into
a roar that to my gut sounds
like a saber tooth tiger
running hot on my
heels, and i either
fight, flee or freeze
like i'm a caveman
and i have no control
over which of the three
i say yes to... i avoid crowds
it's easier and safer to just be alone
The feeling of being soaked by the rain while listening to a sad song is enticing,
But have you ever run around in the rain listening to something uplifting and simply feel it?

I love the rain
When I'm mad and sad
When I'm happy and excited
The cool drops animate me and make me feel alive
I'm doing my best

I'm falling in love with the little things
My passions are not yours
My dreams are not yours
I am not yours

I will love my passions
I will follow my dreams
I will be myself, you will have no say

So please stop tearing apart
Everything that is me
Simply because it is not you
How someone can just walk out of your life so fast
Is insane to me
One day you can be all thats on their mind
The next you're nothing
Just a ghost

The in between of a feeling and a fading memory
Oh dear feel like throwing in the towel.
So  low low low
In daylight he was a realist,
Anchored in a world of objects.
But under pale starlight,
Apparitions of her kisses
Danced across his skin

Desire for her, he told himself,
was a craving for form,
a way to fill the night
with soothing fiction.
But the truth was that he could no longer tell
love from addiction.
she's the kind of girl
who carries sunflowers
in her back pockets
and unconditional love
in her heart
Every person has hopes and dreams

Don’t intentionally dim
anyone’s lightbulb
We are all on our own dimmer switch
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