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You never deserved any of the poems I wrote for you,
and I hope I never write you any more.
The corners whisper
A familiar tune
A nostalgic ill
A melodic gloom
A hopeless ode
A call to the moon
The corners whisper
They'll fall in soon
 Jan 2016 Destiny Fleming
I need you like a
skin needs touch
I long for your rush
flowing over me with every touch
my temperature rising
color turning flush
I can never get enough
feeling you on my skin
the longlasting shadows of your touch
fighting off these feelings
is getting tough
I want to consume you
slowly exhale you like a huff
then take another puff
I love you in the flesh
and will remember you as dust
fall asleep in your arms
and never wake up
I dove in
head first
full force

Expecting an Ocean
And discovered a kiddie pool
Behind a tattered hessian curtain there is a flickering light,
but this isn't what should be on her bedside right.
My first 20 worder (as instructed) - I may continue this one at a later date.
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