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Mr Tendy May 27
I was all by myself, when it dawn on me that I was too old for my age.

Too old to be older, even if that was all I wanted as a child.

Too old to be a lover, even if that was my must wanted fantasy.

Too old to heartbroken, if  when I did my best to avoid it happening.

Too old to be in another relationship,
After all the ones I try left me in pieces & ashes.

Too old to tell you how old you are in my heart for this short time together.

Am just too old to be here, too old to tell you, too old to agree with you, too old to let you go.

Am just too old to be older than am old to be.
Mr Tendy May 23
Why can't I get angry at you?
Because you are that part of a tree that can not be touch and can not be overlook too
That part of the sun that can not be reach and can not be ignore
That part of life that can not be removed and can not be mishandle
That part that can not be followed and yet can not be removed from the map because of it true value
How much more can I say that you are that friend that can not be sent off but yet can not be keep back.
That the one word I was looking for that I still can't say, so any idea what the word is to why I can't vex with you?
Mr Tendy May 23
It time I was told...
To give that which I owed,
That which was given to me for free....

This was surprising to me course, I knew that what was free was meant to be without repayment?

But here was I now  in depth, for what was free.

Then it done on me that nothing is ever free, but all things are free.

Only when you are ready to give without holding back, you will not see it t as free..

Now that I understand, I am will to accept my dept and pay off, with my free will, for a better life of freedom.

Nothing is ever free, until you are ready to give up your will for it.
Mr Tendy May 21
They will change their maid concerning me, no matter what they have said and will say, they must change their maid no matter what happens, course I carry that which they all need and have deep need for.
They must change their maid.
Mr Tendy May 21
Depressed , sadness , emotional pain, giving up hunger, hopeless sene, helpless times.

Are this what we feel at every given time.

Am I right?

Then tell me why am feel so about you right now please?

I thought you were just one of those things but it ends up that I was wrong,

You got a better grip on me than I gave you space too.

Now all of you is what I want and take it from me,

Am not giving up until you see me not ready to be giving up on.
Things are not aways  the picture we think they are until we understand them.
Mr Tendy May 16
Love is the most prefect thing in life,
That all human should test, have, want, need, work in, and in total obtain by all means right.
Remember all means and ways right.

Love is a person, an identity, an occupation, an organization, a body, and most of all love is you, yes you!

Love has no end point but has always had a start point.
It's has no friends but yet builds families.
It's gives no pain but it offers comfort from pain.
It has never failed but it is always growing even when it comes to place of lost of joy,
It not failing rether it is going through the invisible watering by our emotions, and it result made visible at the end of it heardship.

— The End —