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Michael Flynn Feb 2020
At my darkest hour
Cursing my breathing
I slid from the bed, sweat heavy on the brow struggling for breath.

I mustered my strength,
Crawled to the door
Mind racing,
Dazed through an internal maze,
For what seemed an eternity.

I lay on that cold floor, reminiscing of past deeds done,
And of the chains that bind me.
My soul numbed,
As I stare into an abyss.

I cursed and swore while staring at that door,
How death was cheated from me.
My planned escape from my mortal cage
Failed that morning.
Michael Flynn Feb 2020
I am alone,
lost within an empire of ambiguity
surrounded by seas of turmoil
an island of fear battered by waves of hate
its beauty-no more, covered with filth.

lost am I among the dead?
craving for love but fed hate
long for a peace that's all but late
consumed by sorrow.

brought into a world full of greed
I am the fallen, never to be freed
condemned for eternity,-my life,-the original sin.

the scars I carry from battles old,
never to be sealed.
forever seeping the blood of fake bliss
poisoned by spite.

the demons of the past lurk in the shadows of my mind
waiting to appear;
****** am I to wander aimlessly
through a nightmare recurring?

A window of hope is all but gone
blackened by drought and disease.
I have fallen-
doomed to love eternal hate.
Michael Flynn Feb 2020
From when I first awake,
Till when I close my eyes.
The first thought is of you,
Holding me close by.
I dream of your touch
I long for your taste,
Your silken skin and warm embrace.

Burning passions never-ending,
Keep lit the souls hearth.
Embers flaring. a deep shade of red
Sparks ignite,
Full of carnal delights.
Michael Flynn Feb 2020
Tears tainted by innocence lost,
A deep rift etched by sorrow laid bare,
Primal memory painted in the hidden recess of one's mind,
Time lapses, the past echoes throughout the present.

Happiness is a mere mirror of truth.
beholding a skewered reflection.
While the void grasps and holds you dear,
Like an accursed lover,
Bound by fear.

— The End —