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Feb 2020
I am alone,
lost within an empire of ambiguity
surrounded by seas of turmoil
an island of fear battered by waves of hate
its beauty-no more, covered with filth.

lost am I among the dead?
craving for love but fed hate
long for a peace that's all but late
consumed by sorrow.

brought into a world full of greed
I am the fallen, never to be freed
condemned for eternity,-my life,-the original sin.

the scars I carry from battles old,
never to be sealed.
forever seeping the blood of fake bliss
poisoned by spite.

the demons of the past lurk in the shadows of my mind
waiting to appear;
****** am I to wander aimlessly
through a nightmare recurring?

A window of hope is all but gone
blackened by drought and disease.
I have fallen-
doomed to love eternal hate.
Written by
Michael Flynn
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